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February 2020

Welted Shoe News January 2020 - Maftei Vienna

January Was Rather Quiet!

Sitting quietly in an AirBnb in majestic Prague while sipping some warm coffee while writing this brings me calm and joy. It also reminds me how relatively quiet January 2020 was when it comes to Goodyear Welted Shoe News! Now, it's not to say that nothing noteworthy happened. Quite the contrary actually! We finally have the Amsterdam Shoegazing Participants for example. Many companies are through their winter sales and gearing up for the S/S 20 Collection release whereas others keep pumping out content and models. In all truth however, it is increasingly difficult to filter all the spam from the internet and find what you want! At the same time this presents a welcome chance for a breather for me! Let's take a look of what happened last month.

This will be a Good Year gentlemen! Good-Year Welted 😎

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