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June 2020

Welted Shoe News June 2020 | Brooks Brothers Bankruptcy

June Was A Very Eventful Month!

Welcome to the June 2020 Edition of the Welted Shoe News Series! At the beginning of each month I do a summary of the most important news I could find in the shoe industry. June was actually a really interesting month with scandals, lawsuits and brand new releases. Most notable is the lawsuit of Alden and its former VP, as well as the brand new entry level line from J.FitzPatrick. There is even a joint lawsuit for counterfeit shoes coming from Amazon of all places! Let's get ready to rumble!

Spier & Mackay Suit Review - Marine Blue Slim Fit

My First Suit From Spier & Mackay

For the last 2 months I sang the praises of Spier & Mackay, the Canadian Shirt and Suit Retailer making waves around North America. Last week I reviewed one of their dress shirts, but nothing would feel complete until I tried their suits. So in this article I will Review a Slim Fit Marine Blue Suit from Spier & Mackay and finally see what the fuss is about. Many call Spier & Mackay a very good alternative to Suitsupply and who is better to compare them than someone that worked for the competition! In today's article I will talk not only about the fabric and features but also the feel, quality and of course any potential shortcomings. Excited? Let's get to the point! Disclaimer: Clicking the Spier & Mackay links will earn Misiu Academy a tiny commission on your purchase.

Sports Coat & Chinos

Finally Some Good Shirts!

I was looking for good, affordable RTW Shirts for a while now. And I finally think I found them through Canadian Retailer Spier & Mackay. With so much going on these days I put this article on the back-burner but it's finally here! This Review in particular is about a lovely Slim Fit Cloud Blue Poplin Shirt from Spier & Mackay and my first ever purchase from them. I heard a lot of good things about their shirts before and it was a relief to find out they are true. Interestingly I am wearing this shirt right now as I type these words! As always I will talk about things like the fabric, the feel and of course the fit of the shirt. By the end of the article you should know if Spier & Mackay is worth your money. Shall we?
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