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July 2020

Suitsupply Solaro Review

Embrace The Solaro Suit

Today I felt like making a nice light article about my latest acquisition from Suitsupply. A Solaro Suit from their Custom Made Program that was my go-to outfit for the past couple of weeks. I didn't have a cotton suit until now and as you will see it was a great chance to get my first one! Not only that, but I also got the chance to test the Custom Made Program of Suitsupply after the revamp. I felt the Solaro fabric, color and pattern would be an excellent addition to my more casual wardrobe. I will show you my favorite Solaro Suit Outfit and discuss the experience, the quality and the confusion behind Suitsupply's Custom Made. Shall we?

Hi everyone! Small break from the shoe reviews and showcases as I finally had the time to write about one of the latest MTM Shirts I bought from Apposta! For those of you that remember, I made a fantastic light blue button down shirt not so long ago. I was so impressed that I bought 2 more and they are finally

Paolo Scafora 17-5B Wholecut Oxford in Montella Calf for The Noble Shoe 2

Paolo Scafora, The Ferrari Of Shoes

Uncompromising luxury, overflowing passion, family values and tradition. Welcome to the Review of the Paolo Scafora 17/5B Wholecut Norwegian Oxford Shoes in Montella Calf. Probably the most exclusive, high end pair of shoes I ever had the pleasure of holding, inspecting and loving. The sheer look on your face when you unbox these is enough to give you goosebumps. It brings the child out of the shoe enthusiast just like admiring the delicate finesse, raw power and craftsmanship of a Ferrari supercar. As Keanu Reeves would say: It's Breathtaking. Light your fireplace, grab some fine whiskey and a Cuban cigar along a copy of The Rake Magazine because we are about to find out why these the best shoes you will ever own.

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