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August 2020

Meermin Mallorca Balmoral Boots Review

How Good Are Meermin Mallorca Shoes Really?

This question was whirling around in my head for the past 2 years now. For those starting their journey in the Goodyear Welted shoe world, Meermin presents unprecedented value and decent shoes altogether. I finally got my hands on one of their latest models and in today's Review/Initial Impressions Article I will talk about Meermin Mallorca Shoes, quality and durability. While I can already say that they are decent shoes, that's all they are I am afraid. Good, decent shoes that won't awe you but still offer excellent value for the price. For those of you that prefer video reviews, make sure to scroll to the end of the article and check out the Video! Shall we?

Vahtia Austerity Boots 3

A Very Special Interview!

I enjoy writing interview articles very much. Not just because of the fact that the content is usually exciting and unique to the format, but it also allows me to take a breather. Misiu Academy is a hobby and running for the past 2 years without generating income or having ads yet takes a lot of time. Time I need to invest into writing, taking photos and of course bringing quality content and my thoughts on classic shoe/menswear. Last week I featured Andy from Pure Polish and this week I am very excited to present to you Aji from Vahtia Shoes Indonesia. I talked before about the increasing amount of decent shoemakers that come from Asia over the past few years many times. CNES Shoemaker, Onderhoud, Yeossal and recently I discovered Vahtia. Needless to say I reached out to Aji's Instagram and asked him if he would be interested in an interview article. Lucky for me, he was more than excited to contribute and a chance for you (and me!) to discover a bit more about a relatively new brand. Let's get the ball rolling!

Lately I have been thinking about how to improve the blog, as time is rather limited to write those massive guides I used to do. So I have been exploring a few guest posts and interviews as long as the quality is good. One of my friends, Andy Vaughn owns a Shoe Polish Company called "Pure Polish" and since I

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