Carlos Santos GMTO Field Boot in 2 Patinas for the Noble Shoe IG

October 2020

Dignito Ties Review | Suit and Tie

Great Ties, Happy Neck

As promised a few weeks ago, welcome to my Review of Dignito Ties! After a great interview with the owner (Read Here) he was more than kind to let me choose a Tie & Pocket Square Sample. Usually I like waiting until the end of the review to say my verdict but these were so good I wore them all week! In any case, let me delve a bit deeper into these wonderful accessories so you know what you are getting. Shall we?

Wayman Bespoke Interview Shoes

A Major Shift To Online Service

Since you really seem to enjoy them I got another Interview for you all! This time I Interview Simon Wegmann from Wayman Bespoke Shoes! Over the past few years (and especially now with Covid) there is a very strong shift towards online retail. Many people feel more comfortable ordering shoes online and the demand is there for new innovations. When it came to customization there are not many shoemakers offering the "Bespoke" Experience for higher end shoes out there. So when I heard about Wayman Bespoke's growing reputation I immediately reached out to Simon to see what it's all about. And he was kind enough to answer all my questions in-depth which is amazing considering the amount of work us solo-preneurs must do! Shall we?

Vahtia Shoes Review - Austerity Boots

A Rare Opportunity I Could Not Pass

Not so long ago I had an Interview with Aji who is the owner of Vahtia Shoes Indonesia. Back then I mentioned how I would really like to do a Review of a pair of Vahtia Shoes. The stars aligned and I actually just got my hands on a pair of Vahtia Austerity Brogue Boots in Brown Calf and I will tell you all about it. As you will see this is a very special pair not representable of the final product however it is an excellent opportunity to showcase you a new upcoming brand. As always, I will be looking at construction, finishing and stitching as well as fit and value. So grab your morning coffee and let us begin!
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