Carlos Santos GMTO Field Boot in 2 Patinas for the Noble Shoe IG

December 2020

Lethato Shoes Classic Chukkas Wooden Patina

A New Entry Level Brand From India

Another year gone soon! In the last article of 2020 I will take a look at the Brand Lethato Shoes from India. More specifically I will review a pair of their Chukka Boots in Wooden Patina which Lethato was kind enough to provide. It was a very interesting experience to say the least so keep reading to find out what I think!

Crockett & Jones Molton Chukka Boots for The Noble Shoe

The Most Stylish British Spy Is Back

Did you ever wonder what shoes James Bond wears in the No Time To Die Movie? The Chukka Boots Daniel Craig wears during the Norway scenes really caught my eye so I decided to check them out. So I welcome you all to the Crockett & Jones Molton in Roughout Suede Review! Read on and find out today if 007's shoes are as good as they look.

Paolo Scafora Split-Toe Derby Overview

Shark Leather Shoes? Yes!

Paolo Scafora is one of my favorite shoemakers in the world. He can create the most luxurious shoes with exotic leathers and complicated constructions while maintaining a unique southern tasteful verve. In today's article we will examine and review a pair of Paolo Scafora Shoes from Genuine Shark Leather. A magnificent unique piece of footwear showing off what is possible through made to order. Join me as we find out why you might want to invest in such a shoe.

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