Carlos Santos GMTO Field Boot in 2 Patinas for the Noble Shoe IG

February 2021

Maftei Vienna Stingray Shoes and Belt

Exotic Bespoke Quality Shoes By Maftei

Welcome to this incredible Review of these Maftei Wholecut Stingray Shoes. I always get excited when I talk or Review Exotic Leathers. You can only imagine how I felt then while writing this piece! A breathtaking, stunning piece of shoemaking by Legendary Maftei Vienna in one of the most extraordinary leathers in the world. If you ever wanted to see how a real handmade stingray shoe looks like and how it is to handle, you came to the right place. Let's begin the in-depth Review!

Passus Shoes Review | Tom Derby in Black Hatch Grain

A New High-end Shoe Brand

Welcome to my Review of Passus Shoes Budapest. Yet another exciting, new Shoemaking Brand that this time aims for the high-end segment and has impressive specifications. Reviews are still scarce so I am proud to be able to bring you this type of content first! In today's article I will Review the Passus "Tom" Derby in Black Hatchgrain. It goes without saying that we will discuss history, quality, fit and value among other things. Keep reading because it is worth your time I promise.

Caulaincourt Patina

An Interview You Should All Read

My interview with Alexis Lafont, Owner & Founder of Caulaincourt was inspirational and educational. In fact, you can apply much of his wisdom, experience and view about things in many aspects of your lives. But there is also a lot to take in when it comes to shoemaking. So join me as we continue the quest to interview influential, passionate people in the shoe world and understand their vision, struggles and natural charisma. Grab a blanket, a warm beverage and let me show the passion behind French Shoemaking.
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