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June 2021

Shoe Trees

A Very Important Accessory

In today's article I decide to compile a comprehensive Guide about Shoe Trees. If you ask most people what is the most important accessory of a shoe, they will either say shoe trees or a shoe brush. This is bang on, since both are very important for preserving the shape and looks of your shoes. Today I will help you understand why you need shoe trees and what are the different types of shoe trees out there. Grab some cold drink and let's get going!

Crockett & Jones Highbury Review

A Long Overdue Review

After months of procrastinating and delays, I finally sat down to pen the Review of the Crockett & Jones Highbury. Today I will showcase it to you and discuss how I feel about the design and overall quality. I can already tell you it is a great piece of footwear, but I always like to delve deeper. Now that summer is in full swing, grab an ice latte and let's talk shoes together!

navy blue suit

We've Come A Long Way

Welcome to the 156th article posted on Misiu Academy. For most number will mean nothing, however for me it is a major landmark and food for thought. It's the third anniversary of the blog and a milestone I never thought we would reach. In today's article, I will look back and see what I achieved during these 3 years. What changed, how my taste evolved and where we are going in the future. Thank you all for being a part of this.
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