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About Misiu Academy

The story behind Misiu Academy

Misiu Academy was an idea that was brewing in my head for a long time.
After months of reading, shopping and practical experience and education, it became a reality.
The name Misiu Academy (pronounced Misu) was an inspiration from my former Polish girlfriend: Misiu in free translation means teddy bear.
Every time I was teaching her something, we called it Misiu Academy. The idea was borne.

What’s the purpose?

Real, honest reviews and guides not driven by greed, money and commissions is the driving force for the past few years. The amount of Bloggers and YouTubers out there that will promote low quality items and content for a click and a commission is shocking. For me this is a hobby and I pay for most of my own items.

Of course, I want to share with you my journey, experience and how dressing well can be a change in your life and how others perceive you.

Kostas Mandilaris at the London Super Trunk Show 2019
Kostas Mandilaris in Pitti Uomo 101


A former environmental engineer that quit his job to learn Bespoke Shoemaking, with a passion for leather shoes and suits. My favorite colors are deep purple and dark green.
In 2019 I founded The Noble Shoe, an online webstore where you can buy the finest welted shoes for all budgets.

Currently I reside in Florence (Italy) where I am studying Bespoke Shoemaking by hand at the Stefano Bemer Academy. With experience from working at Suitsupply, I have also a good understanding of tailoring, clothes and style.

My favorite shoes are Adelaide Oxfords & Monk Straps in exotic leathers or bolder patinas. My go to Brands are Carlos Santos ($300), Yeossal ($600), Antonio Meccariello ($1000) and Paolo Scafora ($1400).

You can always email me at [email protected]

Thank you for reading,
Konstantinos Mandilaris