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About Misiu Academy

The story behind Misiu Academy

Misiu Academy was an idea that was brewing in my head for a long time.
After months of reading, shopping and practical experience and education, it became a reality.
The name Misiu Academy (pronounced Misu) was an inspiration from my former Polish girlfriend: Misiu in free translation means teddy bear.
Every time I was teaching her something, we called it Misiu Academy. The idea was borne.

What’s the purpose?

I had always noticed a lack of understanding about men’s style especially among younger men.
Most men seem to be unaware that the little choices they make daily, could affect their lives, careers or how they are perceived from others.
The idea was to create a community. A community from your friendly, normal man on a budget with real everyday struggles.

Who am I?

I am an environmental engineer in the beautiful city of Stockholm with a passion for quality clothing and leather shoes. My favorite colors are deep purple (the band also!) and dark green.
I wear a suit to work almost daily and I am hoping to inspire some of you to follow this route. In 2019 I quit my job and founded The Noble Shoe. An online webstore where you can buy the finest welted shoes for all budgets.

Creating a place where we can express ourselves freely and inspire each other is my goal. Bringing men together and elevating their style. Help people make smart choices. All from the perspective of a young ambitious man, just like you.

Be genuine, be a man and never stop chasing your dreams.

If you are struggling with your style or want to learn more about shoes and tailoring, welcome home. Not sure where to start? I always recommend checking out Types of Shoe Leather.

You can always email me at


Thank you for reading,
Konstantinos Mandilaris

Welcome to Misiu Academy. Home of honest reviews and posts about men’s classic style & how-to-guides.