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Gobi Cashmere Review: 100% Cashmere Hoodie, Joggers & Turtleneck

Gobi Cashmere Turtleneck ReviewI love this fabric

Today I am going to Review two more pieces I bought from Gobi Cashmere Mongolia.

Cashmere is my absolute favorite fabric and in recent years I phased out my other knitwear.

After discovering Gobi Cashmere last year, it was a great opportunity to check out the rest of their offerings.

In today’s article I will review a Navy Turtleneck and a set of loungewear for my more casual needs.

Less closeups, more worn photos this time!

Gobi Cashmere brief history

I already covered Gobi Cashmere as a company in my last article.

It was a Review about a Navy Striped Turtleneck which I still enjoy to this day (Check it Here).

Gobi Cashmere is a Mongolian company producing clothes and accessories made out of… guessed it.

In recent years they launched a European site based in Germany, which made it much more accessible to us living here.

Over the past 12 months I see their ads everywhere and I literally mean everywhere.

Gobi Cashmere Store
Gobi Cashmere owns the biggest cashmere store in the world | Picture from Wikipedia

I would be skeptical if I was a new customer because usually such aggressive repetitive advertisement it can mean quality might suffer.

But they are a huge company with many employees and their quality already satisfied me.

What was great (for consumers) was their constant sales throughout the last 6 months.

I have an affiliate link for Gobi Cashmere (I get commission if you click and buy something) but this is not a sponsored post.

Today’s clothes were bought with my own money, taking advantage of these sales.

If you want to click and support the Blog it will mean a lot to me, but of course you don’t have to.

Buy Gobi Cashmere

Cashmere as a fabric

I absolutely adore cashmere.

Alongside alpaca it is the finest, most lovely material and fiber to enjoy.

It is a breathable, extremely soft fiber with self-cleaning properties and is much warmer than merino wool.

Cashmere Goats

This allows clothes that can be thinner in appearance but equally warm.

Of course, the ply method and how chunky the knit is can play a role but few things are as elegant as a cashmere overcoat.

There are a few Reviews I have on Cashmere garments already including comparisons to other brands:

There are a few issues I spotted after long use, such as a lot of pilling on the sides or weaker elbow joints but more on that later.

Tip: I had also included Gobi Cashmere in the 5 Best Cashmere Sweaters for Men in 2021.


Last time I made a mistake and chose a knit with a purl textured weave.

It did not matter since it ended up being a great casual piece.

What I was really lacking however was a plain navy turtleneck with a smooth weave.

Hoodie and jeans
Gobi Cashmere Review | The Hoodie from today’s article

But also the disappointing Soft Goat pieces that I used almost daily for loungewear lasted just 1.5 year before they ripped at the joints.

Specifically the elbows and the knee joints.

So I also looked for a nice loungewear hoodie and trouser set.

Here are the specifications of what I bought:

  • Brand: Gobi Cashmere Mongolia
  • Model 1:
  • Model 2:
  • Color 1: Navy
  • Color 2: Decadent Chocolate
  • Ply: Single
  • Fabric: 100% Cashmere
  • Size 1: Small
  • Size 2: Medium
  • Fit: Regular
  • Price 1: €99 (~$110)
  • Price 2: €113 (~$130)

If I recall right, the turtleneck was on a 30% Discount and the loungewear set on a whooping 70% off.

At the time of writing, these models might be out of stock or discontinued, so I might point to a similar style in links.

For a pure cashmere set that would otherwise cost you a total of $428 ($249 for the Hoodie and $179 for the pants) it’s a great saving.

In other words, keep an eye for sales!

Note: My prices are from the European Store, discounts and prices might be different for you!

Gobi Cashmere REview | Unboxing & Shipping

Instead of talking about how amazing everything is, I will actually begin with a mixed experience that involves shipping.

Since November, I’ve been living in Italy and I had plans to visit Greece and see my family for the holidays.

I bought separately the Navy Turtleneck which I shipped there, while the hoodie and joggers would arrive before my vacations in Italy.

The first arrived on time, but the shipment to Italy was extremely slow and Gobi customer service was as well.

A mix up with the Italian post and Gobi meant I could not track my package properly as they kept providing me with the wrong code.

In the end, I just had to be patient but for a package that comes from Germany waiting 3 weeks to receive something is unacceptable.

The presentation was similar to last time, with a nice box and everything inside a plastic bag with a zipper.

Simple presentation, nice folded clothes but most importantly exactly what I expected.

Initial impressions

After a lot of experience with cashmere knitwear I generally know where to look at.

I check the seams, the pattern cutting and of course the smoothness of the weave.

Since I sort of knew what to expect from Gobi Cashmere I spent a bit more time gauging the fit and the feel of the cashmere.

Cashmere Fabric
The Gobi Cashmere fabric close up

If you remember my last sweater had a textured weave and I wanted to see how their smooth one was.

Overall, this feels adequately soft albeit with a shorter nap compared to say Altea Milano.

The color was dark navy and picture accurate and so was the hoodie combo if I am honest.

If anything, I liked those even more than the pictures as it was hard to imagine me wearing something like that.

But my street and casual style was lacking so I tried to remedy that with this.

Overall, a pleasant experience so far other than the shipping.

Cashmere quality

I will break this down into 2 subsections which are overall build quality and softness and warmth.

Build quality & Softness

Cashmere is not the toughest fabric there is especially when you only use 1-ply weaves.

So durability is an important part of my choice when buying cashmere knitwear.

At the same time, I don’t understand people that buy extremely expensive baby cashmere from Loro Piana as I would be afraid to wear them.

In any case, the quality of the Gobi Cashmere garments is pretty good.

Nonetheless, I don’t think I would spend full price for this hoodie combo.

The basic turtleneck however is really good value even at full price.

Turtleneck Navy Sweater
The turtleneck was a great purchase for me!

It has ribbed cuffs and roll-neck and a seemingly strong under-arm seam.

My hoodie has stripes on the side of the sleeves and is not available anymore in the USA, but there is a slightly looser stitch where the stripes begin.

We will see how that holds up.

Striped Cashmere Hoodie
Gobi Cashmere Review | The Striped Cashmere Hoodie

The joggers are also pretty nice and it feels good on naked skin without any itching or annoyance.

After a few wears, the Turtleneck developed pilling on the lower sides right where my pelvis is.

The hoodie has more in many places, but honestly I wear it so much in the house and sometimes I sleep in it.

Both pill less than the excessive disappointment of Soft Goat.

In the end, you should just take care of your cashmere, use a proper brush and just accept that there will be pilling.


Contrary to popular beliefs, we do have pretty cold days in Florence so next time I will be looking to get a heavier, thicker sweater as these are a bit light.

However they keep me pretty warm without sweating and when I put the hood on, my head magically gets warm in seconds.

You wouldn’t go in 0 degrees out with just a sweater anyways, but with a coat and scarf you will be more than fine.

Overcoat and jeans
Wearing the hoodie under a cashmere overcoat with jeans is a nice casual warm look

Can’t talk about the heavier weaves, but these are certainly great for Autumn and Spring layering but will still get good use during the winter.

Bonus points for turtlenecks for looking amazing and keeping your neck warm.

Sizing advice

Now this is where it gets really interesting because this time I decided to make an experiment.

Last time, I bought the striped turtleneck in a Medium Size, which was siting well on me but just a tiny bit looser.

For someone that wanted a tighter fitting, it might have been more appropriate to go for a small.

If it helps you, I am 75 kg and 1.79 cm for reference and most of my knits are Medium.

This time around, I chose Small for the Navy Turtleneck and Medium for the Hoodie and Joggers.

Let’s see how that turned out.

Navy turtleneck | Small

Always a little nervous, but this ended up being a jackpot.

Sizing down was definitely the right choice for me, as this fits much nicer on my body, sleeves and neck.

One can probably argue that a couple more centimeters in length might be preferable, but I enjoy the fit very much.

Gobi Cashmere Navy Turtleneck Review
The Navy Turtleneck fits me great in size Small

This color and plain pattern is perfect for casual and dress.

So my general advice if you are around my weight and length is to size down from your usual for a more fitted fitting in these dressier knits.

Hoodie & Joggers | Medium

Since I already knew how the other Gobi Cashmere Striped Turtleneck fit me in Medium, I opted for the same in these two.

I wanted a comfortable, relaxing fit for everyday wear and that is exactly what I got.

To my (pleasant) surprise the fit was not as loose, something in between and still looks fitted on me.

Chocolate Cashmere Hoodie Fit
I like the fit of the hoodie as well in Medium

Hoodie is perfect honestly and the joggers feel good as well.

Certainly better than the Soft Goat they replaced, which had an apocalyptic high rise making me look like Obelix.

Which is why I wore them only in my house.

The Gobi ones actually fit good, have a little shorter hem but at least they don’t make your crotch look like a nuclear reactor.

Cashmere Joggers Fit
And a nice fitted look on the trousers too

So my advice for those is to get your usual size and not experiment too much.

How to wear them?

If you haven’t noticed by the pictures above, it’s so easy to wear both.

While the trousers limit you to just sneakers unless you want to look like a moron, everything else is super flexible.

I wore the set with navy sneakers, but the hoodie can look great with jeans, chinos and even a coat.

For a more textured look, which is interchangeable with the turtleneck, I wore my Sons of Henrey Kudu Chukka Boots (Review Here).

As for the turtleneck itself there are no limits for classic menswear.

Gobi Cashmere Review Turtleneck and jacket
Gobi Cashmere Review | Turtlenecks pair nice with sports jackets and even jeans

Wear it with a sports jacket for a sophisticated look, jeans for a casual one or even a nice suit for a monochromatic or contrasting look.

Navy is probably the most versatile color in the world so you cannot go wrong with it.

Chinos and Turtleneck
A more dressy approach with a jacket and chinos

The hoodie is a bit trickier to show in pictures.

They call it “Decadent Chocolate” which I have no idea what that means but it is a very dark plum, chocolatey mix.

It was actually rather annoying when taking pictures because it appeared extremely purple.

But just as brown, you can mix it up with most colors like blue, light grey or beige.

In other words, think of the occasion and dress it up or down appropriately.

How To Take Care Of Your Cashmere

In my latest Gobi Cashmere Review, I included a simple way on how to take care of cashmere.

Here is the video again.

I recommend grabbing some cashmere shampoo, a cashmere pilling brush and washing by hand only or on a very soft gentle cycle in the washing machine.

How is the value?

I cannot comment on Gobi Cashmere’s value for their pretty expensive items such as overcoats, but on sale they seem like a great buy.

For the things I bought so far, for the prices I got them for they are pretty good.

Both pieces looked and fitted exactly the way I wanted them and plugged two holes in my wardrobe.

I would prefer a better shipping option since it was not free and maybe a little softer fabric.

But as long as it is durable I will be very happy.

The hoodie and joggers set seems to be a bit excessively expensive but on sale was excellent.

Hoodie and Jeans review
I like the casual look with jeans and textured chukka boots

For the entry level I would certainly buy again but one thing is for sure; I will not be buying from Soft Goat again.

With so many frequent sales I don’t think you can go wrong with Gobi Cashmere.

There is something for everyone including men and women in all categories from clothes to accessories and blankets.

I like the models, variety and product photography with rather accurate colors and smiling people.

And as a last reminder, I paid for all of these clothes myself and it was not a sponsored post.

If anything, they never respond to my social media posts which is free content for them.


The last section in today’s Review is the availability of Gobi Cashmere and the items I showed you today.

Collections change all the time and by the time I published this the hoodie was gone.

Interestingly, in the USA there is a zipper variant with no side stripes instead.

Gobi Cashmere sells in many different regions and you can simply select yours on the top left corner.

So availability of each item depends on stock and seasonal collections, but shipping is worldwide.

A reminder that you can get the here and hopefully .


And that was it everyone, my second Review roundup of Gobi Cashmere Mongolia.

Overall a very nice entry/medium level cashmere brand with enough transparency and information about its products.

Decent quality, sometimes a trickier fit but shipping aside I am a very happy customer and can recommend them.

Check out Gobi Cashmere Here and let me know in the comments if you have any experience with them.

Or maybe you bought something and want to share the good (or bad) news.

Until next week, take care my shoe loving friends!

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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Comments (2)

Greetings, I actually used your review of Gobi Cashmere and make a number of purchases of sweaters from the site. I like the fact that there are colors available that are not the usual boring basic ones. I initially that the weight was very light
but after wearing last winter they provided excellent warmth especially under heavy fur and shearling coats and jackets. Thanks for introducing me to the site. I will use your link next purchase. Happy Holidays.


Thanks for sharing your experience.

Yes I did mention they seemed a little light, but I use a cashmere coat and scarf and they work fine for me. Certainly better under a heavy coat or parka!

Have good holidays!

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