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Navy Double Breasted Suitsupply Cashmere Coat Review

Suitsupply Cashmere Coat Review

Went For Pants, Came Out With A Coat

Welcome to the Suitsupply Cashmere Coat Review.

You know that feeling when you walk into a store, you get what you want and then decide to take a final look before you leave?

Kostek, you look great”, said Ms. Misiu.

You do look wonderful sir“, said Steve.

This is exactly how it went down when I arrived at Suitsupply Stockholm to pick my long awaited brown flannel pants.

Walking in Sweden during Winter is like taking a punch in the nose. It hurts and you will never want to leave the house again.

All of you should be familiar by now with my appreciation of Winter if you read my article about layers. This makes it a no-brainer that I would eventually need a good coat as suits are not enough to keep you warm by themselves.

Not only that, but a good coat costs a lot of money, so you better know what you are buying! In today’s review, I went the extra mile and got a Navy Double-Breasted Suitsupply Cashmere Coat to help you make the correct choice.

Is it worth the investment? Should you splurge on Cashmere? Well why don’t you read on and find out then!

Coats, Overcoats, Peacoats…I am confused!

Take a breather. This is not a guide specifically for each type of coat there is so I will try to make it really simple.

  1. An Overcoat is commonly referred to as a coat and is the top layer. A coat that you wear above everything else made from heavier material.
  2. A Topcoat however is an overcoat made from lighter material such as cotton. Think of your typical trench coat.
  3. Lastly, a Peacoat is a double-breasted shorter outer layer from heavier fabrics that sailors used to wear. It is usually navy blue.

The Coat you see in this article is an Overcoat, something I intend to use over my suits, sweaters and less formal wear.

A Quick History Lesson

Invented in the 18th century, the Overcoat has been a key part of every man’s wardrobe. They were expensive garments of formal-wear that usually indicated the wearer’s social status. Common folk could simply not afford it.

Then World War came and Trench-coats became the loyal companion of soldiers. Burberry’s still offer those traditional classic styles.

Overcoats in 1940 - Suitsupply Cashmere Coat Review
Throwback to 1942

Fast forward to today and Coats have become indispensable and much more affordable to the general public. They stand the test of time however and will be forever a classic that every man should own.

Choosing The Correct Fabric

Coats used to be very heavy and bulky. Today things have changed dramatically and man makes shoes and clothes from everything. If man can skin an animal, man feels the need to make clothes out of it.

What are your options though when it comes to coats?

  • Wool: By far the most popular fabric. Warm, durable and soft, wool is a great choice for a coat.
  • Cashmere: Increasing in popularity, a great choice. Incredibly soft (and expensive), while at the same time thinner.
  • Yak/Alpaca: Underrated very warm fabrics, rumoured to match Cashmere for softness. Expensive.
  • Camel: A classic and quite expensive. I would avoid for your first coat as it doesn’t fit everyone.
  • Synthetics: Poly and Ester has gone a long way which is remarkable, but reserve them just for raincoats.

What does this mean? It all depends on your budget and the place you live in. If it is really cold, a Cashmere coat will be warmer and more insulating than Wool. If you cannot afford Pure Cashmere, you can opt for a blend of Cashwool.

Different fibers - Suitsupply Cashmere Coat Review
Notice how Cashmere fibers are thinner and less coarse so your skin will not itch

I needed a really good and warm coat that would not be overly bulky. Budget was not an issue so Pure Cashmere was a good choice and a great investment.

Pro Tip: A 100% Alpaca Coat is not so durable and therefore has to be blended with synthetic materials. Made me reluctant to try.

The Suitsupply Effect

You all know my affinity for Suitsupply by now. They do everything well and have the best customer experience I have had anywhere. Shopping my Coat was more of a matter of what rather than where.

When it comes to colours I always refer to the first ever article as everything still applies here. Navy and grey will never fail you, though you can be more flexible with Coats if you are confident. Pink, green, camel are always options.

I personally love Navy and will compliment your blue suits as good as it will your brown and grey separates.

Suitsupply has a huge selection of Coats for every budget and occasion. Once I narrowed down the fabric, it was easy to come down to two selections. The Suitsupply Cashmere Coat in Navy in either a Double-Breasted or Single-Breasted version.

Since the moment I put on my first MTM suit from Suitsupply I immediately knew there was no going back from Double-Breasted. It just looks classic, timeless and strong. I love it and so will you. Make a difference this season!

Specifications And Description

Now that you know the background, it is time to get technical!

A refined choice to elevate any winter getup, this navy Bleecker overcoat is a luxurious seasonal essential. Cut from pure, ultra-soft cashmere by the Carlo Barbera mill, this double-breasted piece features flap pockets and a broad peak lapel.

For those of you that do not know the Carlo Barbera mill, it is one of the most luxurious and quality mills that exist out there. Off to a good start then!

Suitsupply Cashmere Coat Review
It has proven quite a challenge to capture the softness and true colour in pictures
  • Item: Overcoat
  • Brand: Suitsupply
  • Product Code: J620
  • Colour: Navy Blue
  • Style: Double-Breasted
  • Price: 5699 SEK/630 $/550 Euro
  • Lapels: Peak
  • Material: 100% Pure Cashmere
  • Mill: Carlo Barbera
  • Fit: Bleecker
  • Size: 50
  • Buttons: 6+2 (6 total, 2 functional)
  • Pockets: Flap
  • Lining: Cupro
  • Sleeve Lining: 50.4% Viscose 49.6% Polyester
  • Made In: China
  • Wash: Don’t you dare

Shopping Experience – 10/10

It is always great shopping in Suitsupply Stockholm. Buzzing with life with salesmen and tailors, there is always something going on there. Steve has become a person I like talking to and they always ask me if I want some water or tea.

They brought me the Coat and I tried it on in front of the large mirror they have. It looked fantastic!

A little banter here and there, a few exchange of stories between me and the staff. If you think I am biased however, listen to what Ms. Misiu has to say.

“The difference between Suitsupply and the other men’s stores in Stockholm is that the staff tries to talk not only to you, but also the woman you are with.”

You will get a very nice garment bag with a very good hanger and after check out you are on your way home. And an empty wallet.

Fit – 9.5/10

I usually wear 48 size jackets but due to the nature of Coats I decided to size up a bit. It was a good choice as the Coat draped perfectly over my suit without being tight or leaving excess space. Think about utility too. Will you put sweaters or additional layers on?

It is always better to have a little more space and forethought than sizing down. As important as it is to find the perfect fit, it is equally imperative that you don’t pick a smaller size that you will regret.

Why do I not give the Suitsupply Cashmere Coat a 10/10?  For the sole reason that it the sleeves are a tiny bit longer than I would want. For an Off-The-Rack Coat, this is as perfect as it gets.

Very clean shoulder lines and a well-cut waist. Appropriate length and cover and large enough lapels to unfold if it gets colder.

Style – 9/10

The Suitsupply Cashmere Coat is not as exciting as it is timeless. Peak lapels are a staple in Double-Breasted jackets and project power and masculinity, giving emphasis to your shoulders. They are not exclusive to Coats though as one can encounter many styles.

Suitsupply Cashmere Coat Review
Peak lapels are considered masculine and broaden your shoulders

Its Navy colour is great and depending on the light can look black or even dark grey.

The Coat has 6 buttons but only 2 are functional which is normal in Double-Breasted Jackets. They are of similar colour to the Coat and blend in well with the rest of the outfit. There are 4 buttons on each cuff which is a sign of formality.

Suitsupply Cashmere Coat Review
Four buttons are usually the most formal

The real difference is in the inside. The lining is predictably from synthetic material while the sleeves’ lining is white with double blue stripes from Cupro, a semi-synthetic material.

There is a rather large tag with information on the right inner side, and a few tags such as the mill, pure cashmere and Suitsupply’s own brand name.

Suitsupply Cashmere Coat Review
Double Stripes on the sleeves’ lining and inner pockets on each side

Lastly, on the back there is a single big vent.

Pro Tip: The vent and flap pockets have stitches to conserve the form in the store so remember to carefully cut them when you get home. Nothing more embarrassing than walking around with tags or not functional pockets.

Comfort – 8/10

The Coat itself is rather comfortable, easy to put on and take off. I have noticed though that when I put it over my suit jacket it makes it crease and lose form and I have to adjust it (the suit jacket). After that everything is normal.

Sitting is quite easy and I never had the need to unbutton it.

To sum up, everything feels as it should, but constant readjustment of my suit jacket especially when I am in a hurry can be a little annoying.

Cashmere Quality – 10/10

I have touched many Coats but nothing comes close to this. As aforementioned, the great thing about Cashmere is its softness and ability to insulate better but be thinner.

The Coat is surprisingly thin but where it really shines is softness. It is an amazing experience to touch it. A joy to behold really, so soft and smooth almost like a jacket.

She will never want to stop touching you. You will never want to stop touching you. Time and again I catch myself just running my hand over the fabric.

Build Quality – 7/10

The Suitsupply Cashmere Coat is made in China. For some that would be enough to dock a point off, but they are very transparent about this in the label. While fabrication in Europe or the US can be more expensive it does not automatically translate to better quality. This is definitely a quality piece and the price-tag commands it.

The buttons feel a little plasticky and it is quite hard on occasions to tell if it is real horn or plastic. All of them looked sturdy but the bottom functional button has become a little loose after a few weeks of wear.

Suitsupply Cashmere Coat Review
The bottom functional button is a bit loose

The buttonholes are not hand-stitched and you can tell, a difference that is hardly noticed but always a nice touch. In comparison, during the MTM service you can choose hand-stitched buttonholes for a small fee.

Suitsupply Cashmere Coat Review
Closer look at the buttonholes

Another difference is the interior lining which is from synthetic material. It is not a bad thing honestly, but really expensive Coats and jackets have lining out of silk or other fabrics.

In the RTW world this Coat is almost as good as it gets. For such a premium price though should you demand perfection? It is definitely cheaper than big brand names but not exactly on par with custom MTM versions. It is worth noting that Suitsupply Stockholm offers custom Coats but they are very expensive.

The fact that a half-price model has the same build quality is my main reasoning for the grade, along with the explanations above.

Update 8/11/2018: I recently learned that Cupro is not exactly synthetic material. Regardless, not many Coats have non-synthetic lining and as I said, this is not a bad thing.

Price – 8/10

What would you base your price grade on? Actual cost? Then 630 $ sounds expensive. Think for a moment though. Do you live in a country like Sweden where you need to wear a Coat 6 months a year? Think of the following:

630 $/180 days = 3.5 $ per day.

For the price of a latte, you get a quality piece that you will wear for years to come. This is why a good Coat is not expensive but rather an investment for the future.

If you live however in a milder environment, you can drop the cost significantly and buy a woollen Coat instead.

Or maybe your compare it to a MTM Coat that costs 1000 $ then this is quite good value altogether.

The Suitsupply Cashmere Coat is a good expensive piece and if you use it frequently it will not matter how much it cost.

I believe the quality of the Cashmere and construction merit an honest 8/10.

Warmth – 5/10 Or 9/10

Confused about the grade? Let me explain.

To begin with, we need to dispel a common myth. No matter if you wear a Coat from Alpaca, Wool, Polyester or Cashmere over your suit, it is NOT sufficient in very cold climates alone unless it fully covers your neck.

Simple as that, if you go out without gloves and a scarf you will freeze. So many guides out there, but amazingly nobody will ever tell you the practical information.

My experience is that my body was very well insulated. In fact, there was no cold penetrating my sides, sleeves or my torso. My hands, neck and chest area though were very cold around 0-10 °C.

What does this mean?

It means dear reader that you NEED a good scarf and gloves to survive the cold. It also means that the Coat does its job excellently and flawlessly for what it is designed for, but when combined with other items.

Nonetheless, it is incredible how soft and thin this Coat is and it certainly manages to keep you warm. The actual grade would be a 9 for me, however I want you to consider what I said from my real experience. There is no such thing as panacea.

Go out without gloves and a scarf when it is snowing and I will see you in the infirmary tomorrow.

So Tell Me, Is It Worth It?

Absolutely. From the moment you will touch Cashmere for the first time you will never want to wear anything else. The Suitsupply Cashmere Coat is no different.

Good build quality while the Cashmere is unbelievably soft, coupled with a fair price makes it great value.

Is the price high? For the price of a daily latte, I would say no.

Should you go for it? If you have the budget for it absolutely. Just remember what we said, you need a scarf and gloves.

If you don’t, then the Cashmere Coat is the best thing you can wear for the money, but a cheaper one from wool will be almost equally good. This is a luxury item and you pay the premium for the fabric.

The bottom line is that if you can afford this Coat you should make the investment, as it is the best RTW Coat I have ever seen. Good job Suitsupply.

Suitsupply Cashmere Coat Review
The Suitsupply Cashmere Coat has allowed me to transition into a more classic style

Another review has come to an end! Tell us if you like them and what can be improved. Do you have any experience with Coats in the cold and more specifically Suitsupply ones? Please, let the world know of your experiences!

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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