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Men’s Summer Sales 2019 | Shoes, Suits & Accessories


Getting The Most Value Out Of Your Money

This time of the season businesses clear out the inventory to introduce their new designs in the form of sales. I am a very big fan of sales as they allow you to get something you like for a much lower price than usual. This handy “Men’s Summer Sales 2019” Guide will help you find the best current discounts around.

Whether you need a new fancy suit, a pair of loafers or simple accessories there is something for everyone. Be careful however as there are a few pitfalls that you should know about.

We will go through the most important players in the men’s dressier fashion industry. However, I will not mention fast fashion or budget companies such as H&M.

Ready? Set, Go!

Things To Be Careful About During Sales

While everybody loves a good deal, you still have to be careful. When you usually buy something full price, you do as much research as possible to make a good educated guess. In other words, you are much more cautious with your money.

“Perhaps I am meant to swim in deep waters…. better deep than shallow!”
Joseph Smith Jr.

I like this quote very much because it reminds me exactly that. The moment you see something you really wanted in a good price, your emotions often take over. It means that you might think that you will save money and end up buying a little belt, a boot you do not need, you name it.

It is the same with diet food and drinks. If you consume them in bigger quantities you are still going to gain weight.

To sum up:

  • Be Patient: Unless you were waiting for this item, take a breather and do some research.
  • Don’t go overboard: It always helps to make a list of what you want and stick within reason.
  • Don’t be fooled by Luxury Brands: They are not worth it in the first place.

That last tip is super important. A Hugo Boss suit for 350$ from 800$? What a deal it must be right? The discount alone sounds shady right? All Boss suits under 1500$ or so have a fused canvas. This means it has glue construction and will wear out after a while. Don’t fall for these traps.

Updates – 21/06/2019

Joseph Cheaney and Tricker’s have entered the Summer Sales 2019 party with up to 40% discounts on selected models!

Mr. Porter

Mr. Porter needs no introduction. An English site that acts as a hub for some of the most luxurious brands in the world. Some of their offers are absurd and downright ridiculous but there are some gems. Check out my experience with them here.

Mr. Porter Sale

Sales go up to 50% but they usually up this to 60-70% on selected items towards the end. My advice is to look at following:

  • Polo and Casual Shirts: Especially Linen for the summer. Avoid big logos.
  • Dress Shirts: Some excellent offerings from Turnbull & Asser or Canali
  • Cashmere: Counter-intuitive, but an amazing investment you will not regret. Very good price cuts.
  • Suits & Separates: Controversial, but there are some good prices on the high end for those with a high budget. I would still advise to go MTM or bespoke at this level.
  • Accessories: From pajamas to Drake’s ties, they have everything.
  • Shoes: Stay away from most overpriced luxury brands. Some nice options from Cheaney, Grenson and Santoni.

My personal favorite? I would probably shop another cashmere sweater since I live in Sweden. Or it is an amazing chance to get a true shearling jacket for the colder days.

Mr. Porter Chocolate Suede Shearling Bomber Jacket
Mr. Porter Chocolate Suede Shearling Bomber Jacket


If you love classic shoes, there is no way you don’t know Skoaktiebolaget. The Stockholm shop hosts some of the finest shoes and luxury accessories in the world.

skoaktiebolaget sales

While they always carry here and there some odd stock, right now we are deep into their Summer Sales 2019. It started last week and there are still a few fantastic pieces left.

Sad news is that they will stop carrying Paolo Scafora, but it also means you can get a really good deal. If you are one of the lucky ones that find their size of course.

Good discounts on the in-house brand Löf & Tung and a huge chance to save 30% on shoes from John Lobb and Saint Crispin’s.

Enzo Bonafe Two Tone Loafer
My personal favorite | Enzo Bonafe Two Tone Loafer | Skoaktiebolaget

Update: The Skoaktiebolaget Summer Sale 2019 ended on June 17 at 18:00 CET. However, whatever is left from the sales is now under the odd stock category. Sneaky.

The Rake

The Rake is a famous website known for luxury, very expensive classic menswear. Not for the faint of heart, if you have a deep pocket and desire for the endgame this is the place to be. Additionally, they also have a great frequent magazine to serve as a style inspiration.

Men's Summer Sales 2019 - The Rake

On the 14th of June they opened their Men’s Summer Sales 2019 offering up to 50% discount on a wide selection of items. From premium shirts, to shirts from Rubinacci and ties from Drake, they have it all.

Of course, there are more affordable accessories and shirts to satisfy all budgets. The focus however is indeed the high end. The shoe sales are very disappointing with Brands I don’t know well enough to judge.

My pick is this nice looking jacket from Chester Barrie if I had to pick something.

Chester Barrie Navy and Brown Linen Jacket
Chester Barrie Navy and Brown Linen Jacket

Brooks Brothers

The oldest clothing retailer in the US, Brooks Brothers have been in business since 1818. That’s 201 years! They sell everything for both women and men with a great reputation for business attire. Since then they have expanded to other continents but it still remains more of a US store.

In 2019 Brooks Brothers has a 40% Summer Sales for Men & Women with the discount automatically applied during checkout.

It is very hard picking something specific to show off since they have everything. From sleepwear to luxurious suits and everything in between. Their suits are quite expensive and I prefer Suitsupply’s value. Of course, it is important to note that I have no first hands experience.

Interestingly, their blazer selection is very weak. Dress shirts on the other hand are something they have a good reputation about. There are some great business options here!

Double-Breasted options are also limited, but this is one I am eyeing for a long time albeit in charcoal grey.

Brooks Brothers Navy Double Breasted Pinstripe Suit
Brooks Brothers Navy Double Breasted Pinstripe Suit | 40% Discount


Not everyone has hundreds of dollars to spend but is also smart enough to avoid brands like H&M or Zara. J.Crew is a company that like Uniqlo below tries to bridge that gap with affordable, stylish clothing.

J.Crew Sales

Interestingly, the main page does not show (for me in Sweden) a big flashy banner to promote sales. However the menu option is in red and intuitive. With good discounts around 50% it is a good chance to buy some value casual items or give your lady a summer gift.

It is more of an american thing, but there are some retailers here and there selling J.Crew clothing in Europe. One of those is CareofCarl in Sweden and Mr.Porter also carries some.

The selection so far is a little limited with 571 articles at the time of writing. From those, about half are casual shirts and sneakers. When it comes to formal attire the options are scarce so I would advice using J.Crew to fill those gaps in your everyday casual wardrobe.

I did not find something that picked my interest or would warrant a purchase from the US.


With all the buzz going around about Uniqlo during the last few years it is hard to believe that it started in 1949 in Japan. It was a mere textiles manufacturer but now focuses on value affordable clothing with stores all over the world. In fact, last year the Stockholm shop opened and is a good hub for shopping and of course sales.

The focus is casual style with jeans, t-shirts and sweaters taking the lead. I am a little confused with some things and the main page layout is very “busy” to say. There is no specific % of the discounts and the sale is not exactly advertised unless you scroll down a lot or hit the “special offer” section. To add to that in the Swedish website it is called “promotions“.

Men's Summer Sales 2019 - Uniqlo

Nonetheless, the prices are ridiculous and I am not sure how they can sell for so low. They have some great merino and cashmere sweaters that are perfect for an entry level experience.

If I were to choose something, it would be a cashmere sweater, cardigan or maybe some rain gear for the Winter.

Uniqlo Dark Green Crew Neck Cashmere Sweater
Uniqlo Dark Green Crew Neck Cashmere Sweater | A steal at less than 50$

It is worth mentioning that there is a bit of controversy surrounding Uniqlo and their work ethics. Low salaries and exploitation of workers is some of them. I am not the one to say if it is true or not, but it is my duty to inform you.

Shoe Shops With Clearance/Sales

Shops like Skoaktiebolaget always have the odd stock here and there. I thought it would be a nice idea to also make some quick mentions to some beloved shops that always have some kind of clearance/sales in their web-shop. Interestingly enough, they are both British.


Our first English retailer, Pediwear of England is a small family business. I bought my Carlos Santos Derby there and even had a collaboration for the Edward & James Rushton Cordovan Boot. I was impressed by their fantastic customer service, quality control and overall experience.

Now, while they do not advertise their sales in the main page (unless I am blind!) you can follow this link. There are 9 pages full of opportunities and discounts none of which exceeds 450£.

A great source for those that want Country shoes with some interesting offers from Tricker’s and Grenson.

Herring Shoes

Another excellent English family business. Herring was established in 1966 and has a wide selection of mostly classic English shoes like Loake, Cheaney and Church’s.

Men's Summer Sales 2019 -Herring Sales

They have a very good reputation and an excellent website with loads of opportunities. With over 9 pages of shoes to choose from, if you can get one your size it is the perfect way to save some money. A lot of them are from the in-house brand with the same name.

Herring Barcelona II tasselled loafers
Herring Barcelona II tasselled loafers | For less than 170$!

Hackett London

Quintessentially British, but overpriced in my opinion but Hackett is still a respected menswear brand.

I find partnerships with Aston Martin just a way to put a mark up on items of no better quality. Nonetheless, they use some exquisite fabrics and make some great suits.

Right now, their sale is not open but for subscribers there is a private sale going on with 30% discounts. Go to their website and use the code VIP30-INT and check if there are any bargains around.

I personally think Suitsupply blows them out of the water for value when a blazer costs 700$. If I shopped anything from here it would be a suit or jacket as I can buy the rest somewhere else.


Here’s an entry I was not very familiar with until browsing Styleforum. Sartoriale launched their online shop in 2000 with some of the most expensive tailoring brands.

Now, I don’t know what you think about their website but for me navigation is choppy and all over the place. Nonetheless, if you have a big budget and love luxury brands like Kiton, Brioni and Rubinacci it is a great shop. Limited in sizes but if you can get one that fits you, awesome!

They of course have some more affordable things and casual-wear but I would shop here only for the above reasons. And strictly tailoring items.

Cesare Attolini Beige-Brown Jacket | Expensive but on a big discount

I like the above jacket very much. Different and a way to explore my sartorial boundaries after building a minimalist wardrobe.

Men’s Summer Sales 2019 – Value For Your Money

There is no denying that you can get a fantastic deal during sales season. If you are frugal or cautious about your needs and desires it is an excellent opportunity. Otherwise, it is also important to not go overboard and think with logic, not your heart.

Every department in all major categories has sales. From the entry level with Uniqlo to Suits that cost a month’s rent at Sartoriale and Mr. Porter. Of course, there are so many local and international shops that we maybe forget or cannot cover. If there is something to look forward to, that is the Suitsupply Outlet. It should open up in the middle of July and let’s hope it is better than the last Winter version.

This brings us to the end of the “Men’s Summer Sales 2019” article! Did we forget something or is there any notable entries we should add? Leave a comment down below. Remember to subscribe for more awesome content and share with your dapper friends!

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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