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A New Adventure Begins

Last year during the early baby steps of this blog, I could never imagine the direction it would take. I developed a profound love and passion for high quality shoes. For the past 8 months I brought you reviews from some of the best shoemakers in the world. Three months ago I realized that I should channel this passion somewhere. And this is how The Noble Shoe Stockholm was born.

My own, online store selling some of the best welted shoes for men. But who could be the brand to carry this big task forward? Of course, Carlos Santos. Together with the legendary Portuguese brand we created 15 amazing models. Some of them are exclusives not to be found elsewhere.

In this article I would like to introduce you to The Noble Shoe and go through the shoes I will sell. It is your support and my passion that made this possible. Thank you.

Now let’s get cracking!

What Is The Noble Shoe?

Good question! So you see, people judge us by our appearance whether we like it or not. We can balance the odds or improve our chances by dressing better or appropriately.

Because your shoes say a lot about you

Shoes are especially important as even the sharpest outfit can look out of place with the wrong pair of shoes or cheap looking ones.

To help you, The Noble Shoe has the following:

  • Goodyear Welted Shoes by Carlos Santos
  • An exclusive partnership with ZEB Shoes for Made-To-Order pairs
  • Crockett & Jones
  • Norman Vilalta
  • Paolo Scafora
  • Enzo Bonafe

In today’s article however, I will go through the Carlos Santos collection we have been developing for the past 2 months. The Website is opening next week with delivery expected in July. How exciting!

Tip: The list was updated to include brands brought in 2022!

A Focus On Boots, Stylish Designs & Classics

Designing shoes is always a challenge. You need to think about customers, occasions, sizing and leather among others.

The end result is 7 styles of Boots and 8 styles of Shoes. Here is the breakdown.

Boot Selection

Classy, sophisticated, dressy and unique. I am very happy with how it fleshed out!

9156 Field Boot In Dark Brown Suede/Brown Calf

The most iconic boot of all time is the Edward Green Galway. It is absolutely stunning but it comes with a drawback. It costs a whopping $1550. The 9156 Field Boot from Carlos Santos is the closest you can get to the Galway for 1/4th of the cost.

Sporting a soft Dark Brown Suede for the shaft and Brown Calf for the bottom part, it looks elegant and sophisticated. It is on the 316 Last with an almond toe and a dainite sole for grip.

9156 Field Boot In Brown Grain/Oak Calf

For all the reasons above, people tend to call this the “Salway” as a wordplay. This model has all the features of the above version with a twist. This time around, the shaft is in Brown Grain to give texture and low maintenance while the bottom is Oak Calf. The colors blend well together and it is a sure conversation starter.

7902 Chelsea Boot In Sandy Beige Suede

Since my experience with the Project TWLV Beige Logger Boots, I developed an interest for lighter colored shoes. They look different, suede has a beautiful texture and they are great for any casual occasion with darker pants.

Therefore I created the 7902 Chelsea in Sandy Suede. A classic Chelsea with more elegant edges around the rubber band and a dainite sole for city adventures. It is on the 401 Last with a soft almond shape. It is probably not for everybody, but this will take your wardrobe to the next level.

Tip: Not sure what suede or grain is? Check out this informative guide.

8866 Jumper Boot In Coimbra Patina

Now, this is the pair that made me fall in love with Boots in the first place. Back in the day, I wrote a review article about the 8866 Jumper Boot with the exact same specs.

Carlos Santos Boots Review - Lace Up Derby Boots in Coimbra Patina

Dark Brown with a storm welt for waterproofing, this is the perfect winter boot. On the 234 Soft Chiseled Last with a commando sole to tread yourself through water, ice and rocks. It is very dressy and will look like a Derby even with a suit.

8866 Jumper Boot In Soft Brown Kudu

The same model as above but with a very unique characteristic. This time, the leather is from Kudu. The Greater Kudu is a wild antelope living in the savanna and grassy plains of Africa. As the animal grazes through the sharp bushes, it gets scars on its skin.

What this means is that Kudu leather is very durable and has a rugged look full of natural scars. It is a joy to behold in real life and the first time such a model is available from Carlos Santos.

7991 Chukka Boot In Sintra Patina

Riding high on the unique boot train we have the 7991 Chukka. A casual shoe for jeans and chinos which is very easy to put on and comfortable.

Dark green is a stunning versatile color. You might remember this suit I own. As an homage to it and in an attempt to create something stylish yet unique, we came up with this. The Chukka in Sintra Patina on the 234 Soft Almond Last and a rubber sole.

I will have it in very limited quantities, so get yourselves one fast! It looks breathtaking with jeans, dark denim and chinos. The Patina is so rich and vivid that people will look at you with a curious gaze.

4125 Jodhpur In Oak Calf

Jodhpurs are a strange category. Originally a riding shoe it has been slowly creeping up the popularity ladder. They are a very clean, elegant type of shoe.


I think a light brown/orange Oak Calf leather suits them very well! To increase the formality, these have a leather sole on the 401 sleek Soft Almond Last.

Shoe Selection

A combination of formal and casual shoes to satisfy every need. A focus on calf with a few summer suede options you will not find out there.

7201 Derby In Braga Patina

Starting off things with this beautiful 3-eyelet Derby. The lacing is unique and different than the classic derby, which makes it more casual. The Braga Patina has a rich cognac color making it a perfect pairing for jeans, chinos and blue suits.

Of course Goodyear Welted in Portugal with a single leather sole on the 401 Soft Almond Shaped Last. This is for you that is looking for something different yet stylish.

9381 Derby In Coimbra Patina

We move on to the classic Derby of this list. A must have in any man’s wardrobe is a dark brown derby shoe. I wrote an extensive review about the 9381 back in March and it was an easy inclusion to The Noble Shoe’s collection.

Carlos Santos 9381 Cap-Toe Derby Review in Coimbra

A Cap-Toe Derby with the Coimbra Patina, it has a Dainite rubber sole on the 397 Last with a Soft Almond Shape. Fits true to size and caters more to those that love British style.

The versatility is superb and you can dress up or down any outfit.

8627 Oxford In Black Calf

The king of formality is the black Oxford. Usually, if you need just one pair of good shoes it should be this. Especially when you don’t wear these kind of shoes often.

The 8627 is a classic, Cap-Toe Oxford with nice lines and a clean style. What makes it unique though is the new 387 Carlos Santos Last with a Soft Square Toe to up the ante on the formality scale.


I would suggest you use this for formal occasions and if you wear suits regularly.

Tip: It goes just fine with navy suits, don’t listen to the others!

9114 Split-Toe Derby In Snuff Suede

Last year, I bumped into this model during a sale on Skoaktiebolaget. It was a part of a special MTO and it looked like a great summer shoe.

The apron is meticulously stitched and adds an aura of change from the norm. Suede shoes are a very elegant option for men and this one has a very soft nap and vivid brown/orange color.

An excellent choice for wearing with denim, chinos and the odd more casual suit. Soft Chiseled Toe on the 234 Last and a single rubber sole for grip and comfort. Limited quantities!

9780 Penny Loafer In Mid-Brown Suede

Summer is synonymous with Suede and Loafers. Mixing the best of both worlds I present to you the 9780 Penny Loafer in Mid-Brown Suede!

I am a very big fan of Italian style hence my choice to use the 387 Last with sharp edges. A single leather sole ensures comfort for your foot during those warm summer days.

7273 Wingtip Oxford In Brown Calf

Here’s one that I did not expect to like so much personally! But after photoshooting it I changed my mind.

A classic Wingtip Oxford Full Brogue is an elegant shoe. It is less formal but more flexible than a regular Oxford due to the perforations but has some extra finesse and character. With Brown Calf from French tanneries and a single leather sole on the 397 Soft Almond Last it is the perfect companion for any outfit.

Look forward to the review in the following months!

6942 Double Monk-Straps In Wine Calf

Carlos Santos’ Double Monk-Straps is the reason this blog shifted towards shoes. The quality, the style and the patina are so stunning that it was a no-brainer to include it.

The model is the 6942 in exactly the same specifications as the review pair with a tiny difference. Mounted on the 401 Soft Almond Last and a single leather sole but with a wine (burgundy) calf finish instead of patina. I realize some people prefer normal calf and want to offer this option.

Gladly, as you can see from the pictures the shoes have an identical finish but with a slightly stronger leather.

8618 Handgrade Adelaide Oxford In Wine Shadow

Now, onto the absolute star of the show and the crown jewel of my collection. The Noble Shoe is proud to offer this Adelaide Oxford from the Premium Limited Edition Handgrade Line.

A few weeks ago I wrote hymns about it in my review. Check it out it is a fantastic read! It has the Soft Square 389 Last, closed channel leather soles and the breathtaking Wine Shadow Patina.

Very rare and part of exclusive GMTO’s, this model is available for pre-order on limited quantities at The Noble Shoe. Don’t miss your chance!

How Can I Get Them?

At the moment of writing we are finalizing the website. I think you will like it very much! Until that happens, you can inquire about products, info and prices by sending an email to [email protected] or through our Facebook and Instagram.

VAT is automatically deducted on purchases outside the EU/EEA with a 14 Days Return Period.

A Dream Come True

You know, this has been a hell of a ride so far. I enjoy every step of the way no matter how hard it is. My advice to all of you out there regardless of profession or clothing style is to chase your dreams and take action. Care for the people that care for you, be nice to others and do things that fulfill you.

You can achieve greatness and The Noble Shoe is here to help you take that next step. Let me show you the way. In the following weeks I am going to review all of the remaining Carlos Santos shoes so you know exactly what you are getting. Happy summer everyone, make sure to subscribe or comment!

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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Just the best service ever,a joy to deal with and the Carlos Santos shoes are a dream.Well done Kostas and all the best in your new venture.

Thank you so much Matt. It was a pleasure servicing you and hope you will wear my shoes for years to come!

I wish you the best as well!

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