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My Suit Tailor Review: Black Tie MTM Tuxedo Suit For Men

MySuitTailor Black Tuxedo ReviewAn Online Custom Suit Experience

Welcome to my Review of my Remote MTM Black Tie Tuxedo Suit from My Suit Tailor.

I will be taking a look at the overall experience, quality and of course fit and value for money.

Read the rest of the article to find out what I really think!

My First Black Tie Suit

Believe it or not, not only didn’t I have a tuxedo until now, but I didn’t even have a black suit.

Of course, if you are an avid reader of the blog you know I consider them mostly useless and bland.

Outside very formal occasions such as black tie events or the unfortunate occasion of a funeral, they are just not good for a man.

I am still flabbergasted by the fact that most designer brands dress their employees and security with black suits and terrible black sneakers.

The main problem is that black looks flat and washed out during the day and only really shines during the night.

You also have zero flexibility when it comes to footwear as there is only one option: black.

If you try to do the John Wick look, seek therapy and it’s even worse if you start pairing burgundy and red ties and accessories.

Want to wear black? Wear it how it’s supposed to.

Nonetheless, it is still good to own a black suit whether it is for an event, a funeral or where’s it actually appropriate.

So when Alex from My Suit Tailor approached me to try and review a custom suit, I chose a Black Tuxedo.

While I received this item for free, I received (as always) no monetary compensation and all thoughts are my own.

I should also stress that I don’t have a black bow-tie and white pocket square or a tuxedo shirt, but this is more about the experience, quality and fit rather than the outfit.

Who Is My Suit Tailor?

I had no idea who My Suit Tailor is before Alex contacted me.

But then again, how many companies are out there that produce shoes, clothes and other services that we don’t know about.

After some back and forth and research, I found out that Alex Kriplani has over 15 years of experience as a travelling tailor and decided to open up My Suit Tailor.

They offer an assortment of fabrics but the only ones I would focus on are the Italian ones.

From Delfino all the way up to VBC, they are far better fabrics than what’s usually out there.

Anything “Wool Blend” or similar is something I always avoid as I dislike any synthetic material for suiting.

The selection of fabrics and colors is limited compared to competitors, but if the price is right and the quality good that is not a problem for those seeking to build a minimalist wardrobe.

There’s blues, greys and blacks and even some beige here and there including heavier tweed and flannel.

My Suit Tailor has a fit guarantee (as all such companies should), measurement guide and so far are helpful and friendly.

One thing I believe they should be more transparent about is that the garments are made in China (or at least mine shipped from there).

There’s nothing wrong with it these days and big brands such as Suitsupply and Spier & Mackay do it.

Let’s not dwell more on it however and let’s talk tuxedos.


Here are some quick specifications of this simple black tuxedo set:

  • Style: Tuxedo
  • Closure: Single Breasted
  • Buttons: 1
  • Color: Black
  • Composition: 100% Wool S130
  • Mill: Delfino (Italy)
  • Lapels: Peak
  • Belt: Side Adjusters
  • Made In: India
  • Cost: $399.99

I am not 100% if the suit is actually made in India but I do know that shipping was from Mumbai.

Nonetheless it is nothing to frown upon these days will massive companies such as Suitsupply producing there.

Solid specs, solid price but let’s see how it actually fits.

Unboxing & Shipping

The packaging did have me concerned for a bit but thankfully all was well

As a European my biggest barrier to ordering from outside the EU is the import duties and taxes.

I am not sure entirely how it works in other countries but I paid approximately 60 Euros to clear this shipping in Italy.

Not a dealbreaker but hey, you potentially have to add that to the cost.

Shipping was rather quick but the packing was really minimalist and made for a poor first impression.

Considering that it’s a tuxedo, it was wrapped in a basic plastic package which made me wonder what the condition will be.

Surprisingly, the suit was more than ok with no creasing at all.

What you get is a basic suit bag which is nothing special but does the job.

First Impressions

TuxedoUnboxing aside, the suit looks nice.

I checked it for any quick blemishes and couldn’t find anything wrong with it.

Of course, I quickly put it on to get an idea of the fit and was also pleasantly surprised as it’s always hard to get the online measurements right.

The only small issue were the trousers that were extremely long but this is such a quick alteration and fix that it doesn’t matter.

What picked my curiosity was the buttons, which look metallic and upholstered with some fabric.

Black Oxfords from Carlos Santos at The Noble Shoe

Are all tuxedos like these?

If you know write it in the comments below!

Now let’s talk a bit more about the nitty gritty.

Tip: You can complete the look with our Carlos Santos Oxfords by The Noble Shoe.

Fit Check – My Suit Tailor Tuxedo

Front MySuit Tailor Review Tuxedo
Front Fit Check – My Suit Tailor Review

Whether a suit costs $5000 or $50, the most important aspect is fit as even an expensive ill-fitting suit will look terrible.

As mentioned above, the tuxedo from My Suit Tailor fits quite nicely.

The shoulders were just right, the waist was good without an “X” and the sleeves were just the right length.

A thing that I noticed was the button stance, which I would prefer more down for a more natural drape.

Front Fit Check - My Suit Tailor Review
Front Fit Check – My Suit Tailor Review

The trousers fit rather well too and are thankfully higher rise.

Of course they were extremely long and I had to shorten them by about 6 cm (2.36 inches).

For the money, I would say the result was pretty good for a first try.

Quality Check

Now it’s the time to take a closer look at some of the details of the suit.

The fabric is definitely nice and has a good sheen to it.

LapelsAs far as the lapels go, they are not exceptionally wide but still look nice.

The lapel roll is a little flat but that’s just nitpicking.

I do wonder however if there is any form of canvas in the suit as I couldn’t feel it.

For the price and the fact that it’s a tuxedo however, it wouldn’t matter so much unless you have a black tie event every week.

ButtonsThe buttons look fine overall, though I would argue that having jetted pockets would be nicer.

Looking at the trousers, there’s not much to say as they do their job well.

The side adjusters require a bit more effort to adjust and feel slightly cheaper but once again nothing important.

Lastly, the interior lining is acceptable and works well.

However, I do wish there was a tag with some information about your suit in the pockets as is the standard.

Should You Buy From My Suit Tailor?


If you are on a budget and are looking for a Made to Measure Tuxedo My Suit Tailor is worth considering.

If I were you, I would be careful about the choice of fabric and looking for the more premium ones or at least 100% wool.

For those of you in North America, Spier & Mackay might be a better and easier choice as a Tuxedo is $450.

Given the rising prices of suit companies (Suitsupply the biggest culprit) having the option to spend half and still get a good suit is key.

Personally, I have a great collection and look for only very high end pieces so it would not be on my radar.

However, for my first Black Tie Tuxedo and for any of you that want one for the odd event it’s a good deal.

Thankfully, the customer service and Alex himself have proven to be pretty good and responsive.

Especially Alex, who was patient for months until I managed to pen this review.

All this, in combination with a decent product allows me to give my endorsement.

Now I only need to go get myself a proper tuxedo shirt and bow tie…


This brings us to the end of the My Suit Tailor Tuxedo Review.

It took me a while to finish this one because of personal reasons and lack of use for the suit.

The positives are that it fits well, is affordable and is backed by skilled and friendly people.

I am slightly excited about finding the next opportunity to attend my first Black Tie event.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments with all the positive and negative experiences you might have.

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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