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The Noble Shoe Summer Clearance 2023

Celchuk Socks and Carlos Santos ShoesRare, Big Clearance

In today’s article I am going to get to the point and talk about the recent rare big summer clearance at The Noble Shoe for 2023.

You can get some great deals on wardrobe staples and much more from 20-65%.

Brands include mostly Carlos Santos but there are also some good deals on a few Crockett & Jones, Norman Vilalta and a few pairs of Paolo Scafora.

Let’s get down to business.

Rare Indeed

I rarely make articles nowadays that are purely about The Noble Shoe.

We have a “No Discounts” policy so it is a big deal when we do Clearance of Discontinued Items.

Now that the business is much larger, we often have excess stock or underperforming models.

Or simply, it’s time for a refresh in the collection with a new model.

Clearing this excess or remaining stock means that you get a great deal and we free up space!

Our last Clearance was back in November last year so the timing was great.

Important: Sales are final and cannot be returned or exchanged.

Browse The Clearance Sale

What Will You Find In The Noble Shoe Summer Clearance?

Under the Clearance Section in the main menu you will find all models that we discontinue.

Most of them will be from Carlos Santos but there are indeed some Crockett & Jones, Paolo Scafora and remaining Norman Vilalta.

I’ll list everything down below in different sections.

1. Carlos Santos

The biggest category includes Carlos Santos and certain models that made their cycle and need refreshment.

Discounts range from around 20-30% and it’s a sizable saving for Handgrade Models in particular.

Carlos Santos Loafers by The Noble Shoe
Men’s Summer Style 2023 | Carlos Santos Loafers by The Noble Shoe

There are about 6-8 models with plenty of sizes left in fact.

Our summer loafers in dark brown and light brown suede for example.

dark brown suede loafersIf you like more classic yet modern loafers you could instead opt for the Handgrade Bordo Penny Loafers.

Then you have the experimental Handgrade Monks in Grain Patina.

For those that want a wardrobe staple, there’s the CS101 Black Calf Derby.

Lastly, other than odd stock and a few pairs here and there you have a fantastic Dark Brown Suede Jodhpur for just $270.

Carlos Santos Suede Jodhpur Boots | The Noble Shoe 2023 Collection
Carlos Santos Suede Jodhpur Boots | The Noble Shoe 2023 Collection

Not bad at all!

Browse The Clearance Sale

Crockett & Jones

We generally have an extremely limited stock of Crockett & Jones.

As a heritage, luxury brand sales are rare and specific.

Crockett & Jones Molton Chukka Boots for The Noble ShoeThe Molton was an important boot for us as it’s the choice of James Bond and Daniel Craig.

It will still remain available to order, but this is your chance to get a great 30% off at just $450.

There’s also a chance to get a similar discount for the unlined Waterford and Seaton.

Paolo Scafora

As our top of the range Paolo Scafora will never really have any discounts.

The biggest thing we might do would be to waive the MTO fee.

However we did order a few of our dark brown reverse construction suede penny loafers.

They were quite popular but we have 2 sizes left!

It’s too late to order a new batch for this season so enjoy a hefty 30% discount for an amazing shoe.

It’s super comfy.

Norman VIlalta

Norman Vilalta Haring Showcase
The Norman Vilalta Haring Boot

It’s no secret that we stopped our collaboration with Norman Vilalta after our first capsule collection.

What if I told you you can get 60-65% Discount on the few remaining pairs though?

For shoes that cost 1200-1300$ USD and includes shoe trees it’s a big deal!

There’s only a handful of sizes left but I recommend you snap them right now.

Browse The Clearance Sale

Anything Else?

At the moment, no.

That is quite a lot with a total of 16 shoe styles at the time of writing.

Enough styles to cover basics or expand your wardrobe for this (or next) season.

Most importantly these are styles and models you can wear virtually all year long.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts and business and hopefully help you find a good deal.

I will see you next week!

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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Hi Kostas,

FYI, In EU (and Norway + some other countries) it’s illegal to have “no returns on sale items” policy and laws guarantee return for no reason within the 14 days after customer received their goods

We sell 99% to outside the EU, honestly maybe even more. Custom made items do not qualify for such returns, but when it comes to the rest we have never denied such a request.

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