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Where I Shop My Clothes In Stockholm – Europe’s Fashion Capital

best clothing shops in stockholm
How I usually look after shopping – Photo by Ms’s Misiu

Stockholm is known as a fashion capital in Europe. You can find a clothing store in every corner for every taste and budget. Here in Misiu Academy we focus more on quality because cost-per-use is the name of the game. If you google the best clothing shops in Stockholm chances are that you will not find specific names other than the popular districts such as Östermalm.

But what does that tell you if you plan to visit Stockholm? What if you are looking for specifics and want to get a local’s insights? Absolutely nothing.

This is why I decided to compile this guide of where I shop my clothes. It is a question I hear frequently from people especially when it comes to good shoes or suits.

Who wakes up and decides to write about which stores he shops at you ask? The idea came into my mind when I was looking for medium brown dress pants and my options were pretty limited. I have quite good knowledge of Stockholm’s brands so I thought I would make your shopping experience a little less overwhelming.

Before We Start…

Don’t be surprised.

  1. I do not buy only expensive clothes – The key here is quality. We have talked about this multiple times. If you have an eye for quality you will spot great items at better prices. If you “Spare no expenses” like John Hammond in Jurassic Park then be my guest and buy anything you want. Just make sure it has quality and fits well. I wish I was in that category but I am not so I have to shop smart.
  2. Sales are tricky – Ever wondered why sales happen and you see that expensive Hugo Boss suit from 1000$ down to 500$? That should raise a few red flags on its own. It means nobody else bought it and they are trying to clear stock for the next batch of clothes to come in. That and the fact that Hugo Boss suits have fused lining which we explained is a big no-no here. That does not mean however that you will not find great items on sale. Just shop smart and do not panic buy.
  3. I do not custom-make all my clothes – Though I would love to. Apart from my new good suits I have not custom-made anything else for me. Things I would do are dress shirts and dress pants. The cost is honestly not that higher compared to the RTW clothes on offering and if you take into account the tailoring required after it balances. Downside is that they take weeks to make and if you need something you need to plan ahead.
  4. This article contains advertisements through ad-links for Brothers Sverige – I am a proud affiliate of Brothers, the store that helped me start my style journey. This means that you can click my link or the banner on the right and If you buy something I will get a small commission. That helps the site stay alive and bring you more content. We will appreciate it and give you a cookie!

Now that everything is out of the way, here is how we are going to do it.

Price Levels:

? = Affordable Quality
?? = Good Quality – Still affordable
???= Costs More – Worth saving for
???? = Very Good Quality – Save for very special items
????? = Luxury Territory – Not for your average mortal



Best clothing stores in Stockholm - Brothers Sverige
Brothers is where it all started. And where it continues…

Remember the little introduction in my first post? I have been so satisfied by Brothers that I actually became their partner.

The thing I like the most about this shop is that you can find something for every budget. If you are looking for functional underwear, socks or suits and custom tailoring, you can find it here. They have a wide range of items from different brands – both Swedish, local and well-known. These include Lee and Tommy Hilfiger and J.Lindeberg (a respected Swedish brand).

They are all around Sweden and have multiple stores in Stockholm so you can find them anywhere. Their online store is pretty easy to use and if you are a member you can get free delivery and 2 annual discounts in February and August.

Lastly, they offer custom MTM tailoring for suits with a starting price of 6500 SEK for a 2-piece suit. It is a good competitive price, but I am not sure if it is half-canvas only. I have not had first hand experience but the staff I have interacted with and the samples in the shops have impressed me to consider them in the future. I would say that this is the place to start for newer guys that don’t want to break the bank.

Price: ?-????
 Free for members – Ships in Sweden only – 1-3 delivery days
What I Buy: Socks, Dress shirts, Chinos, Dress Pants, Coats and Jackets


Best clothing shops in Stockholm - Suitsupply
The perfect store for the more advanced gentleman – Definitely one to check

Suitsupply is a well-known brand around the world and they finally opened their new shop in Stockholm. Boy what an experience it is to be in that shop. Modern, fresh with a wide range of clothes for all needs. Their suits are at least half-canvassed and made from high quality Italian leather. Here you can find all kinds of accessories as well as suits or suit separates. Prices are very competitive and the staff looks more than just salesmen. You will get excellent service in Suitsupply Stockholm.

They offer online custom suits and shirts but the real deal is their renown MTM Program. You are in luck, because I have written a review about my experience here! In about 2 weeks I will have my first custom double-breasted suit from them.

Free delivery, free returns, tons of choices and accessories. What more could you ask for? In a city where things are either affordable or way too expensive, Suitsupply is here to bridge the gap.

Price: ?-????
 Free shipments and Returns – 1-4 business days (Check here)
What I Buy: Suits, Jackets, Coats, Shirts and Trousers


Best clothing stores in stockholm - John Henric
My favourite accessories shop – Period

I have a thing for unique items. Items that will help you stand out but also be subtle enough. In my last article about suit accessories I sang praises for John Henric and for a good reason. Great prices, great quality, amazing items for everyone and friendly staff. I am a frequent visitor at the Mall of Scandinavia boutique and I love how such a small store can have so many surprises.

Endless combinations of ties, bow-ties, beautiful leather bags and socks straight out of rainbow. If you get a chance touch their cashmere sweaters. Get one and your girlfriend will never stop touching you. I promise. And the tie clips…man the tie clips! I am only gonna say: Iron Man!

They have also more playful designs, especially on their dress shirts and ties but I am more of a traditional guy. I bought a great sky blue shirt from them from 100% cotton and it is one of my favourites. Prices are reasonable and well worth it. Ah, you beautiful cashmere goats…

Price: ??-???
 Free Shipments – 2-5 business days
What I Buy: Ties (loads of them!), Dress Shirts and Tie Clips


Best clothing stores in Stockholm - Eton Shirts
Superior Swedish Craftsmanship

I was just browsing one of the biggest multi-stores in central Stockholm (Åhlens City) and I stumbled upon Eton for the first time. I was in the market for a light pink shirt and I found exactly that. It turned out to be pretty expensive but the moment I put it on, I knew it would last me years and was well worth the price. Eton is a Swedish brand that sells predominately shirts but also has some accessories like ties and pocket squares.

They are pretty expensive as a shirt costs about 1300 SEK (150$ or 125 €) but you should definitely find them on sale either in outlets or during the big summer sales with up to 40% discounts. For almost half the original price you will get some of the most prestigious, beautifully crafted dress shirts around that price tag.

I did have a problem with the sleeves being a tad too long, but this is something that I encounter with all the shirts I buy from stores. Do they really think your average man is Mr. Fantastic? Not a problem though, you can alter them in-shop and they will personally call you to pick it up.

Nevertheless, Eton equals quality and if you are in the market for something good and not custom made, this is the place to go. Especially on Sales.

Price: ???-????
 Free Shipments and Returns – 2-5 business days
What I Buy: Ties (loads of them!), Dress Shirts and Tie Clips


Best clothing stores in Stockholm - Tiger of Sweden

Tiger of Sweden is a prestigious well-known brand even outside Scandinavia. The quality is definitely there but you do pay a small mark-up because of the brand name. If you decide to splash your cash in Tiger, I would advise waiting for the sales periods. I got myself a beautiful navy suit this season and I do not regret the purchase!

The staff at the Mall of Scandinavia are very helpful but do be careful and look for the signs of quality and fit that we have talked about multiple times. You will find some accessories but not a huge deal compared to other stores. Tiger does have some beautiful leather bags though.

I did not like the fit of their “stretch” dress shirts so much but they offered me cheap alterations for my jacket and pants.

To summarise, Tiger is a great brand for someone that wants a signature quality suit for a higher price. If you decide to buy one of their expensive suits outside of the sales period, I would advise to spend a little more and go MTM.

Price: ???-????
 Free Shipments and Returns for members – 1-3 business days
What I Buy: Suits, Blazers and Pants during Sales


Best clothing stores in Stockholm - Bäckmans Skoservice
A fantastic traditional shoe store

The first time I entered Bäckmans I instantly knew I was in the right place. The smell of real leather and shoes trees, the workshop in the back of the store, those beautiful R.M. Williams boots in the front window.

There are many good shoe stores in Stockholm but honestly not many people know how to find them. Bäckmans is one of them and you will find leather sneakers, loafers, dress shoes and amazing boots from many reputable brands. Loake, Allen Edmonds, R.M. Williams and Red Wing are some of them.

They often have discounts and you can get great prices on all kinds of shoes. I have personally bought 2 pairs of Loake 1880 shoes from there which you can see in most of my pictures.

The service is great and you can also repair your damaged shoes in-shop or buy fat to care for your leather.

Definitely a place to check at least to get a sense of a traditional shoe store.

Price: ???-????
 Free Shipments and 30 days Return – 1-3 business days
What I Buy: Shoes…Beautiful Leather Shoes


Best clothing stores in Stockholm - Skoaktiebolaget
Amazing quality for the sartorial man – Backed by a great website

Speaking about Skoaktiebolaget, it literally means Shoe Company Incorporated. Made by friends with passion, it has filled a void in the Swedish market in the last years by bringing shoes of immaculate quality from the best brands. They have even just released their own brand, Löf & Tung which are handmade in Spain.

The store lies right next to Bäckmans and it was a bit confusing to find in Google, however once you find it you will not forget it. Very modern inside, with well dressed and knowledgeable staff and a vast selection of great brands, including one of my favourites – Carlos Santos of Portugal.

The prices are quite high but there are some rather affordable pieces and discounts during the summer. You can also order MTO shoes for an extra price so the sky is the limit really. If you are young and you need good dress shoes, go for a Carlos Santos. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Either way, remember that you get what you pay for but you do not have to break the bank.

Price: ???-?????
 Free Shipments and 30 days Return – Free Global Shipping over 2000 SEK
What I Buy: Carlos Santos Shoes


Best clothing stores in stockholm - Volt Fashion
A nice store with many popular brands

Volt is the last and the latest addition to my personal list of the best clothing shops in Stockholm because of their vast selection of clothes and brands. I visited them this week since I was looking for an affordable good Denim shirt. Here you can find brands like Tiger, Oscar Jacobson, J.Lindberg and Filippa K amongst others.

Discounts are frequent in the summer and you can get yourself some great deals if you are quick.

Price: ?-????
 Free Shipments and 30 days Return – 1-3 business days
What I Buy: Shirts and Pants

The Best Clothing Stores In Stockholm?

To sum up, no they are not. However they are currently the best for me hence the title. These are shops that I have trusted and I am rather sure that you will too. In addition, I hope you will find this article helpful even if you are a native Swede. You will be impressed both by the quality and the service that you will receive especially in stores like Bäckmans.

Finally, the more you will start to explore your sartorial boundaries, the more you will find out about this beautiful city.oreo cookie

What a wonderful experience it has been just writing about all this! Don’t forget your cookie on the way out.

I would like to hear your thoughts. Where do you shop in Stockholm and why? What do you get from there? Join us in the comment section and subscribe if you like our content!

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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One of my favorite new stores are a day’s march, good quality at good prices.

Hello Kim! A day’s march has some pretty high quality basic items! I agree with you! And it is always good to support a Swedish local brand! They have some pretty nice sales right now up to 70%.

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