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Suitsupply MTM Review: Part 2 – Time To Suit Up

Suitsupply MTM Review

“Sell Me A Pen”

Welcome to Part 2 of my MTM Suitsupply Program Review.

You might have heard the question “Sell me a pen” that comes up during some interviews. But how do you actually do it?

Honestly, it is not that hard. You just have to associate the pen to an important activity such as signing a contract. This is not so different from when you buy your first custom suit. It should be memorable and you should own the space you walk into. And this is exactly how you will feel after receiving your first custom suit from Suitsupply.

Read further to find out why you should invest in the Suitsupply MTM Program in Part 2 of my review.

It All Begins With A Mail

I remember the excitement I felt when I read the e-mail from Suitsupply. Impatient as a child, I logged into the online scheduler and booked a meeting the next day at 10:30. I arrived and waited for Ted Grandin – my tailor – to finish with another customer.

He greeted me warmly and we immediately got into business. He brought me some black oxford shoes and a dress shirt and we began the process.

The moment I put the pants on I knew something was right. The moment I touched them, I knew I was touching quality.

Ms’s Misiu saw me and said that these are the best pants I have had. She also said that I have a “butt like a dream“. Quite cheesy but flattering nonetheless.

Mr and Ms's Misiu - Suitsupply MTM Review
Our balcony, our rules

Ted held the jacket for me and then the magic happened while I stepped in front of the mirror. A star was borne.

Misiu For President

I am ready to run for president next year“, I said.

Ted let out a small laugh and continued checking the fit of the suit. The time was nigh – The time to suit up.

Raving about the quality without giving more detailed explanations is not enough though so I will break down every part into small categories to give you a better understanding of the process.

Fit – 10/10

You can immediately notice in the picture how well the suit fits. It drapes well on my body, the shoulders appear natural without any creasing and the same applies on the back.

Suitsupply MTM Review: Double Breasted Navy Suit
Feeling like a Kingsman – First picture, first emotions

The length of the sleeves is perfect. You can notice that on the left sleeve the shirt does not show but that was because I was wearing my watch.

You can see what a beautiful shape the double breasted suit gives to your waist and shoulders due to the wider lapels.

The pants had perfect length. No break and fitted perfect with the provided oxford shoes. It just felt great to be in them!

In fact, when we went through the fitting process we concluded that the suit fits me so well that no alterations were required. I am astonished and I am pretty sure that this is due to the skills and professionalism of Ted.

Just take a look at the picture and imagine yourself in such a suit. Whether you are the boss or are asking your bank for a loan, your chances increase wearing one of these bad boys.

As Antonio Centeno from RealMenRealStyle has inspired me to say: “When you ask for money, wear a tie and look the part“.

Build Quality – 9/10

This is an interesting category. As you can read above, the suit felt great. Seeing all the little details we were merely discussing about just a month ago into action was amazing.

You could see how the button-holes were hand stitched and how well the construction was inside the jacket. The wool was so fine to the touch as it looked. Elegant, classy yet with a modern touch. The buttons were exactly as I picked them and it was a great feeling to see my initials inside. It felt like I finally graduated style high school and begun style university.

The pants were also incredible. Honestly, something special. The build quality was evident even when the suit was unbuttoned, as Ted added. It kept its shape instead of opening, the sign of a good construction.

When I got home I realised I should have examined it a little closer. There were a couple of loose threads in a couple of spots such as under the flap pockets. I would not lower the scored too much for such a minor thing, as for such high level of detail you are looking at bespoke tailoring.

Return Of Investment – 9/10

The total price of the suit was about 6700 SEK (650 Euros or 760 $) with the following choices:

  • Peak lapels
  • Hand-stitched button holes
  • Custom buttons
  • Initials sewn in the jacket
  • Side adjusters
  • No-Break pants with normal waistline
  • 6+2 style double breasted jacket with 4 functional buttons

There is no question about it. A custom MTM suit is expensive. But once you get your first one and you see the results, you will find it hard to go back to ready-to-wear. Bespoke tailoring is much more expensive, but they do share a common quality: With proper care they will last you forever.

Suitsupply MTM Review Part 2
The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read them.—Mark Twain, 1895 A.D.

If you have built your minimalist wardrobe and you are looking to step it up then there is no question about it: The value is fantastic whether you plan to wear it a few times per year or every week.

I give it an extra point for their fast delivery during the busy summer months. In fact I got the suit a little bit more than a week earlier than expected and no alterations were needed. Signs of good tailoring gentlemen.

I would advise reading my complete guide on buying your first suit before you buy a custom suit. Suitsupply has the added bonus of 50% down-payment which gives you flexibility.

Not Everything Is Rosy

There is always room for improvement and always a few minor blips here and there that we must address. I always try to be honest with my readers and I would never positively review a product that I would not be happy with.

On the way out Ted folded the suit in a Suitsupply bag with zippers that folded in half. The next time I tried to put it in to transport it after a short car ride I found wrinkles in the bottom half of the jacket and the sleeves. I was distraught at first and wondered what did I do wrong or if it would happen every time I would put it in the bag.

I felt that the Brothers suit bag was a bit more functional and easy to use. I honestly have nothing else bad to say about this experience.

And that’s all I had to say about the MTM Suitsupply Review Experience!

The Suitsupply MTM Review – Final Verdict 9/10

Lifestyle Change - Suitsupply MTM Review Part 2
You can do everything if you put your mind to it | Double Breasted Navy Suit by Suitsupply | Shirt by Eton Shirts | Watch by Vincero Watches | BMW M4

Now that you have read both parts of my Suitsupply MTM Review you can get a clear idea of how I feel about the brand. If not, here’s Part 1. It is my go-to shop in Stockholm. I truly believe there is nothing better in that price tag in Stockholm unless the Brothers offering surprises me in the future. I found one of their employees shopping in Suitsupply for a suit though. What does that tell you?

Ordering was easy, fast and as always very professional. Everyone I have interacted with have been fantastic and helpful.

You see that I gave it a 9/10. This is because of those tiny little things that I mentioned during the review and because the enemy of good is better. I know what to do now when I have to go back for something new there.

If you can afford such a suit, or a separate, I would give you my wholehearted recommendation. It has been a fantastic experience and the look on my face and Ms’s Misiu’s face said it all.

I will be definitely coming back to them, whether it is for a suit, a separate or some accessories. If you want it, they have it. And they do have some amazing clothes such as this gorgeous green suit.

This has been Suitsupply Stockholm.

What have you bought from Suitsupply? Are you satisfied by them? Please chime in with a comment down below, I would love to hear your opinions.

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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