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Luca Faloni Summer Collection Review: Linen Shorts & T-Shirt

Linen Save Me

Welcome to my Review of my recent purchases from Luca Faloni.

Specifically, a really nice Olive Green Linen T-Shirt and some much needed navy linen shorts.

Read on to find out if I’m satisfied with my purchases.

Yet Another Luca Faloni Purchase

If you follow the blog, you know that once I find a brand that satisfies me and delivers quality I stick with them.

Luca Faloni has been the mainstay in my collection since my first acquisitions last summer.

Back then, I ordered two versions of the same linen polo (Review) which I heavily use weekly in Italy.

While they do cost quite a fair bit more for seemingly simple articles of clothing, they make up for it with Made in Italy designs and top notch quality.

Specializing in cashmere, linen and cotton pieces, Luca Faloni is a good way to build a quality capsule wardrobe.

Given that my summer wardrobe was severely lacking, I decided to splurge on a few new pieces.

Despite the fact that I am showing you two pieces today, I actually bought 4 in the last few months.

Specifically, I got a pair of dark blue jeans, a navy cotton polo and today’s review pieces (T-Shirt & Shorts).

For those of you wondering, I have bought all my Luca Faloni articles myself and never received free review products from them.

However, I do have an ambassador code that can save you $50 if you use my link.

Get $50 Off Luca Faloni


Contemplating how on earth to pose

Let’s take a closer look at what I got today:

  • Style: T-Shirt/Shorts
  • Color: Olive Green/Navy Blue
  • Fit: Relaxed
  • Size: M (EU 48)
  • Material: Linen
  • Crafting Location: Brescia, North Italy
  • Cost: 120 Euro

I should also mention that both pieces at the time of writing come with a choice of 8 colors so you can choose something else.

Shipping & Unboxing

It’s always a quick and smooth experience for me, especially since I live in Italy.

It takes just 1-2 business days to receive my products with DHL in a nice package, a handwritten note, dust bag and even biscuits.

They surely know how to make you feel welcome and that is a definite plus.

It will be interesting to see however how the customer service will respond to my exchange question as you will find out later.

You should be very careful in the sense that you should save the original packaging.

Quality Of The Linen

I already have experience with the linen quality of Luca Faloni from my other two polo shirts.

The T-Shirt appears to be from the same material so expect it to perform similarly.

In the week I’ve been using it nothing seems wrong and it washes well and easy in the washing machine.

The shorts should be from the same exact linen source, but they feel a little thicker.

Maybe it’s my imagination or a mirage created by the navy darker color.

It doesn’t matter though since the bottom line is that all my articles from Luca Faloni have been top notch quality when it comes to material.

And they should since you are paying over $120 for a T-Shirt.


There’s nothing really specific to say about the T-Shirt.

It’s….a T-Shirt alright, the most plain clothes you can get.


It has a crew neck design and that’s about it and that’s exactly what I wanted.

A no-nonsense, simple, every day, smart looking and versatile piece of clothing.

The shorts on the other hand do have a few details we can talk about.

First of all, they feel much better quality than what I had from Suitsupply.

The zipper in particular feels so much more sturdy and robust.

They are also a bit longer, reaching around my knees which I really like.

However there is one specific detail that throws me off and I am not sure how to feel about it.

There are no belt loops, nor side adjusters.

Instead, you get those drawstrings that honestly don’t do shit.

I tie them in a nice knot for decoration but even if you pull heavily they won’t really hold your trousers more.

You will see that it becomes a problem later when I speak about fitting in the next section.

FiT Check – Luca Faloni Medium

Luca Faloni Linen Collection Review
Luca Faloni Linen Collection Review

Let’s get the easy thing out of the way first.

The shirt fits great and just as it should.

Relaxed but fitted and not in the silly modern skinny-fit of this decade.

It’s a size M (EU 48) which is exactly what I usually wear and already had from my previous polo shirts.

The shorts on the other hand start to feel like a disaster.

If I wear the shorts by themselves, they feel slightly loose but they will stay in their place.

However, if I put my phone or anything remotely substantial in them they will just drape down.

It’s just too big and the strings are useless.

I plan to exchange them if possible with a size S (though I threw the original packaging box).

If I cannot, it’s not the end of the world as I can still use them.

My advice though is that if you go for the shorts, size down from what you usually wear.

This is a shame since my jeans are also size M and they fit perfect.

I must say that looking at the pictures, the T-Shirt looks a bit long so maybe I’ll prefer wearing it with trousers.

Taking Care Of Luca Faloni Linen

Every product page has care details, which you should totally follow.

I do not recommend dry cleaning since you will be wasting tons of money and these clothes need to be washed regularly.

You have to wash your shirt after 1 wear in very warm conditions (like here in Italy).

Worry not though, all you have to do is use the low spin cycle in max 30° (86 Fahrenheit) in a handwash gentle program.

Styling & How TO Wear

I’m no expert on casualwear but I will still tell you how I wear them.

Building a capsule wardrobe full of key interchangeable colors makes it so easy to match them.

Colors like light blue, navy, pink, olive green and brown do so well together in almost any mix.

Whether you want to wear them together or change to a Hawaiian tropical shirt it’s up to you.

I like to keep things simple by using the T-Shirt and Shorts together.

Luca Faloni ReviewWhen the weather becomes more tolerable I can simply change to linen chinos or even the dark blue jeans I got.

For the shorts it becomes more tricky with actual shirts since you have to roll the sleeves and the fit has to be good.

One thing is for sure, if you go for shorts there are only a few options for the footwear.

Good minimalist sneakers, espadrilles and of course loafers.

I am not one to stir the no sock controversy but the look is just better.

Luca Faloni Review

Wearing visible high socks with loafers and shorts is downright ridiculous in my opinion.

However I’d rather not let the sweat from my feet leech into the footbed of the shoes so I choose some cheap loafer no show socks.

They are very low cut and do the job perfectly.

Should YOu Buy?

In terms of quality absolutely.

I could not believe for the life of me I spent 120 Euro on a T-Shirt but it’s good and it will last.

You do pay a little more for the Made in Italy aspect but I think I am done with most Chinese made items from companies like Suitsupply.

Plus, I live in Italy now and want to support local businesses.

The shorts are quite nice but I wish they fit me better.

It might not be visible in the pictures because I had no phone in my pocket but I could use half a size down.

If they fit well, the drawstring design wouldn’t bother me but it’s a minor stylistic preference.

Thinking about it, I might have preferred to buy another shirt instead.

If you do have the budget and look for some quality items, you cannot go wrong with Luca Faloni.

Get $50 Off Luca Faloni


This brings us to the end of my latest (and not last) Review of Luca Faloni.

The T-Shirt in particular is very nice and airy but make sure you wash it regularly to not stain the armpit area.

During my next Review I will try to remember to update you all about my exchange attempt.

Until that, have a lovely rest of the week and see you soon!

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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