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Luxury Briefcase For Men By Paolo Scafora & The Noble Shoe

Paolo Scafora Luxury Leather Briefcase for MenItalian Amore

In this editorial I will show you my latest acquisition, a luxury handmade patina briefcase for men by Paolo Scafora.

Can a legendary shoe expert deliver equally great accessories?

Let’s take a look.

Time Due For An Upgrade

It’s been quite a while since I posted anything related to bags.

Understandable since it is not my bread and butter and most importantly I work mostly from home and have little need for one.

Whenever I required a briefcase or just wanted to look smart, I used one of the first items I reviewed on the blog.

A nice leather briefcase by Tuscany Leather Firenze (Review Here).

Interesting how fate brings it and now I actually live in Florence.

Good leather for the price and an overall sturdy bag that did well enough during these years.

However, with my wardrobe changing significantly since then and slowly upgrading my pieces to higher end ones it was time for an upgrade.

And what better person than my favorite shoemaker to deliver the goods.

I asked Paolo to make me a nice briefcase with a dark brown patina color called Antiqued Vietri which I love on his shoes.

Finally, the waiting time was over and the briefcase arrived and the luxury element is just as I expected for a $1100 bag.

Let’s take a look in more of a showcase and less of a review.

Tip: If you want to buy the Tuscany Leather Briefcase for $50 (plus shipping) email me.


leather briefcase
Today’s Luxury Leather Briefcase for Men by Paolo Scafora

Showcase or not, I like to always begin with some information about the article I am showcasing:

  • Brand: Paolo Scafora
  • Style: Briefcase
  • Origin: 100% Italy
  • Color: Vietri Dark-Brown Patina
  • Leather: Full Grain Calfskin
  • Compartments: 2
  • Details: Straps & Back Pocket
  • Interior: Card & Pen Holder
  • Price: $1100
  • Shop: The Noble Shoe

At the moment of writing, the briefcase is available as a small GMTO to gauge interest but it will be available regardless after that.

Colors we offer readily is Vietri and Furore Charcoal at the moment but it should be possible to make them in other patinas.

Leather Close-Up

briefcaseThe leather is the same that Paolo Scafora uses for their high-end shoes.

This means that the quality standard is very high for me and I expect it to age graciously.

I like the leather Paolo uses since it’s quite supple and takes color very well.

Their shoes don’t crease too much on my feet and even after dozens of uses still looks very good.

Especially on a piece with such large panels (which I need to remember to measure!) where any defect or blemish is easily visible.

Let alone something that costs over $1000.

Hardware & Stitching

Luckily, I took a proper course in leatherworking and bagmaking (Final Project Here).

So I do have a grasp of the quality of materials and effort that needs to go into making a bag.

The hardware in this bag is really good and by that I am referring to the very minimalist, Scandi style silver metal parts of the bag.

From the handle to the rivets and of course the tasteful buckle.

Stitching is what you would expect and very clean all around the briefcase.

In fact, I found consistent and clean stitching the hardest part of leatherworking as a newcomer.

One tiny mistake or lapse of concentration and irreparable mistakes can happen.

If you notice on the top end of the side panels they are finished by hand since a machine cannot do that kind of loop.

It’s a small but nice detail I also learned in school.

Handpainted Patina

I struggle to pick just one of Paolo Scafora’s patinas since I like so many of them.

Bordeaux is really high on my list and so is Ravello but for all around use and flexibility I really like Vietri.

In fact I have two pairs of Paolo Scafora shoes in this color (Double Monk Boots & Butterfly Loafers).

It’s a dark brown that I struggle to comment what kind of beautiful undertones it has.

Vietri Dark Brown
Vietri is one of my favorite Patinas

I would say there is a hint of very dark purple in some case in them.

It matches the briefcase well and in this case I prefer it with silver hardware.

The interior of course is made out of lining leather with a natural color which is quite standard in practice.

Additionally, it makes a good contrast with the interior card and pen pockets.

The Controversial Buckle Straps

This particular model has two shoulder-type straps that go all the way from the back and close at the front.

It gives a nice aesthetic and visually it tells a stronger story.

Of course, for those that prefer something cleaner we can produce it with out these straps and with a $100 discount.

The briefcase could probably benefit by having a gap at the back just enough to fit on your trolley suitcase.

Alas, that is not the case here though I am not sure how comfortable I would be scratching it.

Is There Something I’d Change?

If I were to change something (not that it bothers me) it would be a less squared handle.

It looks a little boxy and maybe too serious like this but at the same time offers a very solid grip and structure.

In many bags after years of use you will notice the handle is much more arched.

Possible some studs at the bottom to protect from some dirt when putting down?

That’s about it.

Should You Get One?

If you have a lot of disposable income and a comfortable living and are in the hunt for a top luxury briefcase for men, yes.

If you are on more of the budget side or would rarely have a use for such a bag then absolutely not.

I spent about $200-250 on the Tuscany Leather Briefcase and it was great.

However if you still want to treat yourself to something that will outlast you or just have a handmade gift it’s a good choice.

I don’t see myself using this often but for those business trips where I will need to carry a laptop and look professional I am definitely bringing it.

I should also state that even though I got a preferential price (because I work closely with them) I still paid for this bag.

What’s NExt?

This brings us to a close of this Paolo Scafora Luxury Briefcase Showcase.

I would like to thank my friend Laura for taking these wonderful pictures with her creativity.

The next article will be a rant, a review or simply me trying to sell the 80 pairs of shoes I accumulated.

If you are a size UK 8 or US 9D and want anything from Carlos Santos, Enzo Bonafe or Paolo Scafora mail me!

In the meantime, I am collecting more casual pieces to complete my wardrobe so expect more reviews on that.

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy


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Comments (4)

Beautiful briefcase with fine attention to the details! Nice upgrade. Bravo Kostas & Paolo!

Kostas Mandilaris

Thanks Andy!

I am size UK8 and I might be interested in buying some shoes from you. But the best thing is if you’ll post the list somewhere for a start

Kostas Mandilaris

Hi Dmytro,

I will slowly update everything on the website, but I might email you as well.

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