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Viccel Socks Review: Best Over The Calf Dress Socks For Men

Viccel Socks Review
Viccel Socks Review Article | Excellent Dress Socks for Men

Step Up Your Sock Game

I find it hard to believe we never really spoke about dress socks in Misiu Academy until now.

This is probably because until now my sock game was below average.

Now that my shoe collection is complete though, I decided to invest in some quality dress socks myself.

There are tons of brands out there that sell socks but few offer the variety, quality and value of Viccel Socks.

In today’s Review, I will show you 5 of their over-the-calf socks in different materials and colors.

Now let’s talk socks!

The “Socking” Truth

When I was working at Suitsupply the boss always wanted us to sell socks with a pair of shoes.

“You buy a Fresh pair of Shoes, so why not get a Fresh pair of Socks”
Retail 101 Technique

While not manipulative, this phrase surely was a subconscious idea we planted into the customer’s mind. The end result was that more often than not they bought a pair of new socks.

One of the main reasons this worked was that more or less most men don’t care much about their socks. Another one would be that they keep it simple and buy the same bland navy and grey socks.

The fact is that socks are not only a way to upgrade your outfit in a subtle yet tasteful way but also have a functional element to them.

Petrol Socks

Good socks will maintain their shape for longer while at the same time not fall down your ankle. To add to the insult, if your shoes don’t fit well they will bunch up at the heel and even be painful.

To combat this a man can use Over The Calf Socks (OTC) which will stay up all day. They are much harder to find though and have often boring color options.

There are however a few great companies that offer all sorts of amazing OTC socks and one of them is Viccel Socks. At the end of the article I will also make some other suggestions!

I should also mention that I purchased these socks and Viccel did not sponsor me nor I earn any commission from clicks.

Viccel Socks Brief History

Viccel Socks is a Turkish Company, owned by a Turkish Family.

They have their own factory and since 2008 produce their socks there, using only natural fibers such as cotton, linen, wool and silk.

Specific information is rather scarce, but I always communicated with Ahmet via their Instagram. He is extremely friendly, responsive and speaks good English.

Turkey actually has a great reputation when it comes to cotton. This is due to their cotton fields and the fertility of the regions involved. Turkish Cotton has longer fibers which is stronger and smoother.

Initially Viccel offered only mid-calf socks in basic colors but luckily listened to their customers. You can now buy both mid-calf and OTC socks in over 200 combinations of colors, materials and patterns.

Viccel Socks Review | 5 Samples

Before we analyze each sock, let me give you some information about what to expect.

I purchased 5 OTC socks in different materials, colors and patterns. It allows me to get a better feel of value and quality or whether one is better than the other.

In each section I will try to show how they fit, feel and what are the specifications.

Viccel Socks offers 5 combinations of materials:

  • Cotton
  • Cotton – Linen
  • Wool – Silk
  • Merino Wool
  • Cashmere

The only one I didn’t try was the linen blend as in Wintery Stockholm it makes no sense. At the time of writing at least!

In the end I will also analyze the pros and cons I unearthed while reviewing these.

1. 100% Cotton Samples

Let’s begin with the easiest and most straightforward category which is 100% Egyptian Cotton Socks.

Well, technically. In some socks you will find a small percentage of synthetic elastane (2%) which is not uncommon in the clothing industry.

Elastane can add strength and form in clothing articles like socks, trousers, while polyamid helps stabilize fabrics like Alpaca.

If an article meets the requirement however, it can still retain the 100% cotton marking.

These will be my (and your!) everyday socks so I chose bi-color variants with different patterns.

Viccel says that these socks have hand-finishing with a needle count between 176-200. Additionally they use no nylon threads to support the toe and heel areas.

Synthetic material which is in direct contact with your skin and can cause nasty odor. So if you have sensitive feet opt for natural fibers like these.

1.1 Viccel Shadow Stripe Petroleum Green Mustard Socks

The first pattern of the day is the famous Viccel Shadow Stripe.

A really nice over the calf sock with a ribbed design and vertical striped patterns in a bi-color mix. This particular one is the “Shadow Stripe Petroleum Green Mustard”.

Viccel Socks Petrol Mustard
Viccel Socks Shadow Stripe Petrol Mustard Socks

Teal or Petrol is an amazing color for both shoes and socks so this was a no-brainer pick up. Add the subtle mustard stripes and it makes for a very tasteful yet visible contrast.

These socks actually have 98% Egyptian Cotton and 2% Elastane with a 200 needle count for a nice smooth finish.

Viccel makes this type of sock in various bi-color combinations so there are lots to choose from.

Extremely versatile, good looking and I really cannot tell that there’s a hint of synthetic material in them.

Buy Viccel Shadow Stripe Petrol/Mustard Socks ($16.77)

1.2 Viccel Brown Mustard Birdseye Socks

While I am not a huge fan of the birdseye pattern in suits, I think it looks amazing in socks.

For those of you unaware, birdseye is a small diamond-like pattern with central dots with different colored yarns woven between them.

It adds depth, texture and a unique look to the socks. Not only that, but they are the perfect candidate for bi-color combinations.

Viccel Socks Birdseye Brown Mustard
Viccel Socks Birdseye Brown Mustard Socks

These socks have a nice mustard color effect as the main theme with brown edges at the toe, heel and ribbed top. The colors work really well together and create a strong yet discreet contrast with the rest of your clothing.

Compared to the previous socks they have a 176 needle thread for a more winter weight as well as 100% Mercerized Egyptian Cotton material.

Different color combinations are available but these were my favorites.

Buy Viccel Birdseye Brown/Mustard Socks ($17.10)

1.3 Viccel Pin Dots Purple Red Socks

My last pick was the Pin Dot Purple Red Socks.

The name is kinda confusing as the socks are purple with red dots. Well, you have eyes I think you can see the colors. Unless you are colorblind which makes me an idiot.

Purple is a difficult color for suits, trousers and shoes. If there’s any place it can really shine for a man it’s in socks.

Viccel Purple Red Pin Socks
Viccel Purple Red Pin Dot Socks

I like the color scheme it has with small – yet noticeable – red “pins” to break the solid pattern.

They also have a 200 needle count and 100% Mercerized Egyptian Cotton material.

Buy Viccel Purple/Red Pin Cotton Socks ($16.77)

2. Wool/Silk Sample

For my second material type I chose the wool/silk blend from Viccel.

It’s a rather plain navy blue sock in a 70% Merino Wool/30% Silk Blend and a 200 needle count.

They have a very luxurious, silky smooth feel to them and I wonder how they will hold up. If you don’t want solid colors, you can get them with patterns and two-tone combinations.

VIccel Socks Wool/Silk
Viccel Socks Navy Wool/Silk

Prices can really go up here and silk blends will cost you almost twice when compared to the pure cotton ones.

Still $26 for what feels like a quality pair of socks is not that bad.

Buy Viccel Navy Wool/Silk Blend Socks ($26.54)

3. Wool/Cashmere Sample

Ending things with the Cashmere Blend. Once more, the naming is a bit of a clickbait due to the blend.

If you clicked on the Cashmere category and expected 100% Cashmere socks you will not find them. Instead, you get only one option at the time of writing.

A nice plain navy over the calf sock by Viccel in a 90% Merino Wool/10% Cashmere Blend INSIDE of the sock. The exterior is 100% Mercerized Egyptian Cotton with a 200 needle count.

Viccel Cashmere Navy Socks
Viccel Socks Review | Cashmere Navy Blend

There is a very small detail at the back of the calf with 6 red small stitches on each sock. I am not sure if they serve any purpose or they are just a simple aesthetic addition.

Regardless, these bad boys are soft and a little warmer but also cost a whooping $36.54 USD.

I will tell you if they are worth it later on.

Buy Viccel Navy Cashmere Blend Socks ($36.54)

How Do Viccel Over The Calf Socks Fit?

Fit is always a tough question as each person has different sizes, expectations and measurements.

Viccel Socks come in three different sizes plus the option for mid-calf or over the calf when applicable:

  • 6-7 US (UK 5.5-6.5/EU 38-39)
  • 7.5-8 US (UK 7-7.5/EU 40-41)
  • 8.5-9 US (UK 7-7.5/EU 42-43.5)
  • 10-11.5 US (UK 7-7.5/EU 44-45.5)
  • 12-14 US (UK 7-7.5/EU 46-48)

I don’t agree with the conversion from US to UK but anyways that’s a discussion for another time.

In my case I usually wear UK 7.5 – UK 8 Dress Shoes which is the equivalent of US 8.5 – US 9D. I chose the US 7.5-8 size as I had concerns about the length on the bigger models.

Viccel Socks Review
Viccel Socks Review | All of the fits together

Looking at the pictures and how they fit I would say I was right. The Viccel OTC socks reach up to my knee joint and as a man with bigger calves I face a small challenge.

The upper part of my lower leg is more muscular and wide so the socks fit snug but not uncomfortable. Length is great in my case.

However if you have very muscular legs or a longer leg you might want to take your actual dress shoe size and shrink them with washes.

For most of us it should not be an issue so I recommend taking the lower end of your shoe size in Viccel OTC Socks.

I must admit that they stayed up all day as promised. I put them to the test with a Lazyman Oxford I have that was slightly loose. My regular socks kept falling down and bunching up at the heel.

The easiest of the 5 to put on were by far the wool/silk ones. It was a really nice, premium feeling I must admit.

Viccel Socks on the other hand never did and I finally enjoyed wearing those shoes.

Viccel Socks Review | Quality & Feel

For socks that are so affordable they are pretty good quality.

Even the “lower” end cotton socks have a nice sheen and smooth texture, while the silk and cashmere blends feel luxurious and buttery smooth.

In Stockholm I can spend $25 and buy 6 generic socks from a local store but I would rather buy 2 Viccel ones.

Viccel’s Cotton and Wool is lovely and you can feel the different materials and textures when running your hands over them.

Brown Socks Blue Shoes
These socks pair beautifully with my navy shoes!

I am not so sure about the term “Winter Weight” as they are not so thick if I am honest. For every day winter use I would prefer some knit thicker wool sock option.

Nonetheless I’ve been using them daily from 0-10° Celsius without an issue.

Longevity might be something to consider as I had Viccel Socks last year. All 3 pairs ripped at the heel area but it was my fault.

I overused them and didn’t wash them in the right conditions and degrees. My shoe sizing was also wrong last year so the extra friction certainly didn’t help.

Viccel Socks are just like any socks made from natural fibers. They will last with proper care but not forever.

Make sure to wash them properly and rotate them just like your shoes. So far they maintain their shape really nice.

Viccel Socks Review | Pros & Cons

Before I end up with a recommendation I would like to round up all my thoughts in an easy to read table:

Pros Cons
Affordable Split-Shipping for larger orders
Wide Range of Colors, Patterns & Materials Cashmere Socks a little underwhelming
Great Quality Could use more sizing advice
Tasteful Designs Will rip at the heel if not careful
Something for all tastes  
Stay up all day  
Extremely Friendly Staff  

Viccel Socks Review | Recommendation

Really there is nothing bad to say about Viccel Socks. Their website is a bit barebones and the English a little sketchy at times but easy to read and navigate.

The pictures are really nice too and many of them have beautiful client photos which help with the visualization.

I heard that for larger orders they might split the packages but I never had such issues so far.

On the other end Viccel Socks offer amazing socks with great quality and lovely designs for seriously affordable prices.

Most importantly, they deliver their promise of staying up all day.

I never endorse products I don’t believe or wouldn’t wear them myself. And in this case I can wholeheartedly recommend Viccel Socks to everyone.

Well done!

Sock Alternatives

Since the title of “Best” is subjective and based on personal experience here are some alternatives:

You get the idea. There is no shortage of nice looking socks. Usually when I find something I like I stick with it and as of now, Viccel Socks covers all my needs. Just like Apposta does for my shirts!


I look at old pictures and realize how much generic (or wrong) socks held me back. There’s a particular picture of a suede shoe I wore with white tennis socks and it’s ghastly.

Pay attention to what shoes you wear on you feet but also what socks! It doesn’t have to be flamboyant or flashy but think of it like a pocket square for your shoes.

Complimenting with a pop of color or a certain pattern. I never thought I would be able to write such a big article about socks but here we are again.

I hope you enjoyed my Review of Viccel Socks and I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments. Do check them out though they are awesome!

Until next time, don’t forget to Subscribe to the Newsletter so you don’t miss any of the awesome upcoming content!

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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