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Celchuk Socks Review: A Quick Review Of The Rebranded Viccel Socks

Celchuk Socks and Carlos Santos ShoesA Familiar Brand With A New Name

Today I wanted to talk about Celchuk Socks, a brand that you might be more familiar with than you think.

That’s because it is the rebranded popular Viccel Socks.

I recently purchased a ton of socks from Celchuk Socks and wanted to share some with you.

It was also a good opportunity to compare with the older brand and give my own updates.

Let’s begin!

Viccel Socks & The Name Change

If you remember, I thoroughly reviewed Viccel Socks about 2 years ago (Article Here).

I was impressed by the plethora of designs, how they stayed up on my calves all day and the price.

I took a lot of photos back in the day and even now they would still hold up.

For the uninitiated, these socks are Made in Turkey which has a reputation for cotton.

It was to my surprise last year when I could not find Viccel anywhere.

Turns out that due to some personal and family reasons, the owner decided to close that company and open his own independent one.

The result is that we now have Celchuk Socks and Viccel is no more, but the designs and socks are still the same.

On The Lookout For New Socks

The timing was right that I was actually looking for new socks, not to upgrade my wardrobe but also to do some photography for The Noble Shoe.

Instead of boring you with the same long and drawn out article, I will instead show you some pictures and talk about the quality.

Believe it or not, I purchased about 20 pairs of socks which was quite an investment.

I will be showing you 3 or 4, but you will also get a chance to see them in action with proper shoes and trousers.

Celchuk Socks Pairs
I am not lying, I bought a ton of Celchuk Socks!

Shipping & Price

I’ll begin by discussing the shipping experience and the price.

The socks shipped from Turkey and arrived in Italy extremely fast.

A thing to consider was that I actually paid some import duties which is not uncommon in Europe.

I am not sure how it will work out for you if you are in North America for example, but be aware.

Prices of the socks depends on things such as the material, but are often between 12-20$ USD.

There are also some bundles, which are the one I chose and essentially give a discount for multiple pairs.

From time to time you can also get some deals via sales or their outlet.


Nothing changed from Viccel when it comes to the fit which is great.

I chose my sock size based on my regular UK 8 (US 9) dress shoe size and it falls within their size margins.

It’s a snug fit if you have a thicker calf like me but very comfortable.

The cotton also feels really nice on the feet and is perfect for dress socks.

Penny Loafers and socks
The horizontal mustard stripe OTC socks

I did notice that such socks are not the warmest so if you are in a colder climate you will feel it in your bones.

There’s no issue with extra material bunching up in places or any seams bothering my feet.

In the picture above, I am wearing a pair of Lanieri Trousers and Penny Loafers from The Noble Shoe.


Socks are one of the most underrated accessories in my opinion and one of the best places to be more creative.

Of course we all have our navy and charcoal or black socks, but this is an excellent chance to add some patterns and color.

Carlos Santos Shoes and Celchuk SocksUnless you know where to look there is a shortage of good looking, interesting, colorful and tasteful socks.

Luckily Celchuk is one of them and I am very happy with what I got.

A ton of socks in multiple colors and patterns such as shadow stripe, houndstooth and birdseye among others.

I really enjoy the socks I am wearing in the picture in a burgundy herringbone pattern, grey trousers and black derbies.


My experience with Viccel was that the materials were definitely good but they did have a fatal flaw in my case after a while.

All my socks ripped at the heel point so I reached out to them and also multiple friends that bought them before.

colorful socksNone of them encountered that issue so it could be that I overworked them or didn’t take good care of them.

I ended up not recommending expensive materials such as cashmere, which I still don’t.

Celchuk socks feel similar but somehow a little bit more robust for a lack of better word.

I also have many more socks now to rotate and prolong their life, so I look forward to checking out their performance in due time.

Value, Versatility & Style

Lastly, I wanted to talk about all the remaining aspects of buying such socks.

If you are in need of a few new stylish socks, I can definitely recommend Celchuk Socks as a bundle deal.

Vibrant, with a good fit, enthusiastic owner and abundance of style options.

Hiking Boots and Shadow Stripe Socks
The Petrol Shadow Stripe Socks

Speaking about style, they look really good and the pictures don’t lie.

Most importantly, there’s something for everyone such as flamboyant colorful socks or ones that are a bit more low-key but with interesting patterns.

I thought the petrol/mustard shadow stripe socks looked great with beige chinos and my new badass Hiking Boots by Carlos Santos.

Socks are generally versatile as well, meaning you can combine them effortlessly with a myriad of colors.


Overall I am very happy with the experience I had from Celchuk Socks and can recommend them to anyone looking for interesting colorful socks and patterns.

It remains to see how they will perform over time but I am once again excited to wear them with my shoes.

If you want to check out Celchuk you can go to their Website.

On a note of self-reflection, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find topics to write about.

Is there something you would like to read about? Let me know in the comments down below.

Or if you have a knack for spicy, detailed writing and experience with guest blogging reach out to me!

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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