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Shoegazing London Super Trunk Show 2023 Preview

Shoegazing Trunk Show 2023It’s Back!

Welcome to my Preview of the upcoming Shoegazing London Super Trunk Show 2023.

An event that is dear to my heart since it’s the birthplace of The Noble Shoe.

For the first time I will be attending not just as a visitor, but an exhibitor so it’s double the excitement for me!

In this article I will briefly talk about the event and different exhibitors so you know what to expect.

This Year’s Shoegazing Trunk Show Is Special

The Shoegazing London Super Trunk Show is one of the biggest events and exhibitions for shoe lovers around the world.

It has a special place in my heart since 4 years ago I decided to change my life and begin The Noble Shoe there.

Jesper Ingevaldsson of the famous Shoegazing Blog is the main founder and collaborates with other important people from the shoe industry to bring us this event every year.

Many shoe afficionados all over the world know about it and will hopefully join us there on May 13th 2023.

I usually just make a Report Article after each Trunk Show but this time is a little more special since I am actively participating.

Therefore, I will present to you the participants and what to expect.

Of course, such an article is covered extensively by Shoegazing and The Shoe Snob so feel free to browse there for more details.

Other than a solid line up of brands, there’s a few additions and newcomers that will make it another special experience.

1. The Noble Shoe

Paolo Scafora 583 Split Toe Derby

I couldn’t begin a list like this without talking about my own participation!

Never could I have imagined 4 years ago that I would be there as an exhibitor with my own shoe store.

For the uninitiated, The Noble Shoe is a leading online store selling some of the best and most unique dress shoes and boots for men.

The brands that The Noble Shoe carries are currently:

  • Carlos Santos: Exceptional Patina Shoes from Portugal
  • Crockett & Jones: Classic, English Heritage Shoes
  • Enzo Bonafe: Handmade, High-end Shoes from Bologna, Italy
  • Paolo Scafora: Exclusive, Handmade Shoes from Naples, Italy

The Noble Shoe also collaborates from time to time with special brands and releases capsule collections such as with Norman Vilalta.

As we are clearing our selection, there is a 40% Discount on the few remaining stock which is a bargain.

Having studied and practicing Bespoke Shoemaking, I have great knowledge of shoes, technical terms and explanations.

Lastly, through the blog I have tried and reviewed countless brands giving me a good idea of quality, value and most importantly sizing.

I hope to see you there on the booth this May and you might be in for a surprise announcement.

Stay tuned and thank you for supporting The Noble Shoe and Misiu Academy.

2. Acme Shoemaker

Acme Shoemaker ReviewAcme Shoemaker is one of the best high end brands in the world at the moment.

Fully handmade shoes, modern shapes and good attention to detail and execution.

I actually reviewed them on the blog last summer (Article Here) and they impressed me in all departments.

They offer RTW, MTO and Bespoke for reasonable prices including a newly launched more affordable range.

Despite the (usual) stigma of “Made in China”, they are fantastic shoes and on par with more expensive brands.

In fact, I am in due for a Video Review on the YouTube Channel.

It’s a great chance to see them up close and most importantly try the fit.

3. Attila Handmade Shoes


A rather unique and surprise addition to the trunk show was Attila Shoes.

It’s a Hungarian Brand that makes more traditional handmade shoes but there’s a high chance you haven’t heard of them.

Most people know Vass Shoes and maybe Classic_Bicolor-Budapest-model-1-.

I stumbled upon them before since a reader actually requested a Review, so maybe I will reach out to them there.

I couldn’t find pricing on their website, but Shoegazing reports a price of about $500-550 which is on par with Vass.

Their style seems to be more central European and Austro-Hungarian and I see a strong influence of a larger, rounder toe box.

The shoes look well made but I reserve my judgement until I actually handle them in person.

Some unique styles are there for sure though their square toes seem way too blunt for my taste.

Let’s see!

4. Bridlen Shoes

Bridlen Shoes Review Deus Last

I covered Bridlen extensively in the last trunk shows and most importantly my Review (Article Here).

Bridlen is a shoemaker from India and makes entry level shoes with a good price and good features.

They have a distinct English influence in their shapes and styles, though they started expanding their casual offerings as well.

They have a lot of improvement to do when it comes to shapes and some aspects of the shoes, but they are more than solid.

Additionally, I can only praise their commitment to improving their shoes and taking constructive feedback positively and in good spirit.

With a price of $250-$300 they are worth considering and they actually do Goodyear Welted Shoes without gemming.

5. Catella Shoemaker

Daniel Wegan's winning shoe
Daniel Wegan’s winning shoe from the World Shoemaking Championship 2019

Daniel Wegan is one of the finest Bespoke Shoemakers in the world.

After working for a long time at Gaziano & Girling’s Bespoke department, he branched out and now has his own brand.

Recently, he received help from Sam Norsworthy who worked (and shined) for Tricker’s.

Top notch shoes with extreme detail while also being the receiver of the World Shoemaking Title a few years ago.

He also loves talking about shoes and even gave me tips about my own Bespoke last time I met him.

Even if you cannot afford such shoes, it is worth a look and visit just to gasp at their details.

6. CNES Shoemaker

CNES Shoemaker
CNES Shoemaker

CNES is an omnipresent brand at the last few editions of the Shoegazing Trunk Shows in London and Stockholm.

Made in Vietnam but with Japanese influences, they have a solid array of RTW and MTO shoes.

Their ranges keep expanding and they even offer exotics for a rather fair price.

I reviewed them somewhere in 2019 (Review Here) but unfortunately was not impressed by the sample I received.

Some people praise their value and higher ranges, but the entry level shoe I received had questionable leather, fit and last shapes.

There’s no denying they are knowledgeable about shoes and I recently found out they are expert shoe shiners as well.

I will let you make your own judgement.

7. Cobbler Union


Cobbler Union Shoes

Cobbler Union is an Atlanta (Georgia) based brand making shoes in a famous shoemaking hub in Spain.

Established in 2014, they are now more than an emerging brand and have a solid place in the dress shoe industry.

I reviewed them not so long ago (Review Here) and praised their leather and overall quality.

With the impact of recession and Covid in the industry, their prices crept up significantly since and now retail for about $450-$550 USD.

My main criticism was the communication and the second time they ghosted me last year.

They often have sales as well as a European website and are definitely good value there.

This is their first appearance in the London Trunk Show and it will be interesting to hear their future plans and ambitions.

Solid shoes that are worth a look.

8. Goral


I wish I could tell you more about GoraGoral Shoesl, but I had never heard of them before.

Most likely because they are a sneaker brand and this is the first of its kind really appearing on the show.

A UK Brand that allegedly uses high quality leathers from famous tanneries and recraftable sneakers using a combination of Blake Stitching and Sidewall Stitched Construction (quote from Shoegazing).

They are quite pricey at over $250 but they even use Horween leather and frankly look very good.

I will make sure to ask them for more details!

9. Paul Sargent


Paul Sargent
The images of Paul Sargent are deceptive of how much better they are

Paul Sargent is essentially the rebirth of the Alfred Sargent Brand and whatever came out of its ashes.

You could not question their quality and value before and I don’t think you can now.

Their website is still barebones and their photography weak, but they operate on a family strict budget and I admire their effort.

I encourage you to give them a try and understand why they have such a stellar reputation in the industry.

With this appearance, it is a great chance for you to meet them, learn more about them and try their shoes.

If all goes well, I will also be able to bring you a Review in the near future as well.

10. Raymar

Raymar ShoesA Brand that Jesper is far more qualified to talk about is Raymar.

Japanese but with a Chinese production, Raymar offers entry level shoes around the $300-400 mark.

Goodyear but also Handwelted with what seems to be a more rounder toe shape.

I will make sure to check them out and report after seeing them in person.

11. Yearn Shoemaker

Yearn Shoemaker ReviewYearn Shoemaker is yet another brand I covered in the blog extensively (Review Here).

I also discussed them further due to their partnership with Arterton London.

Made in China, but impressive shoes with a good price point especially for hand-welted shoes at $450.

Their biggest strength was for me the looks, flexibility of design and modern lasts.

I criticized their fit and leather quality but they made some adjustments which hopefully will show when I check them again.

They are also pleasant to deal with and very curious to see where they take the brand next.

12. Remaining Partners

Shoegazing World Shoemaking Championship

I decided to consolidate this section and not take too much space since many of these names are popular and always partners of the show.

Saphir is the world’s leading shoe care company and always sponsors the event with their products.

Skolyx from Sweden is usually a collaborator but this year it seems only TLB Mallorca will be there at least in the form of shoe competitions.

Kirby Allison is a popular YouTube persona that always covers the even professionally but is also a co-host and judge for the events.

Loake is yet another omnipresent brand that makes an appearance in the shoe shining competitions.

This year we can also find Bresciani, a famous Italian company making socks but also Abbot’s Shoes which curates a second hand shoe market.

It’s also the first iteration of the Shoegazing Super London Trunk Show that offers the possibility to sell your used shoes there.

The Valet is a small project of experts that will help you take care of your clothes and shoes which is lacking in our age and time.

Lastly, we cannot forget the famous shoemaking, shoe shining and patina competitions that you can witness live in the venue.

Final Thoughts

This was a small preview of the Shoegazing Super London Trunk Show 2023 and I sure hope I will see you there.

If there’s anything you would like to see me cover or ask the exhibitors let me know in the comments or via email.

Absolutely chucked to bits to be there as a visitor and partner and looking forward to meeting new people and old friends.

See you at 12 Regent Street in London on the 13th of May from 11:00 to 19:00 (Free Entry)!

Let’s make it a great shoe year!

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy


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