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Visiting The Lanieri Atelier In Milan

Lanieri Milano

Short Story, Deserved Break

I just came back from Milan where I visited the Lanieri Atelier for their Cocktail Event.

It was about showcasing their recent sustainable Upcycle Collection but most importantly a chance for people to relax and mingle.

So what’s better than hoping on a train and taking a look or sipping a glass of Rose?

Let me show you some images and share some thoughts.

In Milan After Almost 20 Years

Milan BuildingUp to the age of 16 I had been to Milan nearly 15 times.

My family and their friends used to take us with the boat from Greece to visit other European Countries with our cars.

After docking in the port of Ancona we always made a stop in Milan for the night.

Funny how now I live just 2 hours away yet it took me nearly 20 years to visit it again.

As you see, the articles are becoming shorter and more personal and this is due to the fact that there’s a lot going on behind the scenes.

When I say a lot, I mean really a lot as you will find out in a future article.

But let’s get back on track now.

My Favorite Su Misura

My sartorial journey has been rather simple.

I started with whatever I could find locally and then began researching the internet.

Eventually I found Suitsupply which offered tremendous value and variety at the time.

However with time I found out the hard way multiple times that their trousers such and unless you want your ball-sack to be visible and breathe, you should look elsewhere.

Lanieri shirt and accessories reviewDeclining quality and lack of trained personnel as well as a 40-50% price increase over time led me to look elsewhere.

That’s when I found Lanieri, a smaller company making Made to Measure suits and clothing in Italy.

With the exception of the first collaboration suit, I bought 1 suit, 4 trousers, 2 ties, an overshirt and 2 pocket squares from them.

Prices went up as well but I do appreciate the quality and the service I received in person and remotely.

By the way, for those wondering what happened to the ambassador program and the discount, it will be back soon.

The Lanieri Atelier In Milan

Lanieri Atelier Milan
The Lanieri Atelier in Milan

I wore my finest suit and full Lanieri attire and I hoped on the train to Milan.

The address of the new atelier (which is appointment only) is Via Pietro Maroncelli 13.

It’s on a district about 20 minutes walk from the central station of Milan and it’s buzzing with life and art.

I swear there must have been at least 5 parties at the same time when I was there.

A quiet, secluded and beautiful space that hosts the headquarters of the famous Reda mill who acquired Lanieri 2 years ago.

It’s a big space that’s minimalist and tastefully decorated but also far less flashy (thank the lord) than Suitsupply Stores.

The Upcycle Collection

Lanieri Upcycle Collection 2023
The Lanieri Upcycle Collection 2023

The reason for this Cocktail Event was to showcase their Upcycled Collection which promotes sustainable clothing and reusing materials.

Currently using 5 archive fabrics from Reda, they were on display in the corner.

An interpretation of the iconic Solaro in a S120 brown/red fabric was my favorite.

I also liked the overshirt in a hopsack weave of linen and wool.

Fabrics, Samples & Accessories

Lanieri SuitsScattered around the room were different mannequins, all with their own styling.

From Black Tie to White Linen Suits and a rack of different jackets all the way to accessories.

Lanieri Silk Pocket Square
My Lanieri Silk Pocket Square

There’s a bunch of different ties, pocket squares and even knitwear to choose from.

It’s not what they are famous for, but it does give you the option to complete your wardrobe in one place.

I immediately went to check out the available fabrics since I’m pondering making a new suit for the summer.

Some fabrics I was looking at

One gripe I have with Lanieri is the heavy emphasis on classic colors and the relative absence of lighter fabrics.

There are of course quite a few light ones to choose from but they tend to sell out quickly.

In Italy the weather during the summer is absurd and I need to revamp my wardrobe.

Lightweight cotton and silk or linen is the way to go, since I don’t feel ready for seersucker yet.

I found some wonderful shades of light blue but shades of beige picked my interest the most.

The Actual Event

Lanieri Cocktail Event
People really started arriving around 6:30 pm

The event was from 6-9 pm (even though they let me in around 5 pm) but I had to leave around 8 pm to catch the last train back.

It was still plenty of time to see all the different people coming in and I sat in my corner relaxing, sipping and enjoying.

Very interestingly, there were many elegant women and people of varying ages.

I am not one to judge individual style, but I was rather disappointed by the choice of footwear by many elegantly dressed men.

The Lanieri staff in Milan is very friendly, polite and knowledgeable and speak great English (even if we spoke in Italian).

People had a good time and even brought their dogs in.

I think my favorite part was the entrance however where there were knit replicas of items such as sewing machines.

Concern About Price Increases

As an e-commerce store owner in a highly competitive industry, I know quite a bit and understand the price increases of companies.

Customers often complain and rightly so as inflation hits them but they keep the same salary, effectively reducing their spending power.

With the exception of greedy companies such as Church’s (who I will play the world’s smallest violin when they declare bankruptcy) we do have rising costs.

Inflation, marketing, development and most importantly the increasing costs of logistics and raw materials.

Especially raw materials such as leather are more sparce and often harder to find in good quality or have shortages just like it happened with outsoles.

Crockett & Jones base calf prices are around $700 now for example.

The notion of value does begin to wither after a certain point and that includes us, Lanieri and many other companies.

It is up to you to decide if the extra personal service and quality or attention to detail is worth it over finding someone else all over again.

Until that happens though, I am very happy to spend my money on Lanieri.


I keep lying to myself that an article will be short, yet I am still writing.

There are important things to consider for the future of the blog but for now I hope you enjoyed this coverage.

I want to take the opportunity to say that my Allen Edmonds Review Article was shared to the Allen Edmonds Enthusiast Group.

Is there any group that someone would want to be less part of or what?

I take that back, Church’s Appreciation Group would be far more ridiculous and funny.

In any case, I was called a provocateur and I found that extremely funny and kind of flattering.

I got sidetracked again so let me finish this article about the visit to the Lanieri Atelier in Milan.

I’ll see you next week with whatever the wind blows my way.

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Provocateur Academy

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