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MatchU Tailor Review | Blue Striped Bamboo MTO Dress Shirt

Blue Bamboo Shirt

Another Warrior In The MTO Arena

Online Made To Order services are becoming increasingly popular these days. Quite a few new companies try to stand out through innovation and different techniques. One of these brands is MatchU Tailor which offers online customization of dress shirts.

Specifically, this article is a Review of the Cornflower Blue Stripe Bamboo Shirt. MatchU Tailor kindly sent the shirt to Misiu Academy in a small collaboration. I am always happy to try new things especially if I can find something worth recommending.

As always we will break down any positives or negatives of the experience so you know what to expect.

Update 2021: I no longer endorse MatchU Tailor for purchases after reader feedback.

From Shanghai All The Way To Your Home

These days it is all about creating a simple, quick experience for the consumer. You see something you like or want to create and in a few clicks, it begins its journey to your home. All of this from the comfort of your own couch.

Information is rather scarce in English, but I found that Wei Xing co-founded MatchU Tailor in 2016. While the company seems to have a strong foothold in China, it is beginning to explore international markets. They also have a “perfect fit guarantee” where they remake your shirt if it is not up to your standards.

Additionally, they developed some kind of innovative “AI Measuring Cabin” which claims Saville Row precision. It is currently a pilot program tested in cinemas and malls.

How Does It Work Online?

So apparently there are two ways to create a shirt. You can either choose a Standard Size or use SmartMeasure.

The journey begins as soon as you choose a shirt that you want to customize. The process is quite simple, which goes well with the company’s beliefs. In both occasions there are options that include:

  • Collar Style: 6 different options
  • Cuff Style: 6 options including short sleeves
  • Placket: Classic, Plain or Hidden
  • Pockets: 3 options or no pocket
  • Monogram: 4 locations

I like that they also include a small box where you can write notes or special instructions. Say you have muscular arms or would like the monogram in a different spot. Coming to think of it, I should have tried this!

Blue Bamboo Shirt
The first screen you see after choosing a shirt

If you choose Standard Size the experience is simplified further. Pick up your neck size and sleeve length in inches along with the above and voila!

For SmartMeasure however a few more options become available. You choose metrics (cm/inches), input your age and ethnicity and a description of your physique (shoulders, chest, waist). The last step is to decide on the fit of your shirt. It is quite interesting to see what the options are since there is a slim, appropriate and casual fit. I would assume the last one is way more loose on the body.

Just in case you feel uncomfortable or uncertain answering any of the previous questions, you can skip them. It is a small but nice touch.

How’s The Website Like?

Just a quick note on the website. As a store owner myself, the website experience is very important. Overall it works well and fast, even on mobile. The English is rather good and everything seems to be at the right place.

If there is something I don’t like it’s the automatically popping chat box message.

The Cornflower Blue Stripe Shirt – Specifications

MatchU Tailor Blue Bamboo Striped Shirt
First wear!

There is a pretty nice level of options and filtering. A total of 7 pages of Dress Shirts that you can filter by season, material and even fabric supplier. Prices range from 69$ for base models up to 145$. I wanted to check something from the base collection that the average consumer would buy. It was also a good chance to try a design I normally abstain from. Here’s a breakdown of my choice:

  • Brand: MatchU Tailor
  • Model: Cornflower Blue Stripe Shirt
  • Pattern: Double White Stripes
  • Material: Bamboo
  • Collar Style: Button Down
  • Fit: Slim
  • Cuff Style: Round Cuff (One Button)
  • Placket Style: Classic Placket
  • Pocket Style: No Pocket
  • Monogram: None
  • Regular Price: 69$ (63€/665 SEK/56£)

Pretty standard details without any surprises for me apart from the pattern. The reason I did not choose a monogram was due to the fact that I did not understand the options. Cuff is really self-explanatory but the collar point monogram is rather unclear to me. They should maybe add a picture where you can see the different options clearly.

Choosing My Size

If you remember a while ago I made my first MTO shirt with TailorLamb. A nice experience that ended up with a good shirt. In their system I had to input a lot of measurements and information. However in MatchU Tailor I used the SmartMeasure system and chose a 32 inch sleeve and 15.5 inch collar.

Certainly quick and easy but of course you would be slightly skeptical about the simplicity if it is your first time.

Delivery & Unboxing Experience

Delivery usually takes 2-3 weeks. I received a confirmation of shipping after just a week which is great. However I had problems with the tracking code as it did not show anywhere on the radar. I could also not pinpoint the courier or where was it coming from.

After sending a message to Freddy (the person from MatchU Tailor that I was corresponding with) we solved the tracking issue. Shortly after I received my package notification. To sum up neatly:

  • Order Date: 07/08/2019
  • Shipping Date: 14/08/2019
  • Arrival Date: 27/08/2019

Pretty spot on overall with a 20 day arrival. You should also consider that the item ships from China although 2 weeks shipping is still a lot these days. I sent a shoe to Hong Kong in August and it took 12 days to arrive so it looks fairly consistent.

Packaging was in a small lightweight cardboard box with a plastic cover. Very standard packaging and a little rough around the edges but it saves costs. The chances of an item such as a shirt of being damaged are not so high either. There is also a nice small bag for potential transport or storage.

Shirt Dust bag
It is interesting that there is a different url on the bag

The shirt itself arrived in good condition and wrapped nicely. You can also reuse the box for storage of small accessories.

First Impressions Of The Shirt

One of the first things to notice was how similar the shirt looks with the website pictures. Product photography and accurate colors can be an issue. But what I received was exactly what was on display.

A nice looking, vibrant button down shirt with prominent white stripes. Touching it was also a great experience. It felt really good to the touch and soft as well. Honestly a pretty good start.

MatchU Tailor Blue Bamboo Striped Shirt Review

I will talk more about the fabric later on.

How Is The Fit

Ah, the million dollar question. I think it fits great! It is fantastic when you have no expectations and you are pleasantly surprised. The shirt feels very good on the body and breathes very well.

MatchU Tailor Blue Bamboo Striped Shirt Review
View from the side

Using a tie is a comfortable experience as well without being too tight. Sleeves have a perfect length and need no alterations at least for my current set of jackets.

MatchU Tailor Blue Bamboo Striped Shirt Review
Back view

When it comes to the fit, it is slim without feeling too constrictive. I can move my arms without a problem and it is not too tight around the waist. Color me impressed.

Actual Measurements

In this section I will show you a few measurements on the shirt so you can compare them to one of yours. Or maybe to give you a better idea of how it looks.

Blue Bamboo Striped Shirt Review Measurements
All measurements are in Inches

I am about 177 cm tall and weight 75 kg. Almost identical to when I reviewed the Charles Tyrwhitt extra slim shirt.

Compared to that one, the MatchU Tailor Slim shirt is 0.75 inches wider on the bottom, 1 inch wider from sleeve to sleeve but identical around the waist at 17.50 inches.

The armholes are actually 1 inch smaller (though more prone to measuring errors) and the total length clocks in at 30 inches (0.75 shorter than Tyrwhitt).


It is my first experience with Bamboo fiber. My source of comparison is multiple shirts from ETON, Charles Tyrwhitt, a few Swedish Brands and Suitsupply. ETON feels very luxurious but also costs 150$. Suitsupply uses Egyptian Cotton so it is very nice to touch as well. Charles Tyrwhitt however is a very interesting comparison as the price range is very similar when on discount.

I must say I enjoy the Bamboo fiber of MatchU Tailor more than Charles Tyrwhitt. For those of you that read my review I complained that the fabric feels a little “plasticky”.

MatchU Tailor Blue Bamboo Striped Shirt Review Buttons
A close up of the fabric and buttons

The buttons feel very sturdy and there is something I did not notice initially. In shirts you will find the last button hole having an horizontal stitch. Here however, MatchU Tailor puts it around your midsection which apparently prevents the placket from moving too much and improves space during sitting. It looks a bit awkward in my opinion and initially thought it was a mistake. Stitching is also pretty tidy around the collar and cuffs.

Overall I feel the garment is durable and quite luxurious for the price.

MatchU Tailor – Good Value, Quality & Fit

MatchU Tailor Blue Bamboo Striped Shirt Review
Styling it with a suit for work

I am very surprised and happy about my experience with MatchU Tailor. The shirt fits very good and the experience is simple and quick. They should definitely improve a bit their response rate, offer clearer explanations on the monogram placement and make sure their tracking is smooth. Of course the Bamboo fiber feels great and looks exactly like the product photo. All of this for the price of 69$ which goes as low as 40$ during discounts.

I would say it is a very good alternative for those of you that enjoy MTO Shirts and many designs. With a “Fit Guarantee” pledge you can find your perfect fit and keep your measurements for the next time.

A big thank you to Freddy from MatchU Tailor for giving me the opportunity to try something new. I will definitely consider more shirts in the future. Well everyone, this brings us to the end of this article! I am curious to see what you think and if you actually prefer MTO services. As always, I appreciate taking the time to read our articles. Subscribe for more awesome content and I will see you in the next one!

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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