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Shoe News August 2019 | A/W Collections, Charity & Stockholm Trunk Show

The Noble Shoe 8866 Jumper Boot in Coimbra

August 2019 Was A Quiet Month For Shoe News

We are officially entering Autumn territory! Time for another article where we talk about News from the Shoe World in August 2019. August is usually the time during which most companies take a well-deserved break and launch their A/W collections.

In today’s report we will focus a bit on some new launches, a bit of news from The Noble Shoe and preparation for the Shoegazing Stockholm Trunk 2019. I could also compile news from all over the world, with RM. Williams, charity and trade wars to name a few.

I enjoy very much this journalist section which gives me a very good overview of what is happening around us.

Let’s start and have a wonderful Autumn everybody!

Tricker’s Launch A/W 19 Collection

Tricker’s is a famous British shoemaking brand with long history behind it. I included them in the Best Shoes in the World after all! They have a very distinguishable shape and great country versions, perfect for those that like classic British shoes.

For the upcoming Winter, they have a new seasonal collection with some very interesting choices. A lot of boots and buckles make an appearance with earth tones dominating. Green seems to be making a big comeback these days and it shows how the fashion industry works in tandem and sync. Suitsupply’s latest drop focuses on army green as well.

A lot of broguing of course and a very unique Monkey Boot with a Vibram rubber sole. They push really a lot for their natural Olivvia Leather. There is also a recurring theme of using museum calf leather for depth.

Mawsley Militaire Trickers Boot
The Tricker’s Mawsley in Army Green is discrete, unique and beautiful | Photo by Tricker’s

Very interesting choices indeed, but very few cater to my taste. I find most bulky and loud, although I can understand they will be comfortable and durable.

Crockett & Jones Also Add A Seasonal Capsule

Another legendary shoemaker from the UK is Crockett & Jones. Preparing for the upcoming winter they created a nice collection of boots, shell cordovan and classic models. A lot of city and comfortable soles just like Tricker’s to show the emphasis of battling the harsh elements.

Specifically, there are 5 new Shell Cordovan options. From those, 4 are variations of the Pembroke wingtip and the lovely burgundy Harrogate double monks. It sounds like an American White House Scandal.

Otherwise, a lot of Calf options and 3-4 Suede variants of Chelseas, brogues and some very weird “demi-boots” from the Handgrade Line.

Crockett and Jones Kempton III
Not sure who this one targets | Picture from Crockett & Jones

I really don’t know about the Kempton III demi-boots. Are they trying to make slippers? Half Chukkas or Chelsea Boots? I think it caters more to those more dandy types. The last is the 367 with a nice soft square toe.

All in all, a capsule that will please everyone. I really enjoy the name of the Ross Winter Boot. It has a “Chocolate Hurricane Hide & Earth Green Suede Collar” description. Hilarious and creative.

R.M. Williams Looking For Buyers

A very iconic Australian Bootmaker, R.M. Williams has some superb Chelsea Boots. A very interesting development to say the least, since Luis Vuitton bought them in 2014 for about 110$ million.

It seems that now they are asking for a price in the range of 400-500$ million. Famous actor Hugh Jackman is also a minority shareholder with 5% and acts as a Brand Ambassador.

This seems to be older news that surfaced around May 2019 but there are multiple new articles about this lately. If this is the case, the Luis Vuitton group will make a very healthy return on investment.

Let’s wait and see how this plays out.

Steve Madden Continues Acquisitions

I must admit I don’t know much about Steve Madden. He seems to be a fashion designer and convicted felon that made the eponymous brand. He also has a name that reminds me of rugby for some reason.

One thing I can say for sure is that their shoes are absolutely rubbish. If you are serious about quality and construction, stay away. There is a hilarious review by a guy called Pierro Shoes that says:

“Steve Madden uses a mixture of both man-made vegan leathers and genuine leather.”

Look for the real reviews instead. Ok, enough jibber jabber though. Like it or not, it is a successful company. And they have been doing really good lately. In a short amount of time they made two strategic acquisitions.

The first was premium sneakers brand Greats Brand, Inc. and now Steve Madden adds BB Dacota to their portfolio. Both had strong sales and increases in revenue and are in tune with Madden’s strategy and ethos.

The Shoegazing Stockholm Trunk 2019 Nears

One event that I am so excited about is the Shoegazing Stockholm Trunk Show 2019. There is no way it would not make the August 2019 Shoe News!

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, two of the largest shoe blogs in the world collaborate to create an event to unite shoe lovers. A bi-annual event taking place in London during Spring and Stockholm during Autumn.

It is time for the Stockholm version of 2019 and The Noble Shoe is also attending! Make sure to drop by and say hi.

We now have official confirmation of who is attending and it will be a great show once more.

Shoegazing Stockholm Trunk Show 2019

Vietnamese CNES and new brand Sons of Henrey will attend along with the omnipresent Skolyx. I am very happy to meet TLB Mallorca again after reviewing their awesome Artista Line. Japan makes a welcome return with Miyagi Kogyo and Foster & Son enters the fray as well. A very high quality bespoke manufacturer from the UK with a limited RTW line.

Our super good friend from Magic Mike Patina will also be there along with the Norwegian Skomaker Dagestad.

Lastly, some more locals will attend with Granqvist (Ties & Accessories), Paul BrunngÄrd (Shoe Care) and Blugiallo (Made To Measure Suits).

Tips: For coverage of previous events check the 2018 and 2019 versions.

Charity Is Always Good

I am always a bit suspicious of charity and how much of the actual money ends up to the people in need. However, it is a nice gesture to see big companies like Nordstrom and Ecco supporting kids and sick people.

Specifically, Nordstrom created a campaign where for 10$ you get a “Shoes that fit” card. The proceedings and donations go towards funding 25000 shoes for students and families. A very nice gesture and those of you that had to live with terrible shoes (or none at all) know the importance of this. The campaign ends on the 15th of September 2019.

Danish Ecco also hosted a nice summer camp for kids with heart diseases. All those kids are fighters and deserve support from society and the government.

The Fascinating Story Of Jonathan Abel

Jonathan Abel is a brand I have never heard of. Based in Singapore they create Goodyear Welted Shoes for a very competitive price of around 330$.

Why is this News? Because it is Teresa Chong that drives the company under the alias Jonathan Abel. A very smart marketing move in a predominantly male industry of men’s shoes. Reminds me of the inspiring story of my friend Nataliia from Vicelli Shoes.

While I cannot comment about the quality of these shoes, I think it is worth mentioning. I came across this excellent short interview where she talks about some decisions.

Jonathan Abel Churchill
Jonathan Abel Churchill Wholecut in Museum Calf

I actually sent her an email hoping to get a small interview myself. Fingers crossed!

The Noble Shoe GMTO Interest

So, I have been getting a LOT of questions about larger sizes on the Carlos Santos Handgrade Adelaide in Wine Shadow. I am currently putting together a GMTO for larger or smaller sizes not readily available. The price is 360$ plus shipping costs (+25% VAT if you are in the EU) and delivery takes about 3 months.

The Noble Shoe Handgrade Adelaide in Wine Shadow
What a shoe!

It is an incredible shoe with unreal features for the price and so far all my customers have only great things to say. You can read the review here.

To add to this, I am currently thinking of creating additional GMTOs about other Handgrade versions. Would you like to see a Boot, derby or wingtip for example? Send me your best ideas or comment down below!

Smaller News From The Shoe World

Last but not least, we have a small section about smaller shoe news in August 2019. After some due diligence, I found that the Spanish footwear industry produced 99 million pairs of shoes in 2018. That is a 0.8% increase from previous years and shows how strong their foothold is.

My beloved Portugal is also on the rise, with a colossal 250% increase of exports of leather goods since 2010.

Another little piece of statistics comes from a government survey in Singapore. Generally a wealthy country, it is interesting to see that the average household now spends 120 SGD per month. That is significantly down by the 180 SGD spent in 2012/2013.

More News Than I Thought!

Quite a lot in the end right? That’s the beauty of journalist. Always something comes up! Which brings us to the conclusion of the “Shoe News of August 2019” article. New releases, charity, GMTOs and the upcoming Stockholm Trunk Show are some of the highlights in my opinion.

I look forward to seeing what the next month will bring. In the meantime, I will work hard on more content that includes interviews and an upcoming review of a MTO Shirt. Hopefully I can weave in a review of some awesome shoes too!

The growth of Misiu Academy is thanks to you all. Subscribe to our newsletter, leave a comment and I will see you in the next one gentlemen!

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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