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Paolo Scafora Shoes: 5 Unique MTOs Showcase For The Noble Shoe

Paolo Scafora Shoes

100% Italian Serenade

Today I am glad to showcase to you a collection of my favorite recent MTO Shoes by Paolo Scafora.

My absolute favorite shoemaker of the past 2 years keeps on delivering.

So when new models or MTOs come in at The Noble Shoe, I spend some time admiring them.

And now that a lot of them came in at the same time, I get the chance to show you too!

So join me in this short visual adventure!

Getting Ready For The Collections Article

A lot of you suggested I should make an article about what my shoe collection looks like right now.

I always entertained the thought, but the amount of effort it takes to photograph 50 shoes is overwhelming.

Today though I did almost the same for Reddit so who knows!

Additionally, my plans to photoshoot my Cavour Trousers went down the drain due to heavy rain in Stockholm.

Until I manage to do it properly for you all however, here’s the latest 5 shoes that arrived from Paolo Scafora.

Two of them are new stock for The Noble Shoe, while three are special MTOs for customers.

I think all of them look spectacular in their own way, some maybe controversial.

Regardless, it’s great content as you will never see these in the wild elsewhere.

Tip: Not sure who Paolo Scafora is? Find all the previous articles here!

1. Paolo Scafora Art. 791 Wingtip In Bordeaux

The Art. 791 is a really unique piece in so many ways.

I saw it for the first time in some product pictures and knew it would be the one to stock in my shop.

Paolo Scafora Shoes Wingtip
The Paolo Scafora Art 791 Adelaide in Bordeaux

In principal, it’s a wingtip oxford in  Paolo Scafora’s gorgeous Antiqued Bordeaux (Burgundy) color.

Norwegian Welted on my favorite Q Last with a very aggressive square toe.

The most unique aspect of this shoe however is the design elements of the broguing.

Very sharp, aggressive jagged lines at the sides.

Certainly not for the faint of heart or those that love rigid classic designs.

Expect to pay around $1399.99 USD including lasted shoe trees and metal toe tips.

The Q Last runs true to size UK so take your usual Saint Crispin’s Classic size for example.

Get it Here!

2. Paolo Scafora Art. 770 Adelaide In Ravello

Initially I intended to stock the Art. 770 in a more classic brown color.

However last year I made a custom MTO in Ravello Brown for a client and a friend recommended it for this.

It’s a classic Adelaide Oxford with a U-throat and some broguing.

Paolo Scafora Shoes Adelaide
The Paolo Scafora Art 770 Adelaide in Ravello

Getting shoes from Paolo Scafora and not taking advantage of the trademark Norwegian Stitching is a waste in my opinion.

So these have also a 270 Norwegian and are on the more roomy, almond VOLA Last.

A very comfy one, though quite spacious and you have to size down half from your UK.

The Antiqued Ravello color is a beautiful, rich shade of mid-brown/tan and is sure to turn some heads.

You can also get it at The Noble Shoe for $1399.99 USD including lasted shoe trees and metal toe tips.

Get it Here!

3. Paolo Scafora Art. 793 Single Monks In Grigio

Probably the most controversial model from this batch of MTOs is the Art. 793 in my opinion.

Again, the main elements are the same.

A lovely Norwegian Stitch on the Q Last and a classic single monk design.

The Paolo Scafora Art 793 Monk in Grigio
The Paolo Scafora Art 793 Monk in Grigio

However there is this very distinctive “X” skin stitched on the toe box.

I personally don’t like it as it looks a bit ostentatious, though the execution is beautiful.

Nonetheless, this model captures beautifully on camera mainly due to the last.

The color is Grigio (Grey) and has definitely some blueish hues depending on the lighting.

It’s also quite popular it seems as this is the second MTO I made of this model and color.

Price for a single MTO is around $1700 USD with trees and metal tips.

4. Paolo Scafora Art. 701 Split-Toe Derby In Bordeaux

Back to a more “simplistic” model if you can call it that.

This creation is the visualization of Rob, who had a very specific thing in mind.

The Paolo Scafora Art 701 Split-Toe in Bordeaux
The Paolo Scafora Art 701 Split-Toe in Bordeaux

360 Norwegian welt on a Split-Toe Derby with a gorgeous apron and finished in the same Bordeaux color you saw above.

This is also only the second time I see 4 eyelets on a derby after my Norman Vilalta Calder.

What was important to me was that I finally got to check the SIRIO Last which has a bit more almond shape compared to the Q.

Paolo Scafora suggested that the sizing is like the Q, but I will update this when I get more data and feedback.

As for the price, this is also $1700 with all the goodies included.

5. Paolo Scafora Art. 175BINC Oxford In Amalfi

The last of the MTOs is another special model.

Which is exactly why MTOs fascinate me. Each person wants to create something rather unique.

The Art. 175BINC (not the finest codename) initially appears to be just an oxford.

The Paolo Scafora Art 175BINC Oxford in Amalfi
The Paolo Scafora Art 175BINC Oxford in Amalfi

Honestly it is and has two distinctive elements.

The first one is of course the 360 Norwegian Stitch on the Q Last (you see the trend!).

However the second one is the stitching of the uppers.

Contrary to most sewing done on the exterior side of the leather, this one has skin-stitching all over.

Just picture the stitching underneath, or in reverse.

I am not sure how I feel about this design yet, but it is for sure not something you see every day.

But that’s the point isn’t it? This is not what one buys as their first 5 pairs of shoes (or 10).

Instead, if you have a complete wardrobe and a big budget, this might be for you.

Finished in a rich mid-brown Amalfi color, this baby will cost you about $1800.

Video Showcase

Sometimes it’s just easier to shut up and make a video instead.

Since some of the shoes came later, I made two separate showcase videos for you.

The first one has the Wingtip Oxford and Adelaide.

While the other includes all the three unique MTOs that arrived a few days later.


This article serves many purposes.

It’s a bit of a “lazier” article since I don’t have to write tons, but it did require a lot of work to make the videos and photoshoot or edit.

After 3 years of non-stop writing, it also gives me a chance to enjoy some “vacations”.

At the same time, it’s also hopefully some good content and a chance for you all to see some models and shoes you will never really see in the wild.

Paolo Scafora is in my top 5 shoemakers in the world right now and I love every chance I have to show you more shoes.

I will see you next week hopefully with a nice Review of some trousers from Cavour!

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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Comments (4)

Great showcase!
It would be good if you give some more details on Art 175B.

Thank you!

Thanks Fozil,

I think the best way is to take a look at the video about that. It’s really just a regular oxford but with the stitching underneath. It’s very unique it creates this texture and special look because the stitching is like a small canyon.

It appears extra pronounced here since this is a massive UK 11.5 pair hehe. But I love the burnishing on the stitching.

Is the Paolo Scafora 360ᵒ leather-soled Norwegian welt a heavy shoe? If so, is a rubber sole lighter-weight?

Hello, usually anything with a rubber sole will be heavier than the leather counterpart.

I did not find that the Norwegian construction adds much weight to the shoe. Personally I prefer leather or city soles from scafora.

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