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Carlos Santos Handgrade Adelaide Oxford in Guimaraes
11 Jun: Carlos Santos Handgrade Review: A Stunning Adelaide Oxford In Guimaraes Patina

Today, I am thrilled to present to you the first ever review of the Premium Carlos Santos Handgrade Line.

A very limited edition from Carlos Santos that includes incredible features like a fiddleback waist, fudging around the welt, a patina and closed channel sole among others.

Specifically, this is an Adelaide Oxford in Guimaraes Patina (Deep Chestnut Brown) that is proper from the most formal of occasions down to a night out with friends.

Check out the review and if you are interested remember to email us at [email protected] for pre-orders.

Thank you for your support!

Heinrich Dinkelacker Buda Full Brogue C in Blue Shell Cordovan
04 Jun: Heinrich Dinkelacker Review: Shell Cordovan Buda Full Brogue C

52 weeks. 52 Posts.

Welcome to the 1 year anniversary of Misiu Academy! A simple idea, borne out of one’s love for classic menswear. In an attempt to help men all over the world dress better and make educated choices by investing in quality items, we are here to guide you through the sea of options out there.

This week to commemorate this very special occasion, I have one of the most unique pieces of footwear you will ever see. The Heinrich Dinkelacker Buda Full Brogue C in premium Horween Blue Shell Cordovan.

Stunning, fully handmade and a sign of luxury, we are here to find out if it is worth your investment. Hop right in and thank you for the support!

Daniel Wegan Bespoke Shoemaking
28 May: Shoe Construction Methods – Goodyear Welt, Blake, Cemented & More

What good is a shoe with the best leather available if you have to throw it away when the sole breaks?

This is the beauty of welted shoes. A type of shoe construction where the sole is directly sewn to the uppers. It allows for endless resoling and ensures with good care the longevity of your shoes.

However, it is not the only way to make a shoe! There are various types of construction and each has unique properties, advantages and disadvantages.

Check out the article and find out more about this fascinating topic.

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