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Double Breasted Outfit Of The Week | Suitsupply MTM OOTW#5

double breasted outfit - misiu academy

A Week Of Adventures & Opportunities

Hey gentlemen! What a week this was! Working at Suitsupply is an absolute challenge but definitely an amazing experience. It also gives me an opportunity to test different outfits ranging from classic to exuberant. However, my classic MTM Double Breasted Suit is by far my favorite outfit.

It is the epitome of elegance and classic menswear for me and one of the reasons I am in this business. Yes, it is a big statement but wear it with confidence and good fit and you will feel like a champion.

This smaller article is a great way for me to talk about my new findings in the suit world. And of course to break down all the choices and how to make it work effortlessly. It is a welcome breather from three jobs at the same time while still providing some valuable info for you.

Still with me? Let’s talk about OOTW#5!

What Is A Double Breasted Suit?

A Double Breasted Suit differs from a Single Breasted one in a few areas. For starters, the front flaps are rather wide and overlap to create a very elegant silhouette.

Another noticeable difference is the large, peak lapels that produce a very masculine, strong look. Of course, there are Single Breasted variants but more uncommon.

The buttons and placement is very unique as well. There are a few main choices in my opinion which have to do with the total number of buttons and the functional ones:

  • 6×2: The most classic, formal version. Total of 6 buttons with only the bottom two working.
  • 6×1: Very unique version where the bottom button is the only functional one. A daring, sartorially unique expression of men with confidence and bravado. Hugo Jacomet enjoys them a lot!
  • 4×2: Same as the 6×2 but with two less buttons on the top. A little more informal, yet popular choice.
  • 4×1: This one can be rather rare. It has the same amount of buttons as its 4×2 brother, but once again you just fasten the bottom one.

Of course, there are also other variations with 2 or even 8 buttons but it deserves its own article.

Double Breasted Suit Variations
A few different Double Breasted Suit variations | Excellent picture from Bond Suits

Double Breasted Outfit #5 | Overview

Knowing that I need to look my best around experts that dress very well, I had to bring my A-Game. In fact, I have a very detailed review of this MTM Suit here!

Instead of choosing to stand out, I preferred to create something classic and focus on fit before I find my own Suitsupply Style. Here are the choices:

As you see, nothing truly exciting but very elegant. The focus is on fit and understanding visual compositions before I gradually evolve my style.

The Suit

One of my best purchases in recent years is this Suitsupply Made To Measure Suit. In fact, the quality of the garment and overall service is a pivotal reason of why I work for this company now.

I wanted a very classic, slim cut in a dashing formal blue color. Navy is one of the staples of menswear and should probably be your first suit. Full Canvas in durable yet smooth S110 Wool with peak lapels and flap pockets.

I usually advise having a vision of what outfit you want to create. For me, the suit here was the blank canvas I would draw on. One of the most versatile colors around that pairs well with almost any shirt and shoes.

Again, the focus is on the fit. It is the main reason you go MTM right? Here, it is absolutely spot on even though I gained a little weight since last year. I learn a lot from Suitsupply tailors and I can recommend 4 easy spots for fit check:

  1. Shoulders: They should follow the curve for a natural and clean look.
  2. Waist: Not too tight, not loose. Easy to spot by gaps, bunching fabric and the “X” mark on the button fastening.
  3. Sleeve Length: Should be around the base of your thumb, showing just a little bit of shirt cuff.
  4. Jacket Length: Should cover the seat and crotch to create an even silhouette between the torso and legs.

Fit is the absolute most important part of menswear. A little extra on a double breasted outfit since it will otherwise look sloppy and extremely boxy or uncomfortable.

The White Champion

The Suit act as a blank canvas here. The choices are many with blue, pink and white all matching exceptionally well. Since this was my attempt to be formal and elegant, few things can beat a white oxford shirt.

You might say it is safe and while that it is true, it is also undeniably powerful. This one is part of my experience with Tailor Lamb, a nice online MTM company. They got my shirt right on the first go and are genuinely good people.

French Cuffs, a classic business collar and a nice slim fit to complete the package. Honestly, I think I could straighten the tip of the collar better.

I do like how my trainer though told me the following:

“Everybody can choose or match a white shirt. Get crazy. Get Suitsupply”
Gustav The Great

He is right. I do have crazy suits and combinations, however this is when I feel most confident and powerful. Wear clothes that are YOU and you have nothing to fear.

Accessories & Details

Now, this is the part where you can actually start to shine. If you are in a banking or corporate white collar job you have little chance to break from the norm. Why not use some weird socks or cufflinks to show discretely who you are.

For me, it involves wearing a tie with patterns, unique cufflinks and a lovely pocket square.

Double Breasted Outfit Closeup
Peak lapels, white shirt, burgundy tie and a fancy pocket square.

The tie is from silk with just a tad of texture and some dots. Blue, white and red is generally a power look so burgundy helps to tone it down a notch. It does look superb!

I absolutely adore pocket squares. You can express so much in just a little piece of fabric. Here is one of my favorites from Granqvist Sweden. Beautiful details in a white/blue carousel that incorporates colors from both the shirt and suit. Fold it presidentially for a clean look or just tuck it in for a more rebellious nonchalant look.

Cufflinks are also a great way to do something original. You don’t normally see them much under a suit but can spark a conversation. Here I am wearing my official Iron Man cufflinks by Marvel. It is my own hidden super power and shows my affection for superheroes.

French cuffs and ironman cufflinks
Avengers Assemble!

Last but not least, I have side adjusters on the pants. There is no going back to belt loops for any custom clothing I make. Comfortable, easy to use and render belts useless for me. Of course, it is just my personal opinion.

side adjusters double breasted outfit
Side Adjusters render belts unnecessary

Shoes Maketh Man

What would a superb outfit be without the proper shoes. Choose the wrong ones and all your efforts go to waste. Navy goes best with burgundy and dark brown shoes in my opinion. You can of course rock black shoes, there is nothing wrong with that!

Here, I choose my finest formal pair by Carlos Santos. The Handgrade Adelaide Oxford in Guimaraes (Review). It is also available for a very competitive $360 (excluding VAT) through The Noble Shoe.

Soft Square sleek business last with a wonderful patina. For a more British look I would choose a more round last but I would shy away from loafers. Funny I say that, because I had to switch to loafers at work.

Carlos Santos Handgrade Adelaide Oxford in Guimaraes | Available at The Noble Shoe
Carlos Santos Handgrade Adelaide Oxford in Guimaraes | Available at The Noble Shoe

Speaking about shoes, you might notice my dreadful everyday socks here. Since I knew I would switch to loafers at work, these were the only low-cut socks I had at the moment. Don’t make the same mistake and instead use this opportunity to wear something colorful and playful.

After all, this is not just a guide but also a reflection and afterthought. We always want to become better right? Trial and error.

Reflections From A Week In Suitsupply

So much to learn. Talking about fit, colors and shapes is a whole different game when you actually receive education about it. You learn to gauge length, individual details and assess your own perfect fit. You find areas of importance that you never thought were there.

This of course calls for a great article on suit fit. I will write it in a few months when I am certain that I can provide value beyond your average recommendation.

Additionally, the colleagues are great as is the work environment. A very intense high pace job but worth it. I met the CEO as well, who is a rather nice approachable person!

One More Week Goes By

This marks the end of the Double Breasted Outfit lookbook. A nice way for me to take a breather, offer some valuable insights and also break from the shoe reviews. I feel like a great man ready to conquer any challenge in this suit. You can do the same with minimal effort. Focus on fit, quality and great shoes with interchangeable colors.

It will be great to listen to your feedback and comments. In the meantime, you can support our efforts by subscribing to our mail list, shopping a pair of good shoes from The Noble Shoe or even following us on Instagram. This is a free platform without ads from a passionate man for you to enjoy!

Have a good one my friends!

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy


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I love double-breasted suits, finally, they are back in trend.

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It will always be in style!

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