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The Noble Shoe Samples Sale | Paolo Scafora & Enzo Bonafe

The Noble Shoe Samples Sale AlligatorClearing Previous Collections

In this article we will talk about the current sale of amazing high end samples at The Noble Shoe.

In particular, there’s a selection of models from Paolo Scafora, Enzo Bonafe as well as a few Carlos Santos & Crockett & Jones.

Let’s check them out.

Better Than Gathering Dust!

If you were wondering where I was during the past 2 months, all is fine.

I had a little accident that set me back and a bunch of work going on, but all is good indeed.

During my downtime I took a step back to see all the amazing samples we made at The Noble Shoe between 2022-2024.

Not only was I proud of the outcome, but I also realized that we had at least 20-30 pairs of beautiful, unworn shoes.

Those served their purpose, giving birth to our beautiful product imagery and Instagram Photography.

Samples are no different than the final products that appear on the website in both quality and presentation.

A few days ago, I set them up on the website under our clearance section to give a chance to those people wearing (mostly) UK 8 to get a fantastic deal.

So if you or someone you know wears something in these sizes, enjoy the discounts!

1. Paolo Scafora

Paolo Scafora 583 Split Toe Derby

You all know by now that Paolo Scafora is my undisputed number 1 when it comes to quality and aesthetics.

The remaining samples here are far less and all fit like size UK 8 (US 9D).

The Noble Shoe Samples SaleIn fact, there are only 2 samples that are quite special, but I also added in some extras.

In addition to those, our current stock of Paolo Scafora is on discount as we make way for the new upcoming collections.

You can find everything in our Paolo Scafora Collection Page.

Shop Paolo Scafora


2. Enzo Bonafe

The masters from Enzo Bonafe in Bologna (Italy) are one of the more recent additions at the store.

In fact I only live about an hour away so I make it my mission to visit them as frequently as I can.

Not only are they wonderful shoemakers, but they are also fantastic people worth supporting.

Here we have a plethora of samples mostly fitting size UK 8 (US 9D) as well, with one exception at UK 11.5 (US 12.5D).

I cannot upload all the images here, but you can spot a few good samples in the pictures.

Simply visit the collection page and you will find everything remaining.

Shop Enzo Bonafe

3. Crockett & Jones

This time around we even have a very few selection of Crockett & Jones Samples.

It’s on a good discount too so if you find your size, enjoy!

We have 5 models, 6 pairs such as the Molton, Islay, Hallam and Highbury up for grabs.

Shop The Clearance

4. Carlos Santos

Lastly, we have a few odd stock and discontinued models from Carlos Santos.

You can find them also in the Clearance section, although make sure to click on the Odd Stock to find some extra ones.

For main models from previous collections there’s a very good discount if your size is still available.

Shop The Clearance

What’s Next?

Now that I managed to actually write something, I am trying to plan ahead since there’s no shortage of content.

Doing a pictorial and call to action for The Noble Shoe Samples Sale is one thing, yet important to me.

For the future, I want to showcase my re-visit at Enzo Bonafe, shoes from Blkbird Shoemaker and much more.

Next week however, we will talk about the latest collaboration with Andres Sendra.

Stay tuned and be careful on the road, especially if you are on a bike!

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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