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The Noble Shoe Summer Sale 2024: 25% Off Carlos Santos Shoes

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The Noble Shoe is having its biggest sale of the year this summer, with 25% Off Carlos Santos.

In addition, I will brief you on our second contest with a chance to win a pair of Paolo Scafora Shoes.

There’s some news about my own exciting new upcoming brand, but also a list of sales elsewhere.

Let’s take a look!

25% Off Carlos Santos Until 07/07


You all know how I feel about Carlos Santos as a brand when it comes to quality and value.

At 25% Off it’s a really excellent opportunity for both the main range (under $300) and Handgrade (under $400).

There are also no restrictions and the sale extends to the entire range, including the Patina Service and Group Made to Orders.

The only rule is that sales are final and discontinued items already on discount are not part of the promotion.

Whether you are looking for summer items such as loafers, boots for autumn and winter which is around the corner sadly or the next dress shoe, there is something for everyone.

Shop The Sale

Here’s a few models I recommend looking at:

  • 9899 Black or Brown oxford
  • 9978 Black Chelsea Boots
  • 9393 Austerity Brogue
  • 6942 Monk Straps
  • 8866 Grain Boots
  • 1829 Loafers

And much much more.

The sale will end on July 7, but there’s a thought to extend it to the 15th due to the contest below.

Shop New Arrivals

Win A Pair Of Paolo Scafora MTO

Win a Paolo Scafora Shoe
Spend $300 – Win a Paolo Scafora Shoe

Last year, I ran my first contest at The Noble Shoe where you could win a custom Paolo Scafora MTO.

The contest was a success with hundreds of people joining and one lucky winner.

For those unaware, Paolo Scafora is one of the finest shoemakers in the world with a distinctive art style and Chained Norwegian Construction.

The contest was simple: Spend over $400 USD and you enter the raffle.

This time around it is even simpler, giving a chance to even more people since the limit is now just $300 USD.

There’s a whole page dedicated to the contest which I will link down below, but here’s a recap:

  • Make a Purchase of $300 USD or more (or equivalent currency)
  • Be in a location we ship to
  • The pair can be from our stock or Made to Order
  • Only Calf/Suede leathers (no exotic materials)

Not only do you get a great shoe for your wardrobe, but you also get an extra free chance to win a $1500 shoe!

Win A Paolo Scafora Shoe

Now, The Big One

Generally, The Noble Shoe does not do a Summer Sale, or any sale for that matter.

However, due to some challenges in the industry and geopolitical situations (among other private matters), it is necessary this time.

Most importantly, there a hugely exciting reason for myself in particular.

You see, for the last 3 years I have been developing and working on my own shoe brand.

I finally received some samples that would be ready to go and minor details remain.

To do that, it would be necessary to clear some stock and reinvest for the production of the new brand.

Unfortunately, I cannot reveal to you things like the name, but an estimated price point will be around $500-$550.

They will be Goodyear Welted and sport an absolutely excellent fiddleback waist, the best leathers around and my own designs and lasts.

To leave you with something, I peppered this section with a few photos of what to expect.

I cannot wait to reveal everything to you all by the end of the year.

Summer Sales 2024 – Others

Speaking about my own shop is a priority, but it’s still important to mention some of the other great shoe producers out there that have sales right now:

There are many more and I would recommend you to check out your favorite shoe brand.

Most likely there will be a deal running at this point.

I really look forward to bringing you more content and more news about my own brand in the near future.

In the meantime, go get yourselves some nice loafers or summer shoes and enjoy some great holidays!

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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