Parma Tuscany Leather Briefcase Review – When Vintage Meets Elegance

Tuscany Leather Briefcase Review

A Letter From John

John is 30 years old. He has a good job and a promising career in the financial sector. He has found that great, supportive woman. John also understands the basics of style. He has a few good suits and great fitting shirts and even knows how to tie a Windsor knot.

One could say that John is ready to take over the world! However, if John wants to move up the corporate ladder and earn respect everywhere he goes, he needs the final piece of the puzzle. So he asked us for advice!

In today’s article you and I are going to find out more about the Parma Leather Briefcase from Tuscany Leather.

What About Briefcases?

Briefcases have a very interesting history with the earliest version being the Roman Legionnaire’s Loculus. Nowadays the classic briefcase has changed a bit to accommodate the times. In the digital age things are getting smaller and people carry less paper every day. Slim, modern and durable, the briefcase is still here to carry your belongings.

A briefcase is not so different than a great fitting suit. It screams power, projects confidence, intelligence and an educated, well-mannered man. Boys wear backpacks, while men carry a briefcase.

Tuscany Leather Briefcase Review
A bag like this one.

Before You Buy

Before you decide to splash your money on a briefcase, consider a few things. There are dozens of companies out there selling goods of shady quality or give inadequate information. You will find many fantastic products that will last you a lifetime but most are based in the US. This makes it harder to buy something in Europe and the lack of blog reviews on the subject is rather surprising and exactly why I am writing this one.

Remember to always look for customer reviews and description of the leather quality. Full Grain bags are top tier and more expensive but will get better with age. You look for something that you will pass down to your children and it will look as it was bought yesterday. Avoid Genuine Leather as the quality is not worth it. It will look and feel cheap.

Let’s dive into the review now!

About Tuscany Leather

Tuscany Leather is a company originating from Firenze in Italy. They have a long history of creating leather goods and they are being sold all over the world.

The company prides itself on its quality and tradition, as well as the focus on sustainability. This is achieved through vegetable tanning full grain leather which is a part of their philosophy.

Tuscany Leather produces bags and leather accessories for both men and women and will ship to over 190 locations internationally. Their website is modern and easily navigated with a wealth of information and filters.

Every product has a detailed description and many photos that show every possible angle. It was very easy to narrow down the results and even easier to order the product.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to subscribe to them for a free 10% discount on your first purchase!


Tuscany Leather Briefcase Review
Pictures speak louder than words – Specifications

Unboxing And Delivery – 10/10

Not only was the website incredibly easy to navigate and place your order, but the shipping was fast. Like real fast.

Tuscany Leather Briefcase Review
I like the personal touch!

I chose the DHL express package and it took less than 24 hours for my bag to arrive from Italy. You will get a DHL tracking code where you can keep yourself updated.

The box was quite spacious and of good quality with the company’s markings on top and sealed on the bottom.

After opening you see a great looking cloth bag with the company name and a protective nylon layer. You will also get a small certificate of authenticity.

Tuscany Leather Briefcase Review
Well played TL!

Add to that the 24 months guarantee and free shipping and John has a good deal on his hands.

Design – 10/10

You will notice that this is a classic looking briefcase so it is not for everyone. If you are looking for something modern, you should look somewhere else. I wanted something traditional, something that would balance my younger age and more mature outlook on life and business. This is exactly what I needed. Dark Brown, classic cut, beautiful simple opening and wonderful craftsmanship.

Tuscany Leather Briefcase Review
Classic as it gets

For me personally the design was a 10/10. It is not exciting or modern, but when you get what you precisely want you can add some extra points.

Sometimes the world needs a little old-fashioned.
Phil Coulson

A bonus is that the briefcase looks exactly like the pictures in the website, if not better.

Leather Quality – 8/10

Wow! This stinks leather! I love it!

This is what my colleague said at work when she opened the bag. Her family worked with leather and she was able to tell good quality quite easily. But she was right. The moment I opened the box for the first time I got this beautiful smell of real leather that reminds me when I open an old book.

Full Grain vegetable tanned leather with natural lining and antique brass hardware is what you get but 2 points are docked until I use this bag for a year or two. Then we will see its real value. But on first glance, the way the leather looks, feels and smells is fantastic, especially when you think about the price.

The leather inside is pretty rugged, but I like the contrast and it gives me a sense of durability since I will be putting cables and my laptop there.

Additionally, for a very small extra fee Tuscany Leather will engrave your initials on the bottom right of your bag. I highly recommend this.

Hardware And Build Quality – 8/10

The brass is from nickel, which means it is corrosion resistant, but not corrosion proof. The handle feels sturdy and strong and gives me the feeling it will not come off easily. The bag opens and closes easily without effort and comes with a leather optional shoulder strap.

Tuscany Leather Briefcase Review
A leather shoulder strap is included

You will also get a fancy little key to lock the briefcase but it looks more like a decoration item as it was hard and impractical to use. Honestly, with a little bit of force you could open the briefcase.

The zipper on the back and the second compartment work perfectly and smoothly and they have the company initials engraved on them.

Tuscany Leather Briefcase Review
The zipper slides effortlessly – Always check the zippers!

Stitching – 10/10

Stitching is such an important part of a bag. It is always a gamble by buying online, but I was thoroughly impressed. I checked the bag from top to bottom and looked at every possible corner. I could not find a blemish or an irregularity in the stitching. It is consistent in every part of the briefcase, both inside and outside.

Tuscany Leather Briefcase Review
Not exactly a Saddleback but not bad either!

Compartments – 9/10

The website advertises two compartments that are large enough for a medium sized laptop, a charger, your phone, business cards, pens and some files. I am very happy to report that everything is true. My laptop fits easily with the bulky charger which was a big factor in deciding which bag to buy.

Tuscany Leather Briefcase Review
Enough space for your everyday items

The back compartment is more spacious and has a small internal pocket for a few files, but frankly you will never put anything there other than a passport or some A4 papers.

I can promise that you will be very satisfied by the available space in this price range.

Summary – 9/10

In Misiu Academy we try to only review products that we would buy and actually use. The Parma Tuscany Leather Briefcase review was made to share my personal experience while looking to buy a quality briefcase for a good price and fill a void in the lack of reviews online.

As soon as I unboxed it, it put a smile on my face because it was exactly what I wanted. A beautiful, dark brown sturdy vintage briefcase that will accompany me for years to come. You can always get a quality item for a lower price after much research and while there are compromises you will still end up with a quality product. This is a perfect entry level briefcase for a younger individual that wants to step up his style. I would consider Tuscany Leather as the bag equivalent of Meermin shoes.


  • Great leather
  • Fantastic price
  • Good hardware
  • Spacious
  • Incredible delivery time and customer service
  • Great packaging
  • 24 months guarantee


  • It is not a Filson or a Saddleback
  • Could feel a bit heavy
  • Key is not really functional

You can see that I do not have many bad things to say. For me this briefcase feels like a steal. Not only that, but if you have subscribed, you get a lifetime 10% discount on future purchases and if you leave a review an additional 15% on your next purchase. That is pretty good value if you ask me!

Share Your Thoughts!

Reviewing items that deserve more credit or do not show up on your traditional google search is a very enjoyable activity for me! I hope you had a good time going through the Tuscany Leather Briefcase Review, just like John. As always, I would love to hear your opinions on this briefcase or hear any stories about your own bags. Please chime in the comments below!

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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