Dignito Ties Review | The Best Ties You Will Ever Get?

Dignito Ties Review | Suit and Tie

Great Ties, Happy Neck

As promised a few weeks ago, welcome to my Review of Dignito Ties! After a great interview with the owner (Read Here) he was more than kind to let me choose a Tie & Pocket Square Sample.

Usually I like waiting until the end of the review to say my verdict but these were so good I wore them all week! In any case, let me delve a bit deeper into these wonderful accessories so you know what you are getting.

Shall we?

A Little Background

I won’t go into a lot of detail about Dignito here since I already covered most in the interview (Link Again). Based in Poland, Michael created a small online shop with a carefully curated selection of accessories for the modern (or classic) man. From Ties to Pocket Squares and Scarves or Cufflinks there are a lot of accessories to choose from. Most of them have wonderful printed patterns instead of plain colors. As for the name, Dignito is very easy for me to remember for a few reasons.

When I was young and nerdy I played a lot of videogames. One famous Counter Strike teams went by the name of Dignitas which comes from Latin. There are many interpretations like “Prestige” and the social concept of accumulated influence of a male in Ancient Rome.

While just an assumption, I believe that there are the same core values here stemming from the same word. Offering luxury, prestige and the feelings that come with them. Am I overthinking? Possibly!

The Tie | A Work Of Art

My biggest issue was choosing just one Tie. While not inherently large, the selection includes 45 unique ties in different colors and tiers. But the moment I laid my eyes on this beautiful Blue Geometrical Silk Tie I knew it was the one.

Dignito Geometric Tie

For me geometrical patterns (or similar) are the absolute nicest ties a man can wear outside a strict white/blue collar job. Since we are at it, let me lay out the specifications for this tie:

  • Brand: Dignito
  • Material: 100% Silk
  • Origin: 100% Como, Italy
  • Pattern: Blue Geometrical Shapes
  • Size: 8.5 cm (Width) x 148 cm (length)
  • Construction: 3 Fold
  • Tip: Self-tipped
  • Interlining: 100% Wool
  • Price: €75 (Incl. VAT) or about $72 (Excl. VAT) if you are outside the EU

Pretty great specifications for a nice tie and more than a fair price. It was a pleasant surprise to see the 100% Wool Interlining in an era where most use cheap synthetics such as polyester.

The Pocket Square | Arabian Nights

Queue the Aladdin song! Once more there is a decent selection of Pocket Squares in the Dignito Website and almost all of them are colorful. Please skip those boring white, plain Pocket Squares and get something more vibrant or artistic!

Just like I chose the Arabian Night Silk Handkerchief. It spoke to me you know, it told me to put it in a nice glass and display it around. Which I totally did by the way!

Dignito Pocket Square
Looks nice doesn’t it?

Apart from the fact that it is gorgeous it’s also well made. Pocket Squares are not rocket science of course but you can tell by the details that care went in this product. For those wondering, it will cost you just around $35.

How’s The Quality?

It is hard to gauge the quality of accessories within just a few uses. I found out that accessories in general need some wear and tear to show their potential (or lack of). Generally I find that you have to really abuse pocket squares to destroy them though.

However I can gauge the quality of the materials and the presentation especially during use. The tie in particular is exceptional with sharp lines, polished edges and the feel of real silk.

Dignito Ties Review
Dignito Ties Review | Both the materials and construction are great

Another exceptional thing is the pattern and vibrance of the printed silk. Very consistent with a beautiful palette of color and tasteful mixes of orange, yellow and blue. And as you will find out later, this Dignito Tie makes by far the best dimple out of all my ties.

What I really like is that the tie is adequately wide. Not like those horrendous skinny ties I see on some men that came straight out of a garage sale. While not as light as my Granqvist Tie, this one is rather light for having a woolen interlining. In simple terms, it does not feel heavy or annoying to wear however you will not get the same freedom feeling I got with the Granqvist one. But then again you wouldn’t be able to make such an amazing dimple so there are compromises.

What about the Pocket Square then? It is very lightweight and easy to tuck in your breast pocket. I also think it is about 33×33 cm which is great and I think the pattern is tasteful and elegant.

Dignito Ties Review | Pocket Square Arabian Night
Dignito Ties Review | Pocket Square Arabian Night

How Did I Style Them?

I wore them separately or together during most of the week but two outfits were the ones that stood out for me. Specifically I went with one bold and one more conservative outfit. The idea behind that was that in the former the bolder tie would compliment the more adventurous outfit while in the latter give it a touch of flair and become the focus.

Jort Suitsupply

Here I am sporting my Suitsupply Jort Suit in a light brown wool/cashmere blend. Absolutely one of my favorites this year and combines 4 of the nicest things I own. That is the Suit, the Best MTM Shirt (Read my Apposta Review), a Vintage Yellow Pocket Square (By Granqvist Sweden) and of course the new Dignito Tie. Here it is quite obvious who the star of the show is. I was initially skeptical if I can make it work but I think it is splendid. You can immediately notice how good the length and width is as well as the gorge deep amazing dimple it creates.

close up suit and tie
And here is a close up…

Absolutely fabulous. In my opinion of course! Over the years of my relatively short sartorial journey I discovered that the cheaper the tie, the more difficult it becomes to do a proper dimple. Double Four-in-Hand is the knot I use almost exclusively and I cannot stress enough how easy this was. Color me impressed. What this shot shows too is how all 4 pieces have some interconnecting colors of various shades. There is yellow in the Pocket Square, Tie and Suit, while there is Blue in the shirt and the other two.

For my second outfit I chose my first MTM Suit from Suitsupply. Very happy with it 2 years later and glad to see I still fit in it!

Suitsupply MTM Suit

In this occasion I chose a light pink shirt from ETON while I swapped the Pocket Square for the Dignito one. Light pink shirts and a Navy Blue Suit are combinations that should be in every gentleman’s wardrobe. Observe how the accessories just make it pop.

close up suit and tie

Zooming in you can also see the small details such as the weave, or the double fold from the tie knot and of course the deliciously deep dimple.

Are There Any Negatives?

If you want me to nitpick there can be a couple of negatives. The website is very basic and quite dated, although functional. For Dignito to expand more internationally and taking the competition into account eventually more effort needs to go on the website presentation.

Another thing is that the local Polish Post is not the most consistent one. Then again, is USPS or PostNord? My parcel arrived quite fast in just a few days in Sweden but be wary that transport times can vary a bit.

One last thing I want to mention is the selection. Superb for my taste but it could expand a bit but only with the correct strategy and pieces. Michael has an idea of course and some new exciting drops on the horizon.

Dignito Ties Review | Superb Accessories For The Right Price

I think my verdict is rather obvious. I think Dignito has great accessories which are not overpriced and have very good quality. You also know how I feel about supporting little passion projects and smaller businesses. So if you look for a new tie or pocket square, give Dignito a chance.

Important to stress out is also the fact that this Review is unbiased and my own choice. And if the products where not up to par I would not hesitate one bit to roast them. Just like when I reviewed the stolen patterns from Cie Shoes or that disaster of a Vincero Watch.suitsupply suit

I might look to sell and trim my collection of shoes by the way, so if you wear UK 7, 8, or 10,5 let me know! In the meantime, stay safe and dapper and don’t forget to share the article or Subscribe if you are new! This is a hobby for me and your engagement helps me continue it. So to wrap up the Dignito Ties Review, what is your opinion on these 2 accessories? Let me know in the comments down below and I will see you next week!

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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