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One Year Later, 100 Years Wiser

Coming home the other day from work, I tried to find the perfect article for this week. One of our flatmates said he has an important event and needs a good pair of shoes. While I helped him with a pair and shined it for him it struck me. I am now the go to person for many people when it comes to clothes and shoes in my city. My taste evolved a lot as well as my knowledge especially when it comes to The Best Menswear Shops in Stockholm.

Yes, that is today’s article. An article that is a big update over the last one from 2018. It shows the evolution of my style as well as the duality that exists when you start your journey and when you are more experienced.

You will not find me browsing wares in Brothers or anywhere near Zara or H&M. It is part of my mission to educate people to invest a little more in quality over quantity. It is not about snubbing but more about thinking ahead and appreciating the crafts.

Snow and howling winds linger outside my window as the North succumbs to the darkness of winter. Let’s get some tea and get ready to do some shopping.


Best Shops in Stockholm - Suitsupply
Best Menswear Shops in Stockholm – Suitsupply

It feels rather natural to start with Suitsupply. It is just unbeatable in terms of value and the sheer quality of the experience. Great fabrics, amazing prices for canvassed suits and some of the lowest Made To Measure prices in the city make Suitsupply a real contender for the Best Menswear Shop in Stockholm.

Nested deep into the heart of the city in the popular Östermalm area, Suitsupply has the second largest shop of the franchise in Europe. Three floors to explore to your heart’s content. On the main area you will find the casual section, downstairs suits, shirts and shoes. Lastly, on the top floor you will get the tailoring station, tuxedos and the aforementioned MTM room.

A superb, user friendly website which makes it easy to shop and store your information. If you like suits and getting the maximum value out of your money this is the place to be. The collection includes everything from little accessories to the most extravagant suits and coats. Black has no place in Suitsupply unless it is for Black Tie or Funerals.

The Tuxedo Package is the best for those that have a special event coming and clocks in at 600 Euros. Includes a shirt, tuxedo, shoes and bow-tie. The Blazers are really nice with a lot of color variety and patterns. Pants are pretty good but run a little higher on the waist than your average pair of trousers. Shoes on the other hand have good leather quality, however are Blake Stitched so not ideal for winter and rain or resoling.

  • What To Buy: Suits, Knitwear, Sneakers, Pants, Blazers, Tuxedos, Coats, Shirts
  • What To Avoid: Shoes
  • Location: Norrlandsgatan 13

I do not find a deterrent in the fact that the suits are made in China. For such a large scale brand it is very consistent and produces remarkable quality.

Tip: Curious about the different Suits? Read our Suitsupply Suit Fits Guide!

Götrich 1730

Best Shops in Stockholm - Götrich 1730
Best Menswear Shops in Stockholm – Götrich 1730

Erik Mannby is a well-known persona in the fashion game of Stockholm. He is also part of Götrich 1730 which is Sweden’s oldest Bespoke Tailoring house. I had a chance to meet him and his lovely wife in a small event with Hugo Jacomet as a guest. What a wonderful opportunity!

This tailoring house is situated once more in Östermalm. You will see this name pop up a lot in this list. Götrich 1730 specializes in Bespoke garments. From Suits, to Coats and Shirts it is an expensive yet top notch experience for the city of Stockholm. Collaborating with Saville Row with the best fabrics available they can make anything a reality. It is probably one of the few places where you can get things like proper Morning and Evening wear.

The shop is really cozy and I have to give credit to the designer. It had a beautiful vintage feeling with leather, books and a counter reminiscent of an important gala. Tasteful and classic, if you have the budget this is the place to be.

Honestly, for a Full Bespoke two-piece suit 13000 SEK is not that much (about 1350$) and has a turnaround of about 12 weeks. Or you can go fully Hand Made Bespoke and shell out 36000 SEK (about 3650$). Your rules, your pocket.

  • Location: Humlegårdsgatan 19

I think when it is time for me to get my first Bespoke Suit, this is where I will go.


Blugiallo MTM Sweden

Another interesting entry where I do not have so much to say is Blugiallo. A contrast to the more classic feel of Götrich, Blugiallo has a more youthful modern vibe to the store. Of course they do MTM and not Bespoke but their shop is really bright and minimalist. Just as you would expect from the Swedes!

I visited their boutique months ago and also during the Stockholm Trunk Show. Very friendly people with a lot of knowledge and a wide selection of fabrics. Their prices were rather competitive as well starting at 6000-7000 SEK (650-750$).

If you are tired of using the same brands over and over again, I recommend checking them out. You can make some really nice jackets or pants there. Or hey, why not sew a nice fitting shirt.

  • Location: Artillerigatan 6

Now what kind of design should I make…


Best Men's Dress Shoes 2019 - Myrqvist Oxford Semi-Brogue

A growing shoe company, Myrqvist is a Swedish Brand producing minimalist Goodyear Welted Shoes in Portugal. I covered them extensively in a previous Review which impressed me with the value.

The range of shoes is not enormous, but very tasteful and covers most of the needs of the modern man. Quite recently they released their A/W19 collection with some pretty nice boots. You can also get a MTO customization service for a small surcharge, as well as accessories and leather goods.

You can now find Myrqvist in two locations, since they opened a new store very close to Suitsupply. Definitely worth a visit if you are more on the budget side and are afraid shopping online from Meermin. The leather is decent quality, however I did find their loafers half a size smaller than usual. Once or twice a year they do some sample sales. I must say though, their cashmere scarves are an absolute treat.

  • Locations: Jakobsbergsgatan 17, Östermalm and Grev Turegatan 46
  • Price Range: 2000 – 3000 SEK

This is a great destination for both visitors and inhabitants as tailoring shops are not suitable for passersby.

Eton Shirts

Best Shops in Stockholm - Eton
Best Menswear Shops in Stockholm – Eton

Eton is yet another Swedish company that makes shirts of the highest quality. I remember putting on my first Eton Shirt in the Åhlens City Shop. I knew I was putting something special on. The feel of the cotton was buttery smooth and well worth the price tag. My only concern was that the shirt was too long and needed shortening at the sleeves. My Suitsupply shirts, or Charles Tyrwhitt fits great out of the box.

Now, to be fair you could go and get some great Made To Measure Shirts for less than an Eton shirt but not everyone has the luxury of waiting, or the patience. Looking purely at quality they are fantastic, however value does diminish a little at those prices.

An advantage they do have is their Custom Made Program and the availability of Super Slim Fit for those of you with slender body types.

If you have the budget and look for some of the best off the rack shirts, Eton is a very good choice with dozens of choices, patterns and weaves. There is no point listing all their stores here since you can find them in all the major areas of Stockholm. I will list the three most central and accessible ones. Of course you can find them in many countries of the world these days.

  • Key Locations: Åhlens City Mästersamuelsgatan 61, Eton NK Regeringsgatan 55, Eton Sturegatan 8
  • Prices: 119 Euros up to 249 Euros (175 – 305$)

Of course, they do have some accessories like ties and pocket squares but I find them overpriced. For all those needs I will always choose Granqvist that is next on the list!

Tip: For a full list of the stores, check here!

Granqvist Sweden

Granqvist Sweden
Best Menswear Shops in Stockholm – Granqvist Sweden

What more is there to say about Granqvist. A small shop near Saint Eriksplan in Stockholm with a super nice owner that has a true passion for bow ties, ties and accessories.

It is a refreshing change to enter such a small shop and a stark contrast to the massive stores sprouting up everywhere these days. Granqvist has absolutely everything you need. I first met them during the Stockholm Trunk Show 2018 and then this year.

The best Italian fabrics including vintage silk from decades back are turned into pocket squares and ties with imagination and taste. It is what is generally lacking from the market where everyone keeps making the same things. For a good price you will get accessories that rival Drake’s for a fraction of the cost.

  • Location: Rörstrandsgatan 10, St: Eriksplan
  • What To Get: A Tie & Pocket Square

I recently got a couple of ties that I am excited to show you in the upcoming weeks! Until then if you live here or visit Stockholm go by Granqvist and support a small business.

Bäckmans Skoservice

Best Menswear Shops in Stockholm - Bäckmans Skoservice
Best Menswear Shops in Stockholm – Bäckmans Skoservice

While not the best Shoe Store in Stockholm, Bäckmans Skoservice has another charm to it. It is a small repair shop in Östermalm that can fix any sole and refurbish your shoes. Additionally, you can buy here all your shoe care needs such as shoe trees and polishing products.

In this place I bought my first ever good shoes. The Loake 1880 Aldwych which right now seems like a bad buy. I should make an update on that! Here is one of the few places where you can physically try Allen Edmonds in Sweden among other brands. Some of them are R.M. Williams, Johnston and Murphy and their own in house brand Brookman.

  • Location: Nybrogatan 23, Östermalm
  • What To Get: Shoe Care Products

My favorite thing about the store is the old time feel it has but also the fact that you can watch the cobblers ply their trade behind the transparent windows.


Best Shops in Stockholm - Grafford
Best Menswear Shops in Stockholm – Grafford

One of the first shops in Sweden to offer Goodyear Welted Shoes, Grafford is open since 1975!

Although I never got the chance to buy a shoe yet I visited the shop a few times already. It has the best selection of Crockett & Jones shoes and leather goods in Stockholm. From the classic Bench-grade collection to the Handgrade you can find anything in their range.

Almost the entire boutique is Crockett & Jones although I found a few rare Cheaney from the Imperial Collection before. If you are a fan of the iconic British brand and enjoy a luxurious experience with excellent service this is a good place to visit. The Handgrade models are beautiful and so is every Shell Cordovan shoe there. I want them all!

Of course, you can choose to buy small leather goods, accessories and shoe care items here.

  • Location: Humlegårdsgatan 19, Östermalm

Definitely worth the visit especially if you live here.

Tip: Not sure what Shell Cordovan is? Check out our Super Guide on Types of Shoe Leather!

Anything More?

Hell yes! There are a lot of shops that I need to discover and so far have read good things about. However I must reserve judgement until I actually go there. A few standout shops worth mentioning are the following:

  • Rose & Born: Expensive Suits, Shoes & Designer items in Grevgatan 2
  • Lund & Lund: Suits, Tailoring and really expensive shoes like Edward Green
  • Berg & Berg: Clothing store with Nordic modern design

When I actually get some free time (hah!) I will get to visit all of them.

Aren’t You Forgetting Something?!

Well, I cannot end this article without mentioning my own shop right? A bit controversial but then again I believe on what I do and how I do it. For those of you unfamiliar with Misiu Academy, I also own a small online shop called The Noble Shoe.

I sell Carlos Santos Shoes which are in my opinion some of the best in terms of value and quality. You can choose from some very unique models that are nowhere else on the planet or go crazy with our Patina Service.

The Noble Shoe Adelaide

This is my life project and my biggest passion. To educate people and provide them with the tools to be the best versions of themselves. I thank all of you for the support.

A City Worth Discovering

Stockholm is a beautiful destination with many things to do. It has an abundance of shopping experiences for the classic or modern man. As always, make sure to focus on quality over quantity. Yesterday, the guy that asked me for the shoes said “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Wrong mentality.

“Stop looking for thrash and start looking for treasure”
My Response

Pay a little more attention to details, dress good and feel good and chase your dreams. It can all begin with one purchase or discovering a new passion. But also remember that just wearing nice clothes or shoes does not make you automatically a gentleman. Behave like one as well and do not resent others. Instead, they should fuel you to become even better.

Sorry for getting sidetracked! But it is a rather motivational week. I wholeheartedly recommend checking most of these shops if you live or visit Stockholm. Most of them have a unique story behind them and more often than not they are very happy to share it with you. And this concludes the Best Menswear Shops in Stockholm Guide!

In the following weeks I will be reviewing a lot of goodies from MatchU Tailor and Granqvist! Subscribe to make sure you do not miss a thing and have a wonderful, sartorial week.

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy


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