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Shoe News October 2019 | Cobbler Union, Myrqvist’s New Store & More

Best Men's Dress Shoes 2019 - Carlos Santos Patina Service - 370$

October – A Rather Interesting Month For Shoes!

Welcome to the latest Shoe News from October 2019! A series of articles that attempts to gather up all the important news I could find during the previous month. As we are approaching the more festive days a lot of companies undergo changes or launch new products in preparation.

This month was no different with many interesting news from various sources. Specifically we are going to talk about Cobbler Union, Myrqvist, Pediwear and an upcoming Exhibition in Bangkok.

I also got to visit Greece for a few days which makes this post even more special! So grab some hot coffee, cover your self in a blanket and let’s go!

The Noble Shoe Launches The Carlos Santos Patina Service

Well, I think the introductory picture says it all! I finally found the time to sit down and upload the Patina Service of Carlos Santos. It is essentially an MTO Program where the customer can choose a style, color and size.

The Noble Shoe Carlos Santos Patina Service
The Noble Shoe Carlos Santos Patina Service – Chukka Boots in Sintra Patina

It is a fascinating way to receive a very unique pair of shoes. With 14 Different Styles and a maximum of 19 Patinas you can create beautiful combinations. Such as a Jodhpur in Norte (Navy Blue) or a Classic Oxford in Black/Grey Patina.

So if you find some of the models we have on the website and you cannot find your size, or want a different color this is the one for you. Since each shoe is handpainted and finished in the factory, it will take 3-4 weeks before your model is ready.

Cobbler Union Changes The Fiddleback Sole

A fiddleback sole is a work of art and a sign of high quality. A detail you find mostly in Bespoke and very High End Shoes, it is a feature coveted by many. It comes as a surprise then when companies like Carlos Santos, TLB Mallorca and Cobbler Union do it in their RTW models.

However it does pose some problems. It takes more time to do, costs more and it is difficult to replace the sole in just any cobbler. This of course is something that Cobbler Union are aware of and addressed during a recent Styleforum Post.

Shoe News October 2019 - Cobbler Union Sole
Shoe News October 2019 – The Gilbert Oxford Fiddleback Sole

Specifically they said that due to the cost and handwork for just 395$ and the lack of cobblers that can resole it properly they will remove this feature from some models. Two models that this change affects are on the new lasts 888 and 371. It is very understandable and also a way for them to introduce more models in different make ups.

This does not mean they are phasing out the fiddleback sole completely, rather than propose new alternatives.

PS. Styleforum banned me for “advertising” a GMTO.

Shoegazing Creates A New English Site

Very few classic shoe blogs in the world have such influence like Jesper Ingevaldsson’s Shoegazing. Justin Fitzpatrick and The Shoe Snob is another one.

The former had an English version which was a part of the Swedish one. Now however you can find Shoegazing English on a separate URL and exactly the same layout that you love. Essentially it trades the suffix for a very recognizable com.

Jesper also launched a small Patreon Page where you can support his quest for quality shoe awareness with small donations. Please check him out, he regularly puts a lot of effort to bring you good content and create amazing events like the Super Trunk Show.

Myrqvist Launches Bizarre New AW19 Campaign & New Physical Store

Not so long ago I got my hands on a Penny Loafer by Swedish Myrqvist. Very affordable Goodyear Welted Shoes from Portugal.

Myrqvist AW19 Campaign

Since that they launched their new collection of Winter Boots. The campaign is rather bizarre and features a man eating a burger among others! There are 4 Boots and 3 Styles in this collection:

  • Tjärnö: A Classic Cap-Toe Derby Boot in Black/Dark Brown Calf
  • Abisko: An existing model though this time with Black Grain Leather
  • Gothem: A Split-Toe Dark Brown Suede Boot

I must admit I really like the Gothem due to the looks and the suede. I feel it is a beautiful and sturdy boot. Which brings me to the next point.

On the 16th of October Myrqvist opened up a new physical store in the Mood Galleria (Jakobsbergsgatan 17) of Stockholm. An adventurous new move in a very good location which is very close to Suitsupply where I work. The store owner is a very nice guy and I am very happy to meet him more often now.

the Gothem by Myrqvist
Gothem in Brown Suede | Picture from Myrqvist

Of course this means I had the chance to check the boots and the rest of the shoes and they look very fine for the price. I also had the chance to hear about their new MTO Program where you can customize your own shoes. From my understanding you have to physically be there via appointment, but probably email would work too.

Very happy to see them expand and good luck to my friend Massar!

Decorum Bangkok Exhibition

shoe news october 2019 - decorum bangkok expo
Shoe News October 2019 – Decorum Bangkok Expo

Moving on to some upcoming shows for November. The first one on the list is The Decorum Bangkok Exhibition. It is essentially an exhibition of the best shoes that won the World Shoemaking Championship in 2019.

The even runs from 15-24 November 2019 and you have to email them to attend if there is space left. You will meet Gary Tok (author of the book Master Shoemakers) as well as the Japanese Shoe Shine Champion Terashima Naoki.

Participants will also get a chance to enjoy a symposium of classic shoes with guests from all over the world.

The second event is already over unfortunately but worth mentioning. A similar showcase of these amazing shoes by Mason & Smith in Singapore. It took place last Saturday 2 November in Singapore.

Pediwear Stops Using English Cordovan

During the first months of 2019 I had the pleasure to work with Pediwear of England. A small family business from the UK selling quality shoes. They even developed their own brand called Edward & James.

Edward and James Rushton English Cordovan Boot by Pediwear

They sent me a very unique Shell Cordovan Boot manufactured by Cheaney. The big twist however was that they used Cordovan from an English Tannery in Derbyshire. You can find the Review of the wonderful Rushton here.

Now the problem is that the tannery has closed unfortunately so that means that the production of the Edward & James Cordovan models will cease for now. At least until they find an alternative.

You can also read more about it in their short article.

Anything Else Going On?

Probably! However this is all the major news I could find at the moment. Another thing that might be worth mentioning is the continuous release of new models for the Winter season. Or a reminder that Black Friday and Christmas are upon us shortly. And that means a lot of juicy sales!

I am also working on the next round of GMTOs for The Noble Shoe. Do you have any recommendations?

One More Month Is Behind Us

There we go gentlemen. This brings us to the end of the Shoe News for October 2019 Article. With news ranging from Shell Cordovan, to changes in design and shoe exhibitions, it was a very productive short article.

I am enjoying short vacations in my hometown while typing this which makes it even more special! Hopefully next week I can finish an article about some amazing ties from Granqvist Sweden. They are absolutely gorgeous and incredible quality.

Until then, thank you very much for being here and supporting us. If you are new and enjoy the content please consider Subscribing. It is free, has no advertising and you only get 1 mail per week with our newest article. Not bad!

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy


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