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Styling A Suitsupply Three-Piece Houndstooth Suit | OOTW #4

Suitsupply Brown Three-Piece Houndstooth Suit

A Three-Piece Houndstooth Suit Is What I Needed

Recently, a huge challenge was looming for me on the horizon. Approximately two weeks away from home with limited supplies and of course: clothing. I needed a versatile multi-piece suit that I could combine to form different outfits. My first thought was to visit Suitsupply and boy it did not disappoint. I now am the proud owner of a beautiful Brown Three-Piece Houndstooth Suit.

Together with a pair of denim, beige chinos and three shirts it is the core of my wardrobe for this trip. I was surprised how wonderfully versatile and good it looks just by changing a shirt or exploring my boundaries with jeans. I thought it would make a great short article.

So, let’s go through the suit and the combinations, understand what is a houndstooth pattern and enjoy the amazing pre-summer weather!

What Is A Houndstooth Pattern??

You could say Houndstooth belongs to a larger family of plaid/checks. Each pattern receives its name based on its history, weave or distinctive design. When you nail the basics, patterns are excellent to flex your sartorial muscle.

Houndstooth looks like the jagged edge of a dog’s tooth (hence the name) and dates back to more than 1700 years ago in Sweden. Even though one traces its roots there, the origin in clothing is Scotland in the 18th century. Simply put, it is an alternating mix of light and dark bands to form this pattern.

Typical Houndstooth Pattern
Typical Houndstooth Pattern

This means that changing the color makes the variations endless. It was always very popular with women and great sport’s coat material. Houndstooth is also known as dogstooth, pied-de-poule and if you scale the pattern down, puppytooth.

Great! Now Tell Me About The Suit

Before we begin, here are the specifications for today’s Three-Piece Houndstooth Suit:

  • Brand: Suitsupply
  • Type: Three-Piece Suit
  • Size: 38R
  • Style: Havana
  • Product Code: P5746
  • Color: Brown
  • Pattern: Houndstooth
  • Jacket: 2 Button
  • Vest: Double-Breasted
  • Fit: Slim
  • Shoulders: No Padding
  • Material: 48% Wool 28% Linen 24% Silk
  • Canvas: Half Canvas
  • Mill: Marling & Evans (UK)
  • Lapel: Notch
  • Pockets: Patch
  • Lining: Cupro, Viscose and Polyester
  • Made In: China
  • Price: 4999 SEK ($639/ £429/ €429)

Tip: Notice the very interesting variations in price especially between pounds and euros. It really depends on the location. It is much more expensive in the US.

The Suit Is The Focus

There is no question about it, this suit is the standout piece of any outfit. In subtle brown color reminiscent of classic gun-check sports jackets, it will attract attention. I walked approximately 200 meters from my house before a woman on the street asked me if I was going to London. Presumably to hunt foxes or eat fish n’ chips?

A light wool blend with linen and silk means that it breathes quite well for more temperate days. If it gets too warm, you can simply take off the jacket. With or without the waistcoat, you will look great.

It is also unstructured with no padding and has a slim fit which is good for thinner and average men. The patch pockets mesh well with the casual nature of the suit and the pants have no pleats (thankfully!). Of course, the half-canvas ensures the jacket drapes over your body and keeps shape.

The color is however the main advantage along with the pattern. It is extremely flexible and goes well with a plethora of colors as you will see.

The Shirt & Accessories Compliment The Outfits

As aforementioned, the suit is quite the statement. This means that the rest of the outfit should tone it down a bit. Both shirts are plain and should be, however stripes could potentially work rather well too. Apart from a watch, the only thing you really need here is a tie and a pocket square.

Since I could not take much with me, I chose two dress shirts that should be in every man’s wardrobe. A white shirt by TailorLamb and a vibrant blue shirt by Ernst Alexis.

I chose a brown polka dot and a purple floral tie along with a vintage blue/white pocket square from Granqvist Sweden. All works wonderfully together and allows me to dress up or down my outfits.

An Amazing Pair Of Boots To Finish Up

Packing multiple pairs of shoes is downright impossible due to the space and weight. Therefore I picked one pair of suede sneakers for my casual days and my new favorite boots. The Edward & James Rushton in luxurious Shell Cordovan.

The Edward & James Rushton in Burgundy Shell Cordovan
The Edward & James Rushton in Burgundy Shell Cordovan

Absolutely stunning boots (Read the review) with a wonderful dark burgundy color that matches any outfit. They look right at home with this Three-Piece Houndstooth suit, but also with denim and chinos.

Tip: Not sure what Shell Cordovan is? I have an amazing guide for you here.

Outfit #1 | Full Suit, Blue Shirt & Brown Tie

To avoid repeating myself, this is the outfit you saw in the intro. What I love about it is how vibrant the blue shirt is. The contrast is great and further accentuated by the bluer tone of the pocket square.

I think it gives a nice playful vibe! Add the brown polka tie and you got some more subtle texture while not taking away from the main focus.

Outfit #2 | Full Suit, White Shirt & Purple Tie

Little things can change it completely. Here I use the white shirt as a more neutral, blank canvas and the focus shifts to the tie and pocket square instead.

Purple is such a lovely color. The floral pattern is one of my favorites and is definitely more casual. The blue handkerchief also shows why blue is such a versatile color.

Three-Piece Houndstooth Suit, White Shirt and Purple Floral Tie
Notice how just changing the shirt creates a whole different outfit

Outfit #3 | Waistcoat, Blue Shirt & Denim

Taking a more adventurous approach, here I lost the jacket and kept the vest. I also changed to a pair of dark blue jeans. It is a controversial move for many these days, but I think in this occasion it works very well due to the nature of this vest.

The houndstooth pattern is casual even if the vest itself is double-breasted. In my opinion it is a great way to dress up a casual outfit.

Houndstooth Waistcoat, Blue Shirt, denim and Brown Tie
Not looking too bad!

Both blue and white shirts will work fine, so it is up to you. I would avoid any kind of heavy pattern shirts or pink as it doesn’t match altogether.

Is The Suitsupply RTW Worth It?

Thinking about the price value and quality, I would say yes. You get a lot for your money and an even better deal if you are in Europe. A Suit from a reputed mill that includes a waistcoat and half-canvassed? It is very hard to beat that!

Suitsupply Havana Hoondstooth Pants
Pretty good tailoring fit from Suitsupply Stockholm

As far as quality goes, everything checks out. They are transparent about the suit’s origin and their margins are quite low to allow this price tag. Good news if you are the consumer.

Stitching is on point and the big advantages of Suitsupply for me is that the salespeople have actual knowledge about tailoring and suits. My experience is limited to the Stockholm store, so bear that in mind.

Tip: Check out the Suitsupply MTM Review here.

What’s The Take-away Message?

Rather simple really. The point is not to boast about my outfits or my ability to match clothes. It is to show that just a few pieces can create enough unique outfits so you can look your best effortlessly.

Do you need to dress up? Wear the full suit. Leave the vest on. Lose the jacket, the tie or even both. Change the pants to denim or chinos. This is the beauty of a minimalist lean wardrobe. And of course, do not be afraid to dare!

This brings us to the end of the “Three-Piece Houndstooth Suit” outfit article! Houndstooth is a very nice way to add texture and dimension and stand out from the rest. Keep it simple, add a splash of color in the form of a tie and pocket square and you are set!

I will see you next Tuesday! We have some exclusive shoes from Carlos Santos and Heinrich Dinkelacker down the pipeline. Subscribe and stay up to date!

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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Comments (4)

Fascinating leather article. Can’t afford it but I have for some bizarre reason an affinity and absolute fascination with leather, linen and all high quality natural products and the care they deserve. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us..

I am a little confused what you mean by leather article, since this is about a suit mostly, but thank you for your comment!


Where is the purple tie from?



Kostas Mandilaris

Hi Simon, it was from Charles Tyrwhitt. I recommend Granqvist Sweden for similar colors.

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