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OOTW #3 | Denim Shirt, Chinos And Checks For A Nice Spring Outfit

Checks, Denim Shirt and Beige Chinos Outfit

Spring Is In The Air!

Can you believe that it is May already? However, this also means that we are in the heart of Spring and that means colors! From blossoming flowers to clear skies, why not join the party with your clothes? Lighter shades make for a great contrast, so dust off those Beige Chinos and pair them up with a Denim Shirt for the ultimate casual spring outfit.

With Misiu Academy increasingly focusing on shoes, I thought it would be a welcome change of pace to mix it up with my favorite outfit from last week. This third edition of OOTW builds upon the principals discussed above. It is surprising how difficult it is for most men to combine colors. It does not have to be that way.

Are you ready? Let’s dive right in.

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Today’s Choices – Blue, Beige & Brown

A good way to start is to look at all the individual parts from this outfit:

Everything blends well together, but we will go through each piece to understand the reasoning behind it. In time, you will become much better at understanding colors and matching them together.

Who Is This Look For?

The first question you should always ask yourself is “What am I about to do?“. These kinds of outfits are excellent for the weekend, a more casual Friday or sometimes, an office with a relaxed dress code. You would probably not wear this at work if you were a lawyer, but what if you work in IT?

The moment you identify the setting and activities, you have solved most of the problem because you know what to look for.

Building The Core – Denim Shirt And Chinos

Pants and shirts are the perfect place to start. I personally like starting with the pants because they are the connecting bridge between your upper look and shoes.

Generally, more neutral colored chinos are very flexible and pair well with everything. It is a part of our minimalist wardrobe philosophy (grab your Free Guide by Subscribing!). Beige in particular is so versatile. It is similar to white in that aspect, but requires less confidence to pull off and will never look out of place.

Tip: Unsure about which colors to buy for your first Chinos? Check out this handy Guide!

With a blank canvas in our disposal, we want a nice vibrant contrast that goes well with the season. Just take a look at the sky. See that blue? It is perfect!

A rich color that injects some “fashionable” to your outfit, the denim shirt is highly recommended. It pairs well with chinos, suit separates and even with a full on suit or blazer. Seriously now, get one.

A Good Pair Of Boots Goes A Long Way!

Literally and metaphorically! A good pair of Goodyear Welted shoes means they will last longer and can be resoled as many times as you want. Lately, I have been in love with boots. They can be classy, rugged, or very casual and fit different kinds of styles.

Carlos Santos Coimbra Boots
Look how well these two colors mix together

A dark brown boot will look great with almost any choice of chinos or dressier pants. The commando sole balances the dressier style and the patina adds some flair. This particular boot is one of my favorites and comes from master shoemaker Carlos Santos. It sports excellent construction, a patina finish and is very good value. Read all about it in the Review here.

When you wear good shoes that look (and are) high quality, people will look.

Tip: If you are not sure where to start with shoes, check out our Best Shoes Guide Under $400 and $400-700.

Check (Mate) – Finishing Touches

Let’s face it, a blazer or sports coat will always make a man look better. And what better way to improve your outfit by adding a brown checked windowpane one.

Brown Checks, Denim Shirt and Beige Chinos Outfit
Denim Shirt and Chinos – A closer look at the outfit

Earth tones will never go out of fashion. Here, not only it matches your boots really well, but there is a bit of depth due to the windowpane pattern. The patterns have a nice dark blue hue which compliments your shirt very well.

This particular jacket is from S120 wool from Swedish maker Cavaliere. They have some nice offerings and are very good value for a canvassed jacket during sales. Flap pockets and sizable notch lapels complete the look. I still need to shorten the sleeves slightly though.

Accessories Make Everything Better

You don’t need to overdo it. Please don’t. A nice belt and a pocket square is usually more than enough. Here I consciously chose a bi-color braided belt for some uniqueness, although it should match your shoes in general.

Brown Checks, Denim Shirt and Yellow Pocket Square
Consistency is key

As for the rest, this jacket comes with a very simple, minimalist lapel pin which I really like. It adds some character don’t you think?

Lastly, my favorite part is the pocket square. Made from silk and produced in Como, it has all the best colors for this outfit. Yellow, which will always look great with any blue tone. Blue, that compliments the denim shirt but has a darker shade and a very light touch of burgundy. Burgundy feels at home with anything blue, grey or brown. I bought this from Granqvist, a small local business which you should totally check out and support!

Is There Something Missing?

If your answer was “A watch” you are right and have a very good eye for detail. I am on the lookout for a new watch, which should be a part of every man’s wardrobe. I do have one, however it is so bad that I refuse to wear it anymore. Please, stay away from the horrendous Vincero watches. In general, if something makes you have ill feelings then you should not use it.

Read the Review here to find out why it is that bad. If you are looking for real watches, check out this Interview with watch aficionado Philippe.

Combining Clothes Is Not Hard

It really isn’t. Sure, some things work better together than others, but if you build a minimalist wardrobe you will always have interchangeable clothes that blend good together. By then, you will have the experience to experiment and pull of good outfits effortlessly. People will look at you and think “This man knows what he is doing“.

So my advice for this week is to keep it simple, start simple and before you know it you will be the one that always dresses well. Dressing well is like having a clean home. You will always feel better in it.

This brings us to the end of the “Denim Shirt and Chinos” outfit of the week! It is a nice break from large articles and gives time to reflect and enjoy the beauties of everyday life. So go out there and awe everyone with your stylistic choices!

Other than that, stay tuned for an incredible interview with a bespoke shoemaker and a huge announcement in the upcoming weeks! Subscribe for more awesome content and I am grateful for your support.

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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