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Outfit Of The Week #1: Navy And Grey For The Perfect Business Casual Style

Outfit of the day Post

Outfit Of The Week Inspiration – Simple, Elegant & Effective

Outfit Of The Week is a new type of article that I wish to incorporate monthly in Misiu Academy. It is my way to not only present you with some Business Casual Ideas but also a chance to experiment and evolve my style.

This week’s outfit draws inspiration from our newly released “Minimalist Wardrobe Guide” (which you should totally get by subscribing!).

The basis comprises of the most fundamental colors for men, Grey and Navy Blue. It is however the addition of a few accessories that make the outfit standout injecting flair and personality.

Whether you seek out Business Casual inspiration for the office or the after work party, this “Outfit Of The Week” is a failproof combination that will receive many compliments.

Start With The Basics

Different shades of Grey and Navy Blue are the best colours for business since the early days of formal menswear.

Since a Business Casual Outfit is always going to be lower in the formality scale than a full suit, it is a smart idea to start with these important colours. If you have a Blue and Grey Suit you can create countless combinations due to their compatibility and versatility.

The three-piece suit is one of my absolute favourites. You will see spot well-dressed celebrities such as David Beckham sport this look often.

In this occasion I have chosen a Dark Navy suit by Tiger Of Sweden with the addition of a Grey waistcoat by Matinique.

What this does is present you with a blank canvas to draw on. However it is time to complete the outfit with the correct choice of shirt and shoes.

Pro Tip: There is no need for a tie clip if you wear a waistcoat since they serve the same purpose.

Choosing The Correct Shirt

The next step to replicating this style of outfit is to choose a shirt that matches it well.

I find white to be often very boring therefore light blue is my preferred choice. It goes equally well with everything and gives breathing room for playing with your accessories. This one is by Charles Tyrwhitt in a subtle Prince of Wales Check with french cuffs. You can read our review here.Outfit of the week #1 - Business Casual

Another option would be a similar shirt with stripes or a light pink shirt. Unsure about business appropriate shirts? We got you covered as always.

Shoes Are Important Too!

There is only one thing left to complete the core of this Business Casual look. The shoes of course as these can make or break the entire outfit.

There is no room for doubt that brown shoes are the best choice for a Blue suit. Medium and dark brown works best, though you can definitely work with black shoes.

When it comes to the shoe choice you can be spoiled due to the sheer possibilities. Brogues, oxfords, derbies and monk-straps all go very well with our selection.

I do however love the comfort and elegance of a good pair of Chelsea Boots. This particular model is the Loake 1880 Chatsworth in Brown which has aged wonderfully. You can of course read our full review here.

It Is Time To Add Some Accessories!

Now that our suit, shirt and shoes are on point it is time to add some colour and flair. How do we do that?

By selecting contrasting colours that match our previous selections of course!

Outfit of the week #1 - Business Casual Closeup

What better way to start than by choosing a tie! Burgundy is a phenomenal colour which exudes masculinity and power. This is a paisley wine red tie by John Henric and is definitely one of my favorites. If it is too strong for you, you can go for a more neutral colour such as brown or dark green.

I certainly feel that the pocket square is the standout item here and possibly one of controversy. The first rule that you should think about is that your pocket square should never match your tie entirely. That is because you want it to compliment your tie, not draw attention from it.

The one on display is a stunning vintage piece from my good friends at Granqvist Sweden. An amazing selection of ties and pocket squares and very often on sales.

It is mostly yellow, which is a color that goes blue very well in my opinion. However, it has a little bit of red to match the tie and hues of blue to match the shirt and suit.

These two accessories will draw enough attention and will certainly pop up. Your outfit just became so much more interesting right?

The Final Touches

A modern man should always wear a watch and rely less on his smartphone to see the time. My good friend is an expert on watches, so make sure to read our interview for advice. Remember to match the strap to your belt and your shoes.

There is however one last sneaky place to make a difference and let your personality show. If you opt for a shirt with french cuffs, why not experiment with your cufflinks?

I am a huge Marvel fan and I am not afraid to show it.

Outfit of the week #1 - Iron Man Cufflinks

See what a difference a little item can make?

Business Casual Done Right

This first Outfit Of The Week is a testament to how easy it actually is to mix your staples and create a great look for multiple settings.

You have a great blue suit with a touch of sophistication through the waistcoat. These are complimented by your shirt and shoes making a uniform look.

The tie and pocket square are the real stars of the shoe and the same could be said about the cufflinks. Be weary of what you want to project and choose accordingly.

Outfits like this will work well in a professional setting but also after work. You can simply lose the tie and then the pocket square assumes control. Looking and feeling great is something amazing and will boost your confidence levels quickly.

Follow these simple rules and you will soon be known as the man that always dresses sharp.

Outfit Of The Week – A New Article Type

This brings us to the end of the first “Outfit Of The Week” article series, which is something I am very excited about. I plan to do it monthly so throughout the year I will give you 12 of my favourite combinations.

Can you believe that January is almost over already? It is fascinating how time flies when you think about it. Which is exactly why you should not waste any time and start making changes. A gentleman is not just about the clothes, but also about attitude, ambition, manners to name a few. No need to be a try-hard, since a man of style has to be effortless right?

I hope you enjoyed this new type of article and I would love to interact with you in the comments section or Instagram. By subscribing you are supporting a little blog with a whole lot of heart.

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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