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Double Breasted Dark Green Suit | A Bold But Classic Outfit Of The Week

Suitsupply Emerald Green SuitI Love Colors!

Ever since I can remember I had an obsession about the color Dark Green. I consider myself a rather classic and conservative person when it comes to change. But when change happens I fully embrace it. And when I saw this Suitsupply Dark Green Double Breasted Suit I knew it was everything I wanted.

It was one of my latest suit purchases during last winter and I even wrote a guide about how to wear it! Underrated, yet flexible and striking color that you can wear with confidence and pride.

Granted, it is not everyone’s cup of tea and definitely bold or unsuitable for certain skin tones. But I love it! This is also the best season for me to wear it in Sweden since it is just about chilly enough to need flannel.

For this week I will show you how I styled it with textures and an elegant, simple outfit. Let’s go!

Think About The Situation

Before you create an outfit, ask yourself this question.

“What am I about to do? Where will I got? How formal is it?”

If you plan to go to a business formal meeting you would not wear such a flamboyant suit. Most likely at least! If your workplace is not a strict blue collar job or you have a more relaxed Friday allowance then go for it. Then again if you still want to be unique but keep the formality as high as you can then your choice of shoes and shirt or tie has to be more conservative.

board meeting
It would be really strange if you show up in a colorful suit here right?

I have my own business however which means freedom to wear whatever, whenever. I love it because it allows me to express myself in ways that would not be possible.

So the key is in my opinion to work your way down. You consider first the occasion, then choose your base and either keep it more conservative or spice things up with little things. Let’s see what I did this week.

Picking The Base

For me the situation is simple. I already know that I want (and can) wear a Dark Green Suit. I feel the Double Breasted version works fantastic for such colors but also in a more discreet olive green tone.

It is also surprisingly easy to match, with contrasting colors or more earth tones matching perfectly. The Suit is flannel which has a texture feel and it is looks more at home with sweaters and knitwear.

I think the only downside with this is that I am not yet so comfortable using them as separates as it is quite strong. The jacket is harder than the pants, which would look great with black shoes and a navy blazer. So the full suit is going to be my base for this one.

Knitwear Makes For A Timeless Classic

I love turtlenecks and I LOVE Cashmere. In fact there is a juicy event in the next 2 weeks where I will have the opportunity to get some more pieces. Cashmere has a beautiful nap and velvet texture while keeping you so warm.

Honestly I did not feel like wearing a tie and in my opinion it can look strange with just an open dress shirt. For me it looks really gorgeous with a light brown shirt or a classic blue/pink shade.

Granqvist Store Ties Review - Regimental Shantung Tie Outfit
Same outfit with a white dress shirt and Shantung Raw Silk tie by Granqvist

What does that mean then? Turtlenecks of course! What better way to combine textures and create a more sartorial look than a Cashmere Turtleneck. Specifically, one in a more earthy light brown/yellow color to match the green perfectly. I personally prefer lighter colors than dark and you will often see me wear this with light gray too.

Creating a balance between the colors is important and you already have one standalone big piece. Think of your skin tone and hair before choosing though. You should not choose a golden color if you have blonde hair for example as it would be too bland and absorbing.

Some variation of navy could work nicely or even black for some people.

Tip: Read the round up of some Cashmere pieces by Soft Goat & Altea here.

Shoes Make Or Break The Outfit

Wearing such a suit means everything has to be perfect or at least look good together. And few things can make or break it other than the choice of shoes.

Dark Green Suit and Blue Shoes

Dark Green is a special color especially on a suit. If you choose light brown, tan shoes you will look like a Christmas tree. You do have however many choices!

  • Black: an excellent classic option with shoes such as Chelsea Boots
  • Dark Brown: yet another classic that will look great and not out of place
  • Navy: a real winner as it looks so good with this color
  • Beige: a sandy/beige suede boot can look fantastic if you are willing to try

I am not a huge fan of oxblood/burgundy for this but it can definitely work. The choice was easy. I already have 2 textures on my outfit so why not go with a more special pair of shoes?

If you read my Heinrich Dinkelacker Blue Shell Cordovan Boot Review you will know how special they are. In fact I am wearing them very often now and they are absolutely fantastic. They have a rich deep blue color and contrasting welt and laces which make it the most unique shoe in my collection by far.

And just take a look at it I think it looks incredible together.

heinrich dinkerlacker blue shell boots
Dark Green Suit & Navy Budapesters makes for a killer combo

Alright sure, this is not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s not like you have to go overboard right? Here’s yet another navy shoe that you could use from The Noble Shoe.

Carlos Santos 6942 Double Monks in Norte Navy Patina for The Noble Shoe
Carlos Santos 6942 Double Monks in Norte Navy Patina for The Noble Shoe

Putting The Last Touch

A pocket square is one of the best and simplest ways to complete an outfit. While the Suitsupply guys will say you need to match your pocket square texture to the rest 100% I say screw it. Yes, it is preferable to keep the consistency but my former shop would castigate me for using a linen one.

Color wise there is not much to think about honestly. Most of the things that work for the knitwear or your shirt will work equally well for the handkerchief. I opted for my favorite linen blue/white carousel by Granqvist. Depending on how I fold it it also looks differently!

Granqvist Wagon Pocket Square
My absolute favorite pocket square

That’s it really! No need to reinvent the wheel or make it over-complicated. One thing left to discuss!

It’s All About The Fit

Before we wrap up this simple article I will stress the importance of fit as I always do. It does not matter how much your clothes cost if they fit terribly. Baggy and over-sized is as bad as those super tight ridiculous Instagram trends. There is nothing wrong with a more tailored fit but you need fabric in your pants to move, sit and not rip them apart.

As for the jacket make sure it looks nice on you, has the proper jacket and sleeve length and that the shoulders look clean. I love natural, unconstructed shoulders and the Suitsupply Havana model fits me great.

Turtleneck and Dark Green Suit

I did not taper the legs on the pants of this suit as I like the slightly more relaxed fit it gives. It also gives me nice range of motion and freedom of movement which I learn to appreciate more with time.

Occasion, Base, Completion

And that’s it folks! I just returned from a trip to Prague so it is perfect timing for a nice change of pace. With so many types of articles it is good to revisit old formats from time to time. If there is anything you should keep from this guide it’s the following. Dare to wear something different but first of all think about where you are going to use it. Then complete the outfit with accessories and layers working your way inside.

Don’t forget that fit is the most important aspect of any outfit. Please hem the pants to a proper break. Next time you walk out take a look around you and see how many men don’t know or bother about it. For 5$ you will up your game significantly. Women especially notice such things and you will be way ahead of the pack if you take care of them.

I hope you enjoyed a refreshing take on suiting. One of my favorite suits, the Dark Green Suit is a mainstay in my collection and will be for years to come. I am curious to hear your opinion, criticism and ideas! Is there a specific guide you would like to read about? Let me know in the comments down below.

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy


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