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The Best Men’s Dress Shoes 2019 Part 1: Brands Under 400$ [Updated!]

Best Men's Dress Shoes 2019 - Antonio Meccariello

Choosing The Best Men’s Dress Shoes In 2019 Is Tricky

Dress Shoes are not an option for the modern gentleman, they are a necessity. This is especially true in this age of casual and street-wear. However, there are tons of brands bombarding you with ads which makes it a challenge to buy the correct shoes. Adding to the confusion is the various types of dress shoes, from Oxfords to Loafers and Johdpur Boots. This is exactly what gave birth to the “Best Men’s Dress Shoes 2019“article series.

Even worse,  the web is infested with disgusting articles from “well-established” websites such as Esquire, GQ and Business Insider. These “experts” spam you either with terrible shoes with cemented construction or 2000$ designer brands like Prada.

Not everyone has a fortune to spend however, but this does not mean you should settle for lower quality. This Guide aims to educate you about the best brands within 4 different brackets:

In Part 1 we will cover the “Best Men’s Dress Shoes under 400$” which is what I would call entry level in the world of higher quality shoes. Some might argue that the limit should be 300$ but prices continue to increase and I feel 400$ is the hot spot.

Grab some tea, sit tight and I promise it will be time well spent.

I Updated this Article on December 20th 2020!

What Are The Criteria?

This Guide focuses on brands tested by time but also some hidden gems you might not know about.

A benchmark is the shoe construction, which must be AT LEAST Blake Stitched and preferably Goodyear Welt. If this sounds gibberish to you, please check out our Dress Shoes Guide that has much more technical information. Very briefly, cheaper shoes glue the sole to the upper part, while higher quality shoes sew it. You cannot resole the former which is a big negative.

Additionally, the quality of the leather and the value for money both play an important role. You want something that will look good but also last for a very long time.

Things To Avoid

Lastly, here is a quick list of what to avoid when looking for the Best Men’s Dress Shoes:

  • Cemented Construction
  • Cheap Leather (both in look and touch)
  • Designer Brands
  • Brands promoted by the tons by “influencers”
  • Unknown Brands popping up out of nowhere

Great. Now on to the list.

Best Men’s Shoes Under 400$

The selection is from low to high price and includes some bonus picks at the end. At any given time you can refer back to the Table of Contents for easier navigation.

1. Meermin Mallorca – 180 $/1660 SEK/160 Euro/140 £

Update 2021: My experience with Meermin is that as long as you lower your expectations they are still great. However look out for their obsolete, shocking lack of Customer Service. Read my Review Here!

Meermin is a Spanish Shoe Brand that is commonly referred to as the value king. It offers some of the cheapest Goodyear Welt Shoes and the reason for that is the business model. They sell online only directly to the consumer (with the exception of a few physical stores).

The Brand was founded in 2001 in Mallorca by a small family of artisan shoemakers and has close ties with another famous Brand, Carmina. Meermin is quite transparent that their Shoes are made in China and finished locally in Spain. This allows them to keep costs down, but the quality is still pretty high.

The main line begins at about 180$ but the more expensive “handwelted” costs between 300-340$ at the time of writing. This is a very competitive price.

Best Men's Dress Shoes 2019 - Meermin Hand Welted Gold Museum Calf Oxford
Best Men’s Dress Shoes 2019 – Meermin Oxford in Museum Calf – 355$

Meermin Lasts & Design

Meermin seems to fit generally TTS (True To Size), but just in case you order the wrong size they offer free returns. They also have a broad selection of lasts from round to almond shapes.

Meermin Mallorca Lasts
Hiro is one of Meermin’s most famous classic lasts

The most impressive feat is the variety of leathers, colours and designs that Meermin offers. There are countless options and for the more adventurous there is a MTO program where you get to design your own Shoe. As far as I am concerned, they also have the cheapest Shell Cordovan (Horsehide) Shoes in the market, but that extends over 400$.

The leather comes from well-known tanneries in France, Italy and Japan which is a good indication of quality. If you live in colder climates you will especially appreciate their Boots with Shearling Lining. It is worth mentioning that their customer service has a live chat that is excellent and fast.

I can find only one negative, which is the fact that they have a notoriously tough break-in period. Oh and if we are nitpicking, their site has a lot of spelling mistakes.

Meermin Mallorca is a Brand I really recommend checking out even if you are a shoe veteran.

2. Herring – Starting 212 $/1900 SEK/185 Euro/160 £

Richard Herring found Herring Shoes in 1966 and it still remains a small English family business. They specialize in British Shoes made in Northamptonshire and act as retailers for many famous Brands such as Cheaney, Loake, Church’s and even Carlos Santos. Coincidentally (or not) all of these Brands will make an appearance in the Best Dress Shoes List.

Not so long ago, Herring began making their own shoes and selling them through their platform.

Here it gets a little confusing though, since they manufacture some of them in India, others in Portugal, Spain and even Italy, but also in the UK for their premium models.

Best Men's Dress Shoes 2019 - Herring Chamberlain Semi-Brogue Premier Line
Best Men’s Dress Shoes 2019 – Herring Chamberlain Semi-Brogue Premier Line – 380$

I would veer away from the Indian Shoes (you can filter them out in the website) and instead look for the ones made in Portugal or Spain. They start as low as 212$ and go up to 400$ for their Premier Line. With the average price being in the middle, Herring Shoes are one to watch especially when on discount. The Parisian Gentleman holds them in high esteem as well which says a lot.

Update 2021: Carlos Santos makes their Portuguese shoes and uses exactly the same models with rebranded names.

Herring Lasts & Design

Due to the fact that Herring Shoes are made in so many different countries, they have a lot of lasts. It is impossible to fit everything in one picture, so here’s the official link.

Herring Shoes Last Comparison
Comparison of 3 Herring Lasts at UK 8

You can find classic British minimalist or the added Portuguese flair, which makes choosing quite complicated. Round, almond and chiselled toe shapes all make an appearance.

Things are not so different in the design and coloring. A strong beautiful Patina wholecut for 288$ is a great deal while the Premier Line is truly exquisite with great reviews. A few more daring designs like half-tweed will cost you a little bit north of 400$ but I would stick with the classics.

What I dislike about the website is that I cannot seem to sort by price. Another potential negative is convincing myself to try a Brand I have no physical experience with.

Herring has often sales and clearance that makes them good value and in general are a great hub for those passionate about shoes. Definitely one to watch and worthy of the Best Men’s Dress Shoes 2019 list.

3. Loake – 210 $/1900 SEK/185 Euro/160 £

One of the most classic British Shoemakers is Loake with a lengthy history in Shoemaking dating back to 1880. Thomas, John and William Loake created a Brand that continues today to craft affordable, quality GYW Shoes.

The basic Loake line is made in India with lower quality leathers and construction, but for a little over 200$ represents excellent value A good average retail price is about 260-270$. If you want to step it up a notch or two, there are more choices and all of them are crafted in the UK.

Best Men's Dress Shoes 2019 - Loake 1880 Cannon Double Monk-Straps
Loake 1880 Cannon Double Monk-Straps – 300$

The Loake 1880 line uses more premium materials and I own 2 pairs. The classic Aldwych Oxford and the Chatsworth Chelsea Boot. They retail for about 330$ and are excellent entry level shoes.

Then you have the new 1880 Legacy line with a more premium finishing that pays homage to the older times with more sophisticated lasts. It retails for about 360$.

Lastly, you have the Loake 1880 Export Grade which is the most premium of them all and a price tag that exceeds 400$. They are truly excellent, especially if you find them on sale.

Loake Lasts & Design

Can it get more Classic British than this?

From the classic oxford to a Full Brogue Derby, you will learn to recognize the style in time. Their 10 lasts usually have a round or almond shaped toe and the Capital is probably their most famous one. I find it to be more roomy than my usual size and a full size up from the Jockey last.

Best Men's Dress Shoes 2019 - Loake 1880 Aldwych Brown
Best Men’s Dress Shoes 2019 – Loake 1880 Aldwych Brown – 330$

The actual design is maybe uninspiring for some, or nothing special for others. But for more conservative people Loake is a perfect Brand for the money. The leather in the premium categories is high quality and creasing quite minimal for such frequent use. Colours range from black to tan brown with the odd blue/green design.

My biggest issue since I have first hand experience, is that their leather is a bit stiff and especially for the Chatsworth the break-in period was 5 months. I also think that their line up has confusing naming and you must do a bit of research to figure out which is which. But that’s why I am here right?

To sum up, if you are short on budget but like British Shoes, start with the Loake basic line. However, if you can afford a little more get the 1880 line that has the best price/value ratio. Great shoes with great price especially for beginners.

4. Myrqvist – 220 $/1999 SEK/190 Euro/170 £

Update 2021: While still decent value for the price, relatively poor customer service and feedback by you all makes me less likely to recommend them!

Swedish Myrqvist is the product of a very successful kickstarter campaign. In fact they are the most successful Swedish kickstarter in the fashion category.

Scandinavian minimalism is the name of the game and all of the shoes are made in Portugal using the Goodyear Welt Construction. The sell directly to consumer, something that enables them to sell for just 220$. A few of their models cost a little more up to 285$ but that is still amazing value.

Best Men's Dress Shoes 2019 - Myrqvist Oxford Semi-Brogue
Myrqvist Oxford Semi-Brogue – 220$

I have tried them and I can say that the construction and quality is pretty good. Leather is sourced from Premium French Tanneries but one thing that is very smart is their soles. In Scandinavia and generally countries with rough weather and snow, leather soles just do not cut it unless you want to end up in the hospital. You can Read my Review Here!

Myrqvist however offers the option of a half-rubber sole for those rainy slippery days. Very interesting marketing move.

Myrqvist Lasts & Design

True to Scandinavian minimalism, there is not a huge abundance of different models to choose from. They offer most of the common types of Dress Shoes both in Suede and Full Grain Leather.

There is nothing spectacular about the colours, ranging from black to lighter shades of brown. This ensures though that there is no confusion or too many options for the buyer.

Myrqvist Sweden Soles
Example of the sole and Goodyear Welt Stitching

As for the lasts, there is no page dedicated to them but each item has its own description. In general Myrqvist lasts seem to follow the Portuguese way and have almond shaped elegant design and a nice Adelaide model. The leather quality was good, but not on par with Carlos Santos and the Loake 1880 Line. They are after all made in India.

There is nothing bad to say about Myrqvist given the price point honestly. The value is great, design is good for the price and when on sale these retail for as low as 150$ in Stockholm. Add to that Free International Shipping and Returns and we got a winner in the 220$ category.

5. Skolyx – 246 $/1995 SEK/200 Euros/188 £

For the next entry in the Best Men’s Dress Shoes 2019 Guide we stay in Sweden. Like Herring, Skolyx started in 2012 as an online platform that sells shoes from companies like Yanko, TLB Mallorca and an interesting MTO program.

Back in March 2018 they finally launched their own Brand with the same name.

Best Men's Dress Shoes 2019 -Skolyx Lineup - Picture By Shoegazing
Best Men’s Dress Shoes 2019 | Skolyx Lineup | Picture By Shoegazing


Leathers come from renown French Tanneries and the Goodyear Welt Construction ensures a long life-span. Skolyx makes them in Spain so the standards are quite high for the price.

Starting at just 246$ these represent excellent value, while the most expensive models cost about 320$.

Update 2021: Yanko seems to be the company making Skolyx’s in house brand!

Skolyx – Lasts & Design

Skolyx has only a few models at the moment, but it is very understandable given the fact that they launched just over 10 months ago. They have Oxfords, Derbies, Monk-Straps, Chelsea Boots and Longwings and even Jodhpur for the ladies. Noticeable is the absence of a loafer.

There is not much information about the lasts, but you can see in the picture above that they favour classic round and almond shaped toes. Some models have this tighter waistline that gives them a more sexy look.

The Suede and Leather looks pretty good and I had the fortune to try them in the Shoegazing Trunk Show last year. Design wise there is nothing extremely exciting, but I find their shape and style appealing compared to some “boring” British styles.

Best Men's Dress Shoes 2019 -Skolyx Quarter Brogue Oxford
Best Men’s Dress Shoes 2019 -Skolyx Quarter Brogue Oxford – 220$

A negative for some might be the fact that all of them have a rubber sole, albeit a thin one so if you are looking for a very dressy shoe with a leather sole, Skolyx is not for you. However, this might change with newer releases. In colder climates though, you will really appreciate them!

Another great fighter in the under 400$ Dress Shoes arena, Skolyx is a Brand worth checking out.

After a great tip by Skolyx, it is worth mentioning that prices include VAT!

6. Yanko – 310 $/2800 SEK/270 Euros/237 £

By now you must have an idea that a lot of Shoemakers come from the Iberian Peninsula. Yanko is another Spanish Brand from Mallorca with a storied history that usually flies under the radar compared to Meermin and Carmina.

Dating as back as 1890, Yanko has been producing handmade quality shoes for over 125 years. Their pedigree is unquestionable, however they came under severe economic difficulties in the 90’s. Thankfully, they have started their comeback since 2007 thanks to Antonio Llobera.

Best Men's Dress Shoes 2019 - Yanko Oxfords Tan Everton
Best Men’s Dress Shoes 2019 – Yanko Oxfords Tan Everton – 395$

There is a lot of competition in the 300$ range and that certainly complicate things. Yanko Shoes begin at 310$ and the most expensive models retail for 395$. According to reviews the leather is on par with Carmina and are very comfortable to wear.

Yanko – Lasts & Design

The website lacks some features and apart from sorting I could not find any filtering apart from changing model individually through the drop-down menu.

The designs are pretty sleek with an elongated toe but there are also classic round shapes. I would like to see more companies describe their lasts in a separate page such as Meermin does. For reference, Yanko’s 981 last seems to be round while the 977 more almond shaped.

Colour choices vary from Black to Light Brown but also a beautiful Burgundy shade. All the classic types of dress shoes are present but there are no boots at all. Even a “Lazyman’s Oxford” makes an appearance and a very sleek minimalist penny loafer.

Best Men's Dress Shoes 2019 - Yanko Oxfords Black Lazyman's Oxford
Best Men’s Dress Shoes 2019 – Yanko Oxfords Black Lazyman’s Oxford – 340$

Design wise I would say that Yanko is a step up from many of the previous contenders and looks like a high quality product. The welt is larger in some models such as in the classic Oxford and the sewing of the upper is quite unique. Unfortunately it is placed in a very competitive segment and would be a leap of faith for the person unfamiliar with dress shoes.

In my opinion Yanko is a company worth trying especially if you are tired of the same companies and want to try something new. Give them a shot and you might be pleasantly surprised.

7. Septième Largeur – 315 $/2850 SEK/275 Euros/240 £

In the Best Men’s Dress Shoes 2019 Under 400$ there are two standout Brands that will be omnipresent in my head. One is Portuguese Carlos Santos that is next on the list and French Shoemaker Septième Largeur. An incredible, possibly underrated brand with daring designs and spectacular colours. And a pretty sexy name to utter!

A relatively small company, Septième Largeur shoes have a price of 315$ (370$ for Boots) that has miraculously not changed much over the past few years. Some of their models are available for even less than that. Their main store is in Paris but they also managed to open one in Singapore in 2013 and one in Taiwan. For 400$ you get access to their Studio Patina with beautiful colours reminiscent of much more expensive Brands.

Best Men's Dress Shoes 2019 - Septieme Largeur Rennan Boots
Best Men’s Dress Shoes 2019 – Septième Largeur Rennan Boots – 370$

Septième Largeur – Lasts & Design

As you see above, we have entered a whole new territory when it comes to design. Septième Largeur has all the basic classic shapes you might need, but also much more than that. Their collection is certain to have something that will cater to your taste.

Shapes are stylish and elegant, as you would expect from a Frenchman. Very daring and I have been salivating over their Patina Service and chiselled toe lasts. For more information on their lasts, check out their official page.

Best Men's Dress Shoes 2019 - Septieme Largeur Oxford on the 199 last - 400$
Best Men’s Dress Shoes 2019 – Septieme Largeur Oxford on the 199 last – 400$

I don’t have something negative to say apart from the fact that their website feels a little dated and there are some reports of rare leather quality issues.

Update 2021: Septième Largeur has a brand new awesome website now!

Septième Largeur is a Shoemaker you should remember and if you get a pair during their sales, you will be making an incredible deal.

8. Carlos Santos – 289.99 $/3299 SEK/315 Euros/280 £

There is not much to say about Carlos Santos that I have not said before in my review of the Wine Shadow Monk-Straps. Since 1942 Carlos Santos has been manufacturing quality shoes that punch way above their weight.

Buying through the official website is more expensive but you can now buy through The Noble Shoe for some smashing deals. Shoes start at 350$. Other retailers carry the personalized Patina Service for about 370$. The cream of the crop is the Handgrade line that is very rare and way above the 400$ threshold of today’s article.

Best Men's Dress Shoes 2019 - Carlos Santos Patina Service - 370$
Best Men’s Dress Shoes 2019 – Carlos Santos Patina Service – 370$

Carlos Santos – Lasts & Design

Update 2021: Added more Lasts!

Just take a look above, what more is there to say! Each shoe is unique due to the nature of the patina and the leather is soft and sleek. Stylish designs and narrower lasts are the name of the game. This could be a problem if you have very wide feet, but I would contact customer service. Ana Santos is incredibly friendly and will help you solve any issue.

The Noble Shoe has an excellent Page with illustrations of the Carlos Santos lasts. The most common appears to be 234 which is fairly similar to the newer Z401. The latter seems to fit a little more tight and narrow in my experience. The 387/389 have a soft square shape, while the 397 a little more round.

Newer additions are the 316 Almond shaped last and the phenomenal 445 on the Black Oxford. For those that need a rounder toe and more width the 333 and 437 are excellent options.

Generally, apart from the classic smooth calfskin you can choose between pebble grain and some limited Suede options. Their boots are fantastic and some resemble the much more expensive iconic Edward Green Galway. Most of the resellers sell only Goodyear Welt Shoes but there are some Blake Stitched in the official website. For the more casual but elegant person, they also manufacture sneakers.

Carlos Santos Double Monkstraps The Noble Shoe
My very own Carlos Santos Double Monk-Straps in Wine Shadow Patina

If I would have to find some cons, it would be that the single leather soles might not be the sole of choice for people in rainier parts of the world (are not great for winter time in Sweden and that availability can be limited).

The rich patina is also not for everyone however it is really easy to take care with neutral polish and wax.

The fact that my own shop works with just Carlos Santos shows how much I love and believe in this Brand. I promise you will too! A real bang for your buck under 400$.

Pro Tip: For a complete list of our collection check out The Noble Shoe.

9. Allen Edmonds – From 395$/3600 SEK/345 Euros/305£

I was hesitating putting Allen Edmonds in the Best Men’s Dress Shoes Under 400$ not because they are bad shoes, but because of a lot of models exceed the limit. While prices start as low as 200$ the Shell Cordovan models retail for as much as 725$. Not only that, but because of international shipping, import taxes and currency fluctuations, their value diminishes greatly.

Best Men's Dress Shoes 2019 Allen Edmonds Dalton Brogue Lace Up Cordovan Boots - 725$
Allen Edmonds Dalton Brogue Lace Up Cordovan Boots – 725$

Nonetheless, the fact that Allen Edmonds Shoes are virtually all the time on discount/sales earns them a place in the list. If you add the outlets and possibility of buying factory seconds for reduced prices the value returns if you are in the US. Their main models average a price of 395$ and just makes the cut.

Allen Edmonds has a long history dating back to 1922 and are one of the few remaining American shoemakers. Their reputation has been tainted a bit by increasing prices, mainstream status and questionable assembly of some shoes, but they are still a powerhouse in the US market that offers good quality Goodyear Welted Shoes.

Allen Edmonds – Lasts & Design

As you might have imagined, Allen Edmonds has a huge gamma of shoes, styles and lasts. There is a very helpful and comprehensive list on the official website.

Design wise I do not find them as exciting as the shoes from the Mediterranean. There is though something for everyone. From brogues to big welts and basket weave penny loafers or more interesting split-toe shoes. What is also great is how responsive and easy the website is to navigate. You can filter colours, lasts and styles with a few clicks which makes selection much easier. The fact that there are so many widths to choose from is a big plus.

After a hands on approach with the classic Park Avenue Oxford I must say that the construction and attention to detail was good and the leather seemed to be of great quality. In Sweden though it costs around 550$ for a pair, which I would rather spend on Carmina or Crockett & Jones.

Best Men's Dress Shoes 2019 - Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Oxford - 395$
Best Men’s Dress Shoes 2019 – Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Oxford – 395$

Summing up, Allen Edmonds is an excellent US legendary Brand and if you live there you should definitely own a pair. I would avoid buying full price though since they are always on sale.

Notice: Now that I mentioned leather quality, Allen Edmonds seems to be having a few quality issues during the last year. I cannot confirm this personally, but it is unlikely that you will not receive help or replacement.

10. Honorable Mentions

If I really tried to write about all the good Dress Shoe Brands under 400$ we would be here for eternity. Instead, I opt for a mixture of research, personal experience, value and geo-location. This means there are a few Brands worth considering checking out if you feel adventurous.

  • Barker Shoes: Classic British from Northamptonshire with decent reputation (210-350$)
  • Velasca: Small Italian Shoemaker with decent reviews online and Blake Stitch construction (~225$)
  • Shoepassion: German Brand with GYW Shoes. Recommended by Hugo Jacomet (240$-400$)
  • Grenson: Are they shoes or are they tanks? You decide. British Shoes with a country twist (average 350$)
  • Thursday Boots: Though not a Dress Shoe Brand per se, they have good reputation and good price (200$)

Feel we should have included anything else here? Leave a comment with your opinion and why! You might get featured!

Best Men’s Dress Shoes 2019 – Concluding Remarks

This has been a long ride and you have probably drank a lot of tea by now. But you have come out wiser right? You are able to spot value and how to make the correct choice depending on your budget and style.

Remember to always think about your location. If you live in Europe there is absolutely no reason to buy Allen Edmonds and if you are in the US you would probably not find Carlos Santos Shoes as easily. Prices change with import taxes and currency fluctuations too so don’t be disheartened if something in this list costs more than 400$.

Lastly, do not be fooled by “experts” like GQ, Business Insider or those pesky sell-out YouTuber Influencers and stick with quality, reputable shoes. I would advise you to browse the GYW Subreddit as it is very informative.

With that being said, this is the end of Part 1 of the (Updated) Best Men’s Dress Shoes 2019 ! It has been an amazing journey for me so far and I sincerely hope you will want to get your feet wet after reading this. The Shoe world is beautiful, so stay in the lookout for upcoming reviews! I will see you next week!

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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Comments (29)

Have you tried the Meermins? I just put an order on a MTO pair; after owing two Alden Shell pairs of boots (Black and No.8) I was looking for a brown one. Hopefully it will go on production (crowdsourcing), the hide comes from the famous Shinki tannery (sort of a holy grail for us leather jacket aficionados).

I have been seriously looking at their loafers but I am hesitant with the sizing and the notorious break in period. The tannery is famous and japan makes some good shell that can even take some great/unusual colors but they say it is also a little thinner. Very good value for money nonetheless!

I think I will either make some Loafers with my friend from ZEB Shoes though or buy one from my own store hehe.

Thanks for the reply, if it goes on production (late August) I will let you know!
I was also looking at the Alden no.8 shell penny loafers but to be honest I don’t think I would pull the style.

Dress shoes are very essential for a stylish man. Your post is very depth about the best men’s dress shoes. Thank you very much. Keep it on.

Thank you very much for your support and kind words Carlos!!

What are your thoughts on Paul Evans?

Hey Parker.

Paul Evans are Blake shoes that are overpriced and prices continue to rise. 500-600$ for such a shoe is not worth it for The main reason that they have SO soften 50% discounts. I would never ever buy them at full price.

I cannot comment on the leather, as I have not held one, but I must admit the finish on the shoes is nice. But that’s all for me.

I would personally not invest in such companies with good marketing skills that promote something for so much yet frequently discount it for half price, because that’s their true market value. Same with Ace Marks.

I feel there are much better alternatives at those price points.

I hope it helps!

I believe Grant Stone shoes/boots should have made your list. They use high quality leather (Horween, C F Stead and Vegetable tanned leather from Italy). And their Goodyear welt construction, IMO is second to none.

Dear James,

I have heard about Grant Stone. In fact, I actually included them in the latest article about Black Friday deals.

I feel that I do not know enough or have personal experience yet to recommend them as the best. However, I will add them in the honorable mentions!

Thank you!

The nice shoes
on the top Picture.?
Is it Loake Exp?

Hi Sten,

the picture on the top top is Antonio Meccariello from Italy!

What are your thoughts on TLB Mallorca?

Hey Tyler, I actually have a review of tlb artista!

It’s a great brand, i would take them over Carmina any day but I do find their regular vegano leather a little dull. Their museum calf and suede is superb.

Hi, I expected high from TLB but when I got my museum calf TLB Artista and shine them, I feel like the quality is not as high as I expected, and particularly lower than Carmina, Church’s and Sanders. What are your thoughts?

Hi Kyle, I think you will find my thoughts about the leather my only minus point for TLB . Like I wrote it in the review, it sort of feels a little dull. They are not bad shoes, the contrary to be honest, but in the end it’s how they make you feel!

Greetings, may I ask what are your thoughts on Church’s? How do you compare it to Loake? And does Berluti worth for its price? Thank you

Hello! Sorry I missed your comment until now!

Church’s are fine overall but you can get something equally good or better for less money. The Prada acquisition means they also release some real stinkers. Loake is ok, classic British but for the price I find them very average leather and uninspiring designs. That being said I am a bigger fan of more chiseled Mediterranean style designs. Berluti and any other high fashion brands are not worth it and you usually see that when they are sold used for 80% discounts. Berluti aint THAT bad but for the price no thank you. Look at higher end Italian Welted shoe designers like Paolo Scafora, Antonio Meccariello etc.

A brilliant selection of the best shoes brand for men. I absolutely love the article, there are a lot of brands which I hadn’t come across so far but seem amazing and oh so very stylish. Thanks for bringing to light such awesome craftmanship and fashion. Awesome article.

Thank you very much 🙂

J Fitzpatrick belongs on the list. His shoes are incredible for the price. Allen Edmunds is overrated and mediocre..

Keep up the blog and videos! Especially the jokes.

Hi Joe! Thanks for reading and watching!

I recommend reading this updated version instead!

Thanks. FYI, Your email linked to the 2019 page. So that’s what I read

It could have been because I was updating some stuff there with my latest impressions!

Hi Kostas.
Thank you for your very helpful and informative article. I am looking to buy a pair of suede moccasins like the iconic Loro Piana but I must stay at the entry level brand pricewise. Any recommendations?

Kostas Mandilaris

Hello Maxime,

Thanks! I am not sure about Loro Piana having any shoes that are supposed to be iconic. Also when you mention moccasins do you mean loafers or actual moccasins (like driving). If you have a picture you can share the style and I’ll give you my recommendations!

Hi again Kosta.
I am not sure how to share a picture here. The shoes are described at LP website as “casual moccasin in unlined suede with a water-repellent finish and light coloured latex sole” but I think they mean loafers. I hope that helps.

Kostas Mandilaris

I checked it. It’s a loafer with a moccasin construction. You will not find it really out there and the LP one is too expensive and not good. The closest you can get will be unlined Penny loafers. Meermin might have some.

Hi Kosta,
What are your thoughts on To Boot New York?

Kostas Mandilaris

Hey Marco,

I don’t have experience with them and would never buy them unless they send me a review pair. They look cheap and you would be mad to buy them full price. For 50% off they might be ok. I would spend my money elsewhere!

If you are on a budget in the USA, look for Meermin or Allen Edmonds on sale for around the 200$ mark.

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