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Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen | The Ultimate Guide 2018

Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen

“So, Have You Decided On Your Christmas Presents?”

This question went right through my ears, filling me with warmth and cold at the same time. Which are the best Holiday Gifts for modern gentlemen?

Warmth, because of the realization that Christmas is only 1.5 month away. Cold, because it means that 2018 is almost over already.

For some however, the shiver in their spine is the confusion and anxiety of searching for gifts. Doing some basic research for this article, there was no shortage of ideas. Let me tell you though that most of these ideas are absurd, too expensive and banal.

Seriously, who will spend 2.600$ for a compact minibar for your friend? Didn’t you always dream the day that you would buy your best friend a Singer Porsche 911 for a measly 400.000$? That’s right, never.

The biggest reason for all this is that most of us do not have the budget to make such ludicrous purchases. These suggestions might appeal to millionaires, but what about the modern gentleman?

In this article, we will discover “The Best Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen” that are backed by logic and not maximising affiliate sales. Gifts that we actually want and will use.

Warning: This is a really big guide!

The Perfect Holiday Gift

The first step to finding the perfect holiday gift for your modern gentleman friend or spouse is to determine your budget. A ceiling that you would be willing to spend.

Afterwards simply think of the person, their personalities, hobbies and lifestyle and your choice will become much easier.

Since this is a rather large list I decided to break it down in different categories. Most of these products can be found for less than 100$.

Lastly, this article has the intention to be a living document. This means that it will be updated when a new idea comes in!

Disclaimer: This article contains some affiliate links with Brothers Sverige, Amazon and Charles Tyrwhitt.

Utility Holiday Gifts

In this category there are holiday gifts that are all around useful and functional.

1) Umbrella

Do you live in a country or area that it rains a lot?

Then what is a better gift than a nice umbrella. Classic or modern, make sure you pick an umbrella that fits the occasion but most importantly is wind proof with a strong frame.

Most cheap umbrellas use an aluminium frame which means at the first gust of wind they will turn upside down. Materials like nickel, brass and fibreglass are some options that will add longevity to your present.

You should be able to find such an umbrella for a good price and if the receiver tends to lose things a lot, they will appreciate the gift very much.

Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen - Umbrella
Double Canopy Fibreglass Umbrella | Browse on Amazon

2) Books

Who doesn’t love a good read?

Sadly in our days, many have shifted away from books and spend most of their time on the internet. The true gentleman though knows that knowledge is power and books are one of the best sources.

It could be a cookbook, the biography of Andrew Carnegie or a book about project management. Book lovers will always appreciate the gesture.

Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen - Books
True Style: The History and Principles of Classic Menswear by G. Bruce Boyer | Browse on Amazon

You know what your friend likes, don’t you??

3) Socks

Can a man have too many socks?

The answer is no! We might not give our socks the attention they deserve quite often, but for most of us they are an indispensable part of our wardrobe. For some, it is even an expression of personality, playfulness and breaking from the norm.

This season, buy a pair of good woollen socks for someone. If they wear suits, get them a pair of over the calf socks. If they are colourful personalities then maybe you should take a look at Happy Socks.

Happy Socks Gift Pack | 42.00 $ (29.40 $ on discount)

4) Knitwear

We have mentioned multiple times in our layering guide that knitwear is one of the best ways to add flair to your casual or business outfits.

This holiday season you can be Santa Claus and get a nice merino wool sweater or turtleneck for your friend/spouse. Burgundy, navy, grey and brown work wonderfully together and merino wool is very soft and less itchy.

You could always buy them a cashmere sweater from the likes of Uniqlo for less than 80 $ but they are not made from quality fabrics and will deteriorate soon.

Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen - Knitwear
Brothers Sverige Red Merino Sweater (Only in Sweden) | 98.50 $

Please do yourselves a favour and stay away from the ugly Christmas sweaters!

5) Gloves

If you read the previous article about the Suitsupply Cashmere Coat, you will remember that you need a pair of gloves to survive the harsh winter.

Upgrade someone’s arsenal today with a good pair of leather gloves with wool lining.

Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen - Gloves
Granqvist Deerskin Brown Gloves | 91.24 $

Pro Tip: Remember to match your accessories with the each other.

6) Scarves

Riding high the wave of mandatory accessories, a good scarf will make you look stylish and keep your neck extra warm.

Once again, scarves are undervalued by the male community hence making them a very thoughtful gift, especially if they are from good quality wool.

Who said you need to break the bank too? For a really good friend or spouse, a cashmere scarf will help them look stylish and be as warm as possible.

Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen - Scarves
Charles Tyrwhitt Camel Cashmere Sweater | 115 $

7) Wallet

Imagine being in a bar or a restaurant with your date, or for an important meeting with a client downtown. Instead of taking out your bulky phone case with 23 pockets, you instead confidently take out your classy leather wallet and pay.

This will project confidence and show a man that has no problem dealing with money and managing them in a daily basis.

Exactly why you should invest in a good wallet, or make this gift to one of your favourite people. Small moves that elevate your style completely.

Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen - Wallet
Ettinger Petrol/Tan Wallet | Browse on Amazon

Ettinger has some fantastic leather wallets on the pricier side of things, however you do not need to spend that much. You can find something for all budgets if you look around.

Stay tuned for an upcoming custom wallet review in the future!

8) Shoe Shine Kit

The modern gentleman knows about shoes. He also knows that every now and then he must shine, polish and buffer them to increase their longevity.

What is a better gift for the shoe aficionado that a gift box with all the goodies required for a thorough cleaning?

Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen - Shoe Cleaning Kit
Skoaktiebolaget Saphir Gift Box | 77 $

I am a shoe lover, will you get me one?!

9) Headphones

The modern gentleman takes care of their appearance. He leads a healthy lifestyle, works out and commutes to work.

If you are like me, you probably live with headphones plugged in your ears. You practically look for an opportunity to wear them and listen to some music or clear your mind with your favourite podcast. Sounds familiar?

In that case, it is very likely that you know someone that could use a good pair of headphones.

If they are more flashy, maybe you should get them a pair of wireless over-ear headphones. On the contrary, if they want function and comfort, look for some good ear buds.

Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen - Headphones
Optoma NuForce BE Sport4 Headphones | Browse on Amazon

You could stretch your budget and buy them some Air Pods, but make sure your friend does not lose things easily!

10) Tie

Do you really think he’ll like getting a single tie? Again?
Business Insider

Well how about yes?!

Ties are a wonderful way to project personality and intention through colour, pattern and texture.

The possibilities are endless and I promise you, a nice tie will always be a great gift. Instead of the classic silk options, choose a knit or paisley tie and surprise your loved ones. I would personally be thrilled to receive a tie.

Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen - Ties
John Henric Wine Red Silk Tie (I have this one!) | 39 $

Pro Tip: Obviously, you should skip ties if they hardly wear suits. Duh!

11) Tie Clip

If your friend/spouse does wear ties and you want to break from the norm, buy them a tie clip instead.

A very thoughtful gift with room for extreme creativity. Just take a look around on Etsy and you will be impressed.

My own personal favourite is the Iron Man Tie Clip from John Henric because I am a huge Marvel fan (more about it here).

Suit Accessories 2018
My Own John Henric Iron Man Tie Clip | 39 $

12) Nose Trimmer

All of us have nose hair. Some of us have…a lot of nose hair popping out every now and then.

In fact, someone I know tried in the 80’s to burn the excessive hair with a lighter and almost died from the fumes. Don’t be like him. Get a nose trimmer instead.

Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen - Nose Trimmer
ToiletTree Pro Nose Trimmer | Browse on Amazon

To be honest, this might be a controversial gift for some people so proceed with caution. If you are someone’s girlfriend or wife, don’t bother to ask and get it. Men love function and he will definitely thank you later.

13) Electric Shaver

When I was in the army I had to shave with a single blade razor and it was the worst experience ever.

Thankfully, you can avoid all the fuss, cuts and red skin with the correct electric shaver. Not only they are waterproof, but the battery generally lasts long while they can be relatively inexpensive.

A budget performance option is the Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver, although it is not advised for people with very sensitive skin according to Groom & Style.

Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen - Electric Shaver
Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver | Browse on Amazon

I am still using the always reliable Gillette Fusion, but it is something I think about often. Maybe your friend does too?

14) Pocket Squares

A pocket square can elevate a sharp outfit to new heights.

Not only there are hundreds of thousands of designs out there, but also different materials and seasonal textures. Pocket squares are like a blank canvas and an artist’s chance to express themselves.

I got an incredible pocket square from Granqvist in the latest Shoegazing Trunk Show which is my go-to piece now. Take a look at their collection because it is something else!

Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen - Pocket Squares
Granqvist Linen/Cotton Wagon Pocket Square | 45.56 $

Your blazer using friend/spouse will adore this.

15) Leather Journal

If you know someone that loves traditional writing on paper and not on computers, a leather journal is a fantastic gift.

Timeless and elegant, a quality leather journal will be an excellent organiser and notebook.

While I do not have much experience on this subject I found some seemingly great options from Rustico. With 93 5 star reviews on their official website it looks like a quality product.

Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen - Leather Journal
Rustico Writers Log Leather Notebook | Browse on Amazon

Great, now I want one for myself.

16) Gift Card

Are you the indecisive kind?

Do you always get something and include a return card because you usually get the size wrong?

Make it easy on yourself this time and buy a gift card! It could be for clothes, the cinema, iTunes or anything imaginable!

I used all my 140 IQ on this one.

17) Dress Shirts

There is this saying that a man can have 10 white shirts and still tell the difference.

If you know your friend’s/spouse’s size get them a good quality shirt this season. Actually, you could even ask them.

There is no shortage of materials and patterns around for all budgets. The modern gentleman will always appreciate checks and stripes and maybe this is the season he will wear Egyptian Cotton?

Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen - Dress Shirts
Charles Tyrwhitt Pink Checked Shirt | 39 $

We covered the best essential dress shirts here to make your life easier.

18) Incense Candles

This holiday season you can create a romantic atmosphere for your spouse or help your friend create one. You sneaky devil.

There is a reason aromatherapy is one of the best relaxation methods or even used to augment other senses.

From Amazon to your local Bed Bath and Beyond, aromatic candles are everywhere waiting for you.

Don’t keep the ladies waiting ok?

Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen - Incense Candles
Chakra Incense Sticks | Browse on Amazon

19) Tie Hanger/Box

While a walk-in closet is the dream for all dapper gentlemen, let’s face the truth. Not everyone can afford one and more importantly not many live in larger houses.

This means space is a commodity and small life hacks like a tie box are here to save the day.

If you are looking for a present for someone that wears ties, belts, cuff-links or tie bars this is a great solution. The owner will avoid dust, wrinkles and prolong the life of their accessories.

Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen - Tie Box
Carbon Fiber Tie Display Case | Browse on Amazon

A tie lover will definitely adore you. Friend of the year award?

20) Perfume

Seen for the clothes, remembered by the smell.

First of all, keep yourself and your clothes clean. Nobody wants to sit around someone that smells bad, however you will always remember someone that smells good.

A good men’s cologne acts like a subtle signature scent so everyone will know when you enter the room. If you have a friend that dresses sharp but does not wear any scent, this is your chance to make a great gift.

The one I use is the EdP D&G The One but I can also recommend the EdT version. I have heard complaints of short duration but they last quite long on me. I can give a big thumbs up and the ladies love it.

Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen - Perfume
D&G EdP The One | Browse on Amazon

He will appreciate it as much as the them.

21) Belt

A quality belt is no different than a good suit or shoe. If they are made from good material they will develop a great patina over time.

Avoid flashy looking belts and big buckles and instead opt for a more classic look that ties the ensemble together. Suede is a fantastic way to add some texture and dress down (or up) some outfits.

Holiday Gifts For Belt
Skoaktiebolaget Löf & Tung Dark Brown Espresso Calf Belt | 131 $

He might not be thrilled to get a tie as a present but if it is something he lacks it can be very thoughtful.

22) Backpack/Gym Bag

Please don’t wear a backpack with a suit. It just looks wrong and portrays you as young and inexperienced. Use a messenger bag or better a classic briefcase.

That doesn’t mean that a backpack has no use for the modern gentleman. It works perfectly fine in more casual days and the same applies to a gym bag. If you are not training, make it a goal for 2019. Be your best self.

We all have this friend that uses their trusty Eastpak backpack from 1996 and what better time than now to help them with a brand new backpack. New bags like the one below have everything. You can fit your laptop, water bottle, clothes, shoes and even charge your phone through USB.

Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen - Backpack
Laptop Waterproof Backpack | Browse on Amazon

The best thing? It will not cost you a fortune.

23) Travel Kit

How many times have you made the attempt to travel and used a plastic bag to put your toothpaste, contact lenses, shampoo and perfume in?

You are not alone and I am fairly sure your friend is not either. Get a good travel kit/toiletry kit for the classic man and avoid accidents waiting to happen.

Briggs & Riley is a kit with generous space, nice design and fair price that can withstand everything. Remember to always read the reviews of each product and see if the person you are getting it for is a match.

Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen - Travel Kit
Briggs & Riley Classic Toiletry Kit | Browse on Amazon

I would say this is more of a small present from the woman in your life though.

24) Bluetooth Tracker

I remember the face of my friend Steve when we were 7 years old and for his birthday a girl gave him a puzzle with 4 pieces. Four.

This is how your best buddy would feel if you got them a key chain for a present, unless it was something special maybe from a far away land.

On the other hand, if the key-chain had a Bluetooth tracker they would never misplace their keys again.

Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen - Bluetooth Tag
Anti-loss Bluetooth Tracker | Browse on Amazon

Unless you are cruel of course and always choose the evil options in video games.

25) Portable Steamer

Avoiding creases is virtually impossible unless you want to move like a mannequin doll or a box. Let’s not talk about linen either.

The best way to keep your clothes fresh and wrinkle-free is a portable travel steamer. Handheld, portable and easy to use they will remove creases faster than a traditional iron.

Rowenta produces one of the highest rated and well-received handheld steamers but there are budget versions that will do an equally good job.

Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen - Travel Steamer
Rowenta DR8120 X-Cel Handheld Steamer 1600W |

Your friend will appreciate this immensely and will remember you every time he uses it. Immortalised.

26) Grooming Kit

The fact that you are a man does not mean you should practice manscaping or pay less attention to your grooming.

Even though gentlemen should not be lazy and procrastinate, it happens. So stay ahead of the curve and offer a unique subscription to your friend with this holiday gift.

A subscription to BirchboxMan will net him 5 different grooming products per month for 110 $ per year. If you are on a more tight budget though, there is always the three month or six month plan.

Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen - Travel Steamer
BirchboxMan Subscription | 30/60/110 $

The next time you see your pal at the beach without a hair sweater, you will be secretly proud that you played a part in this.

Hobby Gifts

A gentleman without hobbies is like french fries without salt. Tasteless and boring. Here are some thoughtful hobby gifts to spice up your friend’s/spouse’s life this holiday season.

27) Swiss Knife

A Swiss army multi-functional knife might be the best present for someone that loves being outdoors or likes making things himself.

Surprise them this season with a classic item that will last forever.

Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen - Swiss Army Knife
Victorinox Swiss Army EvoGrip S54 Army Knife | Browse on Amazon

Perfect for an everyday carry and with 31 functions, next thing you know you two will be camping in the woods. Against your will.

28) Quality Skillet

A real man knows how to cook for his woman and his friends. Some do it better than others and this season you can help them take it to the next level with a high quality skillet.

There are many options, but few have such an amount of good reviews like T-Fal (TeFal). Sporting stainless steel for even distribution of heat and a red spot that alerts you when the pan is on the right temperature, it is a home cook’s dream.

Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen - Skillet
TeFal Professional Non-Stick Pan | Browse on Amazon

When are we invited for dinner?

29) Chef’s Knife

What’s the point of having a pan to cook if he doesn’t own a good knife. It reminds me when you go to a restaurant and they give you those knives that cannot cut through butter.

Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen - Chef's Knife
Yoshihiro Aoko Japanese Utility Chef Knife | Browse on Amazon

This however, will cut through anything. Japanese craftsmanship at its best. Invest a little extra and get the Saya Cover, it is worth it.

Your cooking guru friend will love it.

30) Gardening Tools

I once asked my old girlfriend how her mom found the energy to do gardening when in Finland everything can survive for a few months in the summer.

Because she likes it“, she replied.

Even if you do gardening for a few months or the whole year, you will need some tools, especially if you are just starting out.

A nice toolbox with all the essential items is vital for this and a good foray into horticulture. Here’s an example with great reviews.

Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen - Garden Set
VREMI Horticulture Helper Garden Tools Set | Browse on Amazon

31) Cigar Cutter

I will never advocate smoking in this blog, since I do not want to be a part of killing yourselves or your peers.

However, there is no denying that gentlemen have been associated with quality cigars. If your friend wishes to continue this nasty smoking habit, at least let them do it with style.

Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen - Cigar Cutter
Cigar Cutter Cuban Crafter’s Perfect | Browse on Amazon

32) Wine Bottle Opener

After messing with his lungs, it is time to mess with our friend’s liver.

Actually, research shows that a glass of red wine from time to time can be quite healthy. The above line might seem harsh, but if you suspect your friend has alcohol issues, get him some help instead.

I found this lovely kit that would make a great holiday gift for the wine lover and it comes with a good price and positive reviews.

Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen - Wine Bottle Opener
Rabbit Wine Opener Kit | Browse on Amazon

Just in case you are wondering, I do not smoke or drink alcohol.

Tech Enthusiast

You might be a gentleman, but you can also be a nerd. Here are some Holiday Gifts for the tech savvy modern guy.

33) Drone

Drones are all the rage in the past few years. They allow photographers to capture stunning photos that would not be possible otherwise.

There are quite some good options under 100 $ but Syma has one of the best offers on the market. The X8C has an onboard camera, range of 200 meters and the highest battery life under 100 $.

Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen - Drone
Syma X8C Venture Quadcopter with Camera | Browse on Amazon

Make him bring the little kid out of the shadows once more with a drone.

34) GoPro Camera

Adrenaline junkies raise your hands!

What started as an improvisation has become a billionaire worth company. No matter the sport you are doing or simply if you want to capture daily life moments, a GoPro camera is a great gift for someone who spends a lot of time outdoors.

Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen - GoPro
GoPro HERO4 Waterproof Camera, 8MP(Black) | Browse on Amazon

A quick trip to YouTube will convince you that this is an amazing holiday present. Extra points if he has a cat or dog.

35) iPhone Lens

Phones nowadays have ridiculous names, only beaten by their ridiculous sizes.

The advancements in mobile cameras though is remarkable. In fact, up to this point all the Misiu Academy photos have been shot with an iPhone 8 Plus.

It makes sense then that your photographer friend wants to step it up. Luckily for him, there are attachable lenses for all kinds of phones.

Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen - iPhone Lens
Moment – Wide Lens for iPhone | Browse on Amazon

Now, if gentlemen should take selfies is whole new topic…

36) Wireless Charging

Don’t you hate cables? I bet he does too.

Solve all charging problems by getting a Qi wireless charging pad.

Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen - Wireless Charger
Seneo Wireless Qi Charger | Browse on Amazon

No more looking for that USB cable.

Pro Tip: Make sure your phone supports wireless charging.


Memories with your friends and family are the ones that will stay with you forever. No fancy clothes or physical items will ever replace that. Instead of giving a physical present this holiday season, gift your loved ones an experience instead.

37) Shooting Range

People say that in the army you can meet friends for life. You learn to be combat buddies and look after each other in the battlefield.

Relive those moments in a shooting range in a controlled environment this season. If you are uncomfortable about weapons, why not try archery instead?

Please keep any kinds of firearms away from your children.

38) Go-Karting

One of our favourite activities growing up was Go-Karting. Men have an inclination to be petrol-heads and gentlemen were always associated with speed and cars.

Go-Karting is a safe, adrenaline pumped experience that is the closest thing to a formula car. Great experience!

Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen - GoKarting

It is you, your buddy and friendly competition. Like my boxing teacher said: “Fight easy, just until someone falls down“.

39) Paintball

Paintball in a proper field and team is a game of skill, awareness, tactics and quick thinking.

You need to organise this with more people, but it can be a fun experience. Time to put all those Call of Duty hours into work.

Respawn Soldier!

40) Movie VIP experience

If my best friend gave me a VIP ticket to the upcoming Avengers Film next May, it would be one of the best presents I could get.

I have been only once to a VIP room but the feeling is amazing. The space, comfort and overall feeling is incredible.

Definitely something worth exploring at least once in your life.

41) Spa/Relax Package

When I am tired, I go to swim in the Clarion Hotel of Stockholm. For just 35 $ you gain full access to warm pool, sauna and free coffee or tea. Not only that but the pool has an outside balcony where you see the city.

Surprise them with such a gift and they will appreciate it so much. It is a good time to bond with friends and loved ones, briefly leaving your problems and stress to the locker room.

42) Ticket For Concert

My last concert was AC/DC in Athens in 2009. It was breathtaking to be there and it was a show for the ages.

You have been best buddies for a lifetime now, you must know what their best band is right?

Take them there, drink responsibly and enjoy your favourite music together.


Wow, what started as a simple guide ended up becoming a huge list! I sure hope you found it as helpful as I did.

If there is something I would like you to keep from this article is that life is short. We will not be here forever so it is our chance, our wake up call to go out there and live life.

Put down your phone for a second. Kiss your woman. Call your friend. Do something with them this weekend instead of shooting virtual pixels. A gentleman is much more than clothes and wealth. He transcends that and has a good spirit, free from the chains of material goods.

A present is always a great gesture and does not have to be about the cost. It is about thoughtfulness and knowing the other person. A drawing book or a pencil can mean the world to some people. How many millionaires you see happy out there?

With that being said, I wanted to thank you for reading “The Holiday Gifts For Modern Gentlemen Ultimate Guide“. I would love to hear your comments and suggestions as our intention is to keep adding content in this article.

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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