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Dignito Ties Interview | Luxurious Ties & Accessories From Poland

Dignito Ties Paisley

Accessories Make Or Break An Outfit

Just like with shoes a poor choice of accessories can ruin an outfit while the opposite elevate it to new heights. Today’s article is an Interview with the owner of Dignito Ties & Accessories.

Dignito is an emerging Polish brand with some excellent designs and quality products originating from Italy. I first saw their ties on Instagram and got in contact with Michael who owns Dignito and was kind enough to answer my questions.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

1. Hi Michael! I am excited to host you here! Let’s start with the customary introduction so everyone gets to know you a little better.

Hello Michael from Dignito here!

I started Dignito in 2012 and from that day I’m on a crusade to educate men around the world about accessories. It is actually incredibly hard to find someone who actually understands the real reason behind ties and squares. I am a proud father of a 3 YO girl and husband for more than 6 years now.

The Dignito brand is synonymous with quality and individual style. Our label is a guarantee of being unrivaled in every inch. However our goal is not only to offer exceptional and unique accessories. Behind each product lies a separate story that gains new chapters after passing into your hands.

We do not run seasonal sales, because we are convinced that quality is a value that cannot be overestimated. The most important thing is that Dignito is not just a store – here we write a unique story and it is you who can become a part of it.

Dignito Ties Michael

By choosing products from the wide Dignito selection you will easily find everything you need to build your own unique image. Unusual wardrobe items that stand out with their timeless style are something that can change any outfit. Silk pocket squares, luxury ties, soft scarves or unique tailor made shirts are the basis of an stylish man’s equipment. All the products we offer refer to classic designs and a lasting charm characterizes them which will delight even the most demanding customers.

2. Speaking about creating your own unique image. You thoroughly enjoy classic gentleman style. Is this how you ended up in the tie industry?

I was helping out my friends with dressing up and I ended up with their colleagues from corporations as a kind of style consultant. One of my clients asked me why does he need to travel to Mediolan or London to get a descent tie or pocket square?

I said to him “actually you don’t just give me couple weeks to find out how I can help you with this” and that how it started.

3. Proof how a hobby can become a great concept! Just like the shoe industry the accessory business is incredibly competitive. You have established brands like Drake’s to budget companies with massive competition. What makes Dignito stand out?

I need to be honest with you – everything <laughing>!

First of all you need to instantly fall in love with the design. Then you discover that others are only talking about perfect shape, natural materials and hand crafting and we are actually doing it. My policy for the whole brand is to simply “let the product speak for itself”.

Dignito Ties Geometric

A big problem is that for the first time you need to give us lots of trust and place your first order OR have a friend who already has our product to know that we are one of the few with “incredibly huge value for reasonable money”.

4. Dignito mainly focuses on Ties and Accessories among other things. From my understanding your store operates from Poland however you make the products elsewhere right?

We make them in Italy. We are cooperating with various of manufactures but I’m 100% sure we work with the best of the best!

5. You are confident! I like that! How about the materials then?

In Dignito we are using only natural materials for manufacturing our collection. I can say with clear conscience that 100% of our products are fully handmade out of only natural materials such as silk and wool. Only this guarantees that we can deliver a top product to the final customer.

Dignito Ties Poland

We use even pure wool in our interlinings in ties instead of blend wool/cotton or synthetic fiber. There is no shortcuts for us.

6. The last sentence is really important. No shortcuts indeed. With so many designs, do you actually have a favorite tie from the Dignito collection?

Yes whole collection <laughing>!

I’m not offering a single piece which I won’t be able to style and use on a daily basis. It’s not the best business model however I always think about “what I would wear for sure” when creating collections instead of “what will I be able to sell”.

7. Kudos for that Michael. Continuing the designs topic though, do you make them yourself or do you have a creative team?

It really is a mix of both.

I’m passing my vision to a team of professionals who are able to do magic in programs like Photoshop and CorelDraw etc.

8. And what influences the creation of each season’s collections?

A big part is about color combinations. I’m trying to think outside the box when I’m creating collections and even if we are talking about a standard paisley design I always add that extra something in to get classy design look fresh and updated.

Dignito Ties Red

9. If I am honest the designs are what drew me to Dignito. They are colorful and with nice patterns. What is the response and feedback from your clients so far?

I’ve got positive feedback from well dressing guys who like to stand out in positive way. The people who understand the reason behind wearing ties and squares are usually positive about the collection. For others I still have solid Garza Fina ties in all colors <laughing>!

Man in Coat

10. But what about the business itself? What would you say was the hardest part so far about making Dignito Ties?

Probably everything? Running a business is equal to constantly looking for solutions and answers.

11. I know that very well! So tell me what does the future hold for Dignito Ties and you? Do you plan a store, international retail or partnerships?

I’m aiming for the Moon. Even if I misfire I’ll end up between starts, right?

12. Confidence level over 9000! Actually, Poland has a number of emerging quality brands lately with Patine Shoes, Poszetka and now Dignito. Do you experience it since you live there?

There is much more that those here on the market but I think that is good thing! The Clients can compare and get back to me with their best shot 😉

Suit Accessories

13. We didn’t talk about the name yet. Does Dignito mean something special to you?

It’s a variation of dignity and dignitary words. That is how Dignito was made.

14. Now give me a nice inspirational quote!

Got a perfect one and it also shows my way of thinking regarding products, materials and crafting all collections.

“I’m a man of simple tastes. I’m always satisfied with the best.”
Oscar Wilde

15. Great quote! Alright Michael it was a pleasure! Do you have any last words or advice for our readers?

Accessories can bring colors and design into your daily outfit so take advantage out of it and stop wearing all those boring ties and squares folks.

accessories for men

Dignito Ties | Quality Over Quantity

As you can see in the interview Michael is a rather intelligent passionate person with his own vision. So far he is succeeding in translating this into his products and I believe the future is bright. In fact I look forward to trying one of his ties or squares in the future.

The key taking from this interview is that you can create something great out of your passion. However you must prepare for a long road ahead and stay true to your cause. Choose quality products which can last you a long time and make your personality pop.

So far Dignito looks like the real thing and I strongly encourage you to support a small business and try them for yourselves. What did you think about the interview? In fact I actually have more on the way and one of them is with Wayman Bespoke from Germany!

Let me know in the comments down below and don’t forget to Subscribe if you enjoy the content!

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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Thanks for the interview and the Dignito ties tip. Hadn’t heard of them yet. Checked out their website and they sure make some beautiful ties.

Glad to hear Geoff,

I will be doing a review of a tie from Dignito in the near future!

Another very interesting interview and topic! Can’t wait for your reviews to come (SS items, Dignito).

Thank you Panagiotis! The article should be online in about 3 weeks!

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