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Men’s Fashion Gurus: The Best & Worst YouTube Channels 2023

men's fashion gurus how to showerA Long Overdue Article

Ah, “The Best & Worst Men’s Fashion Gurus Channels of YouTube of 2023” Article.

One that I intended to write a long time ago but kept pushing back until the time was right.

Why 2023 when it’s still 2022?

Because expect good things to age like fine wine and bad things to…not.

Spoilers Ahead: Highly opinionated intense language.

Let’s go!

Stay Away From “Gurus”

The first time I heard the word “Guru” it was in a terrible comedy film from 2002.

The titular character bullshits his way around people to pass as a “Guru” of love and people just believe him.

Because that’s what people do, if enough follow and promote something, it must be good right?

Well, sorry to disappoint but in most cases you are more likely to receive a Vincero rather than a Rolex.

A real icon or knowledgeable person in both shoes, tailoring or generally style doesn’t need such titles.

When I started getting into fashion and trying to start somewhere I also fell into those traps.

In order for you to not waste your money, I compiled a list of the Best & Worst Channels to follow.

Some of them will require some more explanation or are quite personal so don’t be offended.

It’s ok, we can all have different opinions yet I still look forward to the trolls in the comments.

Best Fashion YOutube Channels

I decided to begin with something positive, since there are great sources out there.

Spoiler: The are not many.

1. Sartorial Talks

men's fashion gurus
The Sartorial Talks Team

Hands down one of the best productions about classic menswear on YouTube is Sartorial Talks.

Born from a sartorial diary and the adventures of Hugo Jacomet, it is a delightful channel full of knowledge and intrigue.

Known as “The Parisian Gentleman” for a reason, Hugo and his wife Sonya Glyn built this channel to inform, discuss and promote classic menswear.

I would say most of his knowledge revolves around tailoring and is a style icon when it comes to the 6×1 Double Breasted Suit.

He is also one of the authors of the book “Shoes, The Art of Male Footwear” which I had the pleasure to go through during my time at Stefano Bemer.

Watching his channel will teach you a lot of things about classic menswear and the production value is very high.

Excellent quality with great guests and from time to time exclusive collaborations.

Most importantly, both Hugo and Sonya are as pleasant and lovely people in real life as in their content.

A hard quality to find these days.

2. Shoegazing Blog

Jesper Ingevaldsson of Shoegazing
Jesper Ingevaldsson of Shoegazing in the middle

Despite not being a YouTube Channel, no proper list would be complete without the Shoegazing Blog.

Founded by Jesper Ingevaldsson, it is a treasure trove of knowledge about anything dress shoe related.

Jesper has exceptional technical knowledge and introduces you to a plethora of unattainable Bespoke Shoes (for most of us).

He is also the organizer of the Shoegazing Trunk Show which is one of the largest classic shoe exhibitions in the world.

His blog was also one of the prime inspirations behind creating Misiu Academy.

3. Siroeno Yosui


siroeno yosui
Siroeno Yosui

Siroeno Yosui is a Japanese Bespoke Workshop with a few videos showcasing true shoemaking.

Videos of the whole procedure that are 20-35 minutes long with gentle music and real sounds.

It’s a way for you to understand the care and process that goes into making a genuine handmade shoe.

But also to understand why it costs so much.

Even if you don’t have a great interest in shoes, it is absolutely worth a watch.

4. The Kavalier

Do not buy Ryder Shoes for Field Work
Do not buy these Shoes for Field Work | One of my favorite debunking videos by The Kavalier

Jon is not uploading frequently any more since he started pursuing his business venture.

Some of the content is disputable however The Kavalier has some great content.

Jon used to do round ups and reviews of both casual and dressier style and was not afraid to dip his toe in many topics.

He is a down to earth, every day bloke that’s really pleasant to interact with.

There’s a dose of humor too especially when he reviews terrible suits or he sets shoes on fire.

I should also mention that back in the day I sent him sneakers and loafers to Review.

He didn’t ask for anything in return and actually sent them back even though I said he could keep them.

Worth a watch if you are looking for reviews of popular products or comparisons between multiple brands.

5. HeSpoke Style


Brian Sacawa
Brian Sacawa has an excellent casual and dressy style

HeSpoke Style is one of those Channels that I was ambiguous about.

Brian Sacawa has great style, physique and form and generally looks great.

I consider him stylish and I enjoy most of his outfits, guides and certain reviews.

It was through him that I first found about Lanieri and Luca Faloni.

Considering how great most of his wardrobe is, I think he could do better with his shoe collection.

He is generally not the man I would follow for shoe content but rather for style ideas.

In a certain video about Suitsupply, his team also used my picture (literally I am in the picture) from my blog without asking.

Few of his content is also riding the “How To Be An Adult” train lately but you can skip those.

Worst Men’s Fashion Gurus

Now, I am not going to lie.

I wanted to write this article to focus mostly on the horrific source of content out there.

How much is out there is incredible.

Toxic masculinity, insufferable advertising, questionable advice, clickbait titles and shocking thumbnails.

Let’s go.

1. Teaching Men’s Fashion Crap

Teaching men's crap
Teaching men’s “fashion hot topics

I have no words about this man and if I hate him or the next guy the most.

At least, the Teaching Men’s Fashion guy is good looking.

However, when you need to search for “How To Shower” and he has a video there’s something wrong.

Jose is and obnoxious sellout with content directed to low-esteem or high testosterone men.

Tons of videos are about:

  • How To Not Be Ugly
  • Women Will Cheat
  • How To Be Better Than X
  • Get The Girl
  • X Signs She Is Attracted

You get the gist.

I can rant all day about his high-tempo speaking and insufferable views, content and advertising.

Right now, it’s all about appearing wealthy, less ugly and getting the woman.

Don’t watch this channel, there’s no style here.

2. Alpha M.

Worst Men's Fashion Gurus: alpha m
Worst Men’s Fashion Gurus: Do I need to say more?

The same guy as above, just less attractive.

What do you need to know about someone calling themselves Alpha Male in 2023?

Make her addicted to you, Sexy Accessories to attract Girls, High Value Men Do X.

Almost 7 million Subscribers too, who watches these people?

His voice and “passionate” speaking is something else and so is the advertising.

My favorite is how he moves back and forth in the video giving me anxiety and motion sickness.

There’s no value in this channel whatsoever.

3. Real Men Real Style

Real men real style
Is a watch essential? No. Is it great? Yes. Is the Vincero any of those? Absolutely not

Let’s tone it down a little bit, but only a little.

Real Men Real Style was one of the first channels I encountered when starting my sartorial journey.

Some of the basic advice is not bad to start and actually some very decent infographics.

The goal of the channel is obviously to make money though.

There’s a lot of shameless promoting of sub-par products and an extreme focus on getting the woman, building sexual tension and “Stop This” content.

Some of the terrible brands over the years include the now infamous Vincero and Ace Marks Shoes.

Don’t forget to check some of the thumbnails on the reaction videos they are comedy gold.

4. The Modest Man

modest man
At least he looks proper. Picture from his website

The Modest Man focuses on shorter men and often casual style.

His style is definitely not the reason he is here and I actually admired his honesty publishing his blog earnings before.

However I have a personal vendetta against him and his readers since an article about Chukka Boots.

Of course trying to promote affiliate links that earn him commissions, he published a list of a bunch of garbage brands as quality.

For anyone even remotely knowledgeable about quality shoes there was none on a list from a great brand.

Why would there be Meermin, Carmina, TLB Mallorca and such since they don’t give commissions?

I commented about this and there was a war of words with him and people that know nothing about shoes.

I studied Bespoke Shoemaking, at least I know what I’m talking about.

5. Stridewise

I once messaged this guy to see if he wanted to review some of my shoes.

His first reply was “do you have an affiliate program” and when I asked if he has any data and results of collaborations the conversation ended there.

Also his boot of the year was Thursday Boots.

Nuff said.

6. Rose Anvil

While fun to watch his videos are often full of misinformation.

7. Kirby Allison

A great moment in shoemaking history, where Kirby Alisson reminds you that the “Made in England” stamp reminds you the provenance and status

Kirby Allison’s production values are fantastic and high end.

It’s also a great opportunity to see many of those shoes in action and even learn how to polish.

He was quite pleasant to talk to in real life even and a proper family man.

However the channel is full of extreme product placement and many of the things said are questionable.

Just like every other channel above there is no criticism and only positives.

There’s also great affinity towards certain brands of shoes that are just not good enough.

If you want to learn how to polish, check out MBShoedoc or The Elegant Oxford instead.

9. Gentleman’s Gazette

tier list shoes
The now infamous tier list

I feel slightly guilty putting this hear because Sven was extremely polite to me and looks like a nice man.

However, there’s a lot of questionable advice and content there especially in shoe and tailoring territory.

His way of speaking and that other younger presenter is also a turn off for me.

Of course they do product placement but it’s not as terrible as the others.

I would watch/read this channel only for the historical content and research they put into things.

Most of you watching will not be wearing three piece suits, morning dresses or top hats.

One of the tipping points was the quite recent Best Shoes Video were Allen Edmonds were on the same tier as Crockett & Jones.

That spawned my comedic yet serious Best & Worst Shoe Brands Article.

Feast on it!

What’s The Verdict?

The verdict is, you should stop relying on style gurus to teach you about how to pick up women or stop being ugly.

All you need to do is start with basic interchangeable colors and build a capsule wardrobe.

Slowly you will find your own signature style that defines you based on your budget, lifestyle and taste.

Avoid extravagant combos, accessories and just focus on a good fit and quality over quantity.

Watch channels that teach you more than the basics and go deep in construction and the “why.

You might even notice that I didn’t even talk about my own YouTube Channel nor linked it.

Looking for inspiration is one click away from Google Images, Instagram, Pinterest and real people on the street.

Promoting products on a channel is fine, as it is a business.

However you have to stop and think if that review is genuine or maybe not the full story since they are being sponsored.

Final Words

This brings us to the end of the “(Best &) Worst Men’s Fashion Gurus Article for 2022, 2023 and the years to come.

The agenda of most of those channels is to sell cheap products at high volumes.

If you dig deep you will find great bigger channels and other micro-channels in their respectable niche.

Be a smart shopper and build your style for you, not to get the girl or satisfy someone else.

By the way let me know if you forget how to breathe or eat, I will make a video about it.

I’ll see you next week!

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy


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Comments (19)

comment on Simon Crompton / Permanent Style? surprised he didn’t make your list!

I just found out he has a YouTube Channel. I am not a fan nor are many Bespoke Shoemakers that refused to work with him.

Terry Kim shoemaker is another fabulous bespoke maker on YouTube with lots of fabulous and well-put-together videos. I find it interesting to compare his style to others and to see the different techniques he uses on different styles.

I actually watch him too from time to time. His production is way simpler and I find myself less patient to watch it but it’s still a good source. Nice catch!

This list largely echoes my own observations over the years. Thank you very much for putting out your message.

I might have been harsh on a few but the trend on YouTube is very visible and in most cases has nothing to do with style or fashion.

I saw one video from Sartorial Talks channel, where Hugo was talking about his bespoke suits. Couldn’t finish it. He is the most snobbish person I’ve seen in a while, talking down on the affordable tailoring and people buying it. I.e. If you don’t spend 5k $ on a suit than you are a peasant.
HSS used to be an amazing channel, but during the last 6 month or so the quality of their content was very bad. Mostly an effort to sell you something subpar, unfortunately.
The first 3 channels from the worst list are not even a style channels – they are just crap selling agencies with talking heads playing on insecurities and sexual desires. But tbh I am really amazed how this people managed to build their businesses from scratch and become so successful. The videos where they talk about the business side of their ventures are the only ones worth watching there.
Now the most shocking is the rating of Gentleman’s Gazette. I love that channel as a lot of their videos dive deep into many aspects of menswear. I don’t like many of their videos too. The commitment to release two videos a week leads to subpar quality. What’s good about GG is that they have their own store of high quality items, so they don’t do many paid collabs. And ofc when it comes to shoes Sven have noted that they aren’t an experts on the matter and that rating of shoe brands was based only on their subjective opinions.

For me it sounds like you are describing exactly how I feel about permanent style and Kirby Allison. I mean, it’s everyone’s own opinion obviously but I met Hugo and I consider him a gentleman and never saw him talk down anyone.

those other guys, they are smart. They know sex and getting the woman sells for their audience. They might not be about fashion and style, but they sure push it sometimes even in the name.

I did write some good things about GG and Back in the day I actually offered Sven a review pair and he said that they don’t do that and only collabs directly with the makers. That was quite honorable. Other than the historical value and research I am unfortunately unable to watch it. That tier list was bad too.

I think that the 3 worst channels isn’t a problem. The problem is the people that consume their crap. That market is huge and someone else would fill it

The AlphaM, Teaching Men and Real Men Real style are businesses camouflaging as YouTube channels. The motto seems to be “here’s a product I want to sell, let me build a video around it”. Not unlike a lot of as seen on tv products. The fact that they have millions of subscribers is only but a symptom of the world we live in.

Unfortunately the channels offering quality content are rare. There’s no money is offering quality apparently.

All about the money, money, money

I think you missed some great channels
1) Askokey, I think he’s capsule wardrobe is something that most people that would like to dress classic and contemporary way is one of the best I’ve seen and would suggest most people to follow it who would like to start out. It gives very good baseline. It is on the “dressier” side which I prefer, but some people might like something more casual. Although he is more bespoke oriented, so research for other budget friendly brands etc … is on customers burden.
2)Savile row Tales – formerly Anderson & Sheppard cutter who went back to where he started cutting at in the first place to Redmayne tailoring. Talks about mostly english tailoring, Information about bespoke, made to measure, cloths and so on. If you like how G. Bruce Boyer suits look like (mostly Anderson&Sheppard) , Redmayne-s style is very A&S like.
3) The armory videos. It’s mostly videos about their own products, but for casual videos and to see how to dress up casual wear I think they are good source of information. Lately they’ve been going a bit more personal with the makers and some of the , so it’s great to get the insight that usually is reserved for people who go them directly.
4)Carl Murawski- I don’t watch a lot of the videos myself, but if you like more outdoorsy stuff (“manly”) and lean toward casual side mostly and would like to an introduction to better made products I think you can find new brands and products from him.
5) Welldresseddad, if you enjoy listening to podcasts and niche small quality makers mostly and mostly casualwear reviews he’s another one to look out for.

First two recommendations are mostly tailored oriented, no 3 being in the middle regarding both formal and casual and last two are on the casual side
I don’t have any real world experience with any of the people, but like the videos and information.

Thank you Jan, I will check some of them.

Haven’t heard of Askokey. Will check.

The Savile row and armory was a good addition I didn’t think about. When I get the time I will edit.

Carl is fine, certainly on the more casual style


No problem, have fun!

I love this blog because it’s the only one in the menswear/shoe space that is filled with memes and chirping. So let the internet bloodsports unfold because this is unimaginably entertaining.

First off, Hugo is the king of cool. Can’t be denied. He just is. Oh, and he makes videos in French which are equally excellent. I thought I wouldn’t like his wife because of her really bold style, but listening to her actually made me love her! Complete gem.

Now: What did the Modest Man+simps say to you? The nation wants to know! Sounds hilarious.

Also I’ll give you a soft disagreement on Kirby Allison and a hard one on Gentleman’s Gazette.

You’re right that Kirby shills and never has negative feedback. He also strikes me as trying a bit too hard both in style choices and products he purchases. But ultimately, he never really shills *garbage* unlike some of the others on the list. Gotta pay the bills somehow and that means you can’t advertise only the optimal products at all times, and these are advertising, not retail, businesses. More importantly, the defence could always be “Yeah Carmina is great but I personally prefer [kickback company with decent products]”

On the other hand, Gentleman’s Gazette weaned itself off the sponsored content entirely which is bloody rare on YouTube. I was turned off by how Sven spoke initially but over time just realized he’s as close to an aristo as you’ll get and speaks that way. Preston, the young lad, I hated at the start… but he grows on you if you give him a chance. He used to be too serious but he’s actually quite funny, especially when deadpan. Don’t get me wrong, he came out of a prep school somewhere but I have a soft spot for him and it’s nice to see a young man who’s into quality clothing instead of TikTok and substance abuse, cut the kid a break.

As for Allen Edmonds and Crockett & Jones: if one were making a purely quality argument, of course there’s no comparison. But they were quantifying their opinion by other factors, ie availability, the wide berth of products. I like C&J, especially their City Sole and lasts, but if they didn’t say “Made in England” and didn’t have muh epic heritage they’d literally be $200-$300 less, and they also refuse to make odd sizes for people with weird feet, unlike Allen Edmonds.

There’s a lot to complain at Allen Edmonds for but c’mon, they’re keeping mass-market GYW shoes alive while also being a normal brick and mortar retailer available to non-shoe nerds, and they routinely have sales to keep prices down. Interestingly, many of your gripes about the company are brought up by Gentleman’s Gazette in their own video on them! Are AE as sexy as my TLB’s? Hell no, but one should grant them respect they’re due and discounting an entire channel over a single tier list argument which is coming from an *availability* perspective instead of an *absolute quality* perspective isn’t fair.

On the other hand if you wanted to riff GG for selling $40 USD pairs of socks I’d be right there with you, or silver cufflinks with semi-precious stones for like $600, that’s just insane. But then again, you’re selling C&J which has similar sorts of mark-ups – and that’s totally OK. You deserve to make good money and we all want you to kick ass at bespoke shoemaking school! But unlike Kirby Allison, GG are clearly now a retail business where the videos direct traffic to their products unlike Kirby Allison who’s an advertising business with limited retail. So cut ’em a bit of slack, it’s a competitive world out there as the nerds multiply


First of all, thank you for the kind words and happy to see you find some entertainment value in a rather serious niche industry. But most importantly that you took time and effort to publish an proper, articulate comment and argue or agree about some points constructively.

1) I made a huge comment to Brock about the “Best Chukkas” article he posted with 10 or so brands that are superior to what he proposed (you know the classic shitty affiliate linked brands). He then “accused” me because I recommended Carlos Santos, which of course I sell but nobody can argue is not a good brand. Then some keyboard warriors commented too. I don’t bother with such people.

2) I am sure Kirby has more than enough money and his YouTube is just a hobby of some sort. He should learn to properly review something and list potential flaws or improvements. He has been to the GG factory so he should have basic understanding of construction and details.

3) I agree on GG and like I mentioned, Sven actually declined a review pair of Santos saying that he only works with the brands directly. Of course it is a business too and they need to make some money and promote their products, but I am sure you would agree that a lot of the content is cringe lately. I don’t doubt Preston is a terrific and cool guy, but unfortunately I cannot listen to him for some reason.

4) I retail CJ and know exactly what their wholesale price is. Their heritage and quality is there for a reason (having sold and handled hundreds of pairs) and they would only cost less if they were made elsewhere in a cheaper labor country. Most AE are not even fully made in the USA anymore and party made in the Dominican Republic. In my best worst lists I have definitely noted their access and availability but also wide range of widths as a plus.

At the end, obviously I own a shop and I do make promotions or showcases of my shoes in the blog and YouTube but I don’t think it’s so invasive and I always showcase and talk positively about direct competitors when I review their products (and they are worth it of course).

Thanks a lot!

Hey Kostas

I appreciate YOUR comment writing back. What I love about your blog is that it’s little, it’s personable, it’s written in real-person-ese, and it doesn’t have qualms about talking straight. If a product is good, it’s good. If a product isn’t good, it isn’t good. I wish I’d found this blog before going on my shoe journey during the pandemic, when I ordered Beckett Simons. Are they fine for their low price? Yeah… but for that price I could easily have bought a used or even discounted pair of something wayyyyy better without falling for the “direct to consumer ethical workplace” market BS. Your blog taught me a lot about leather quality and showcased how much the industry has exploded. A company with more money on marketing than production will say a lot!

1. Haha. I shouldn’t laugh but I will. That’s just sad, and if Carlos Santos was put in there with 2-3 other options it doesn’t even make sense to critique you
2. Kirby suffers from the same syndrome of any “influencer:” access to exclusive experiences and venues, which then generates content, which then generates more $$, which then generates influence, which then generates access to exclusivity…. and so on. Why would someone gamble that away? Don’t get me wrong, you’re right he should be doing better reviews. But this is the sad part of the modern “content creator” world in which we find ourself. In some ways, you can’t expect an oil company to not be shitty to the environment – it’s what they do, and you’re gonna use their product whether you like it or not. Ultimately, too, he’s never shilling actual trash, which is sadly where the bar is….
3. Much of it is cringe. It’s the same problem I listed above: need to get the “content pipeline” churning constantly to remain relevant and unburied beneath the algo. This is doubly true for niche or retail companies that need to use the videos to drive sales. There are alternative YouTubers who do long-form documentaries, but they need to pass the algorithm and then survive with enough of an audience via platforms such as Patreon to breathe long-term. And in such cases, they often don’t talk about essentially consumable items like clothing. As for presenters, there’s no accounting for taste, I’m still a pariah in certain households for daring to say I find Leonardi diCaprio uninspiring 🙂
4. You’re right about C&J costing more if they were made in another country. But that’s my point. An English shoemaker who must make 40 GBP per hour to afford the ridiculous cost of living is in no way guaranteed to be better than a Spanish or Chinese one of equivalent background being paid in a cheaper market or lower denominated currency. This isn’t a critique of C&J because their lasts are amazing, it’s just that you’re paying for it to be English, not for it to be guaranteed to be better. For example, for anyone not in a rush Yeossal’s ACME looks incredible at a comparable price point. Then again, nerd brands like Vass which I do like have had issues with things like quality control/sizing, something that C&J does not ever permit to occur due to their QC.
5. What do you hate about Rose Anvil? Aside from him shilling misinformation about leather quality and also for being an enormous boomer who thinks any construction past 1940 is automatically le bad. My other critique of him would be the same I have for many traditional cobblers who talk poorly of modern military/police footwear. That’s because durable boots aren’t always the most comfortable when doing hardcore military training – one can certainly complete, say, Ranger School with issued footwear or traditional boots but videos like this by tough guys, for tough guys exist for a reason:
It’s also because training is hard and hurts a lot, and like Sea World your feet WILL get wet. Ventilation and drying is often as important as anything else, something old school boot making (and high-quality leathers) simply aren’t supposed to achieve to the extent of Cordura and other modern blended materials.

Hey, I like your channel the most because it cuts out the BS. I kinda wish your videos had the same conversational tone and dropped f-bombs because as cool as high end shoes or ascots or whatever are, the foundation of civilization ain’t. The sanctimonious attitudes some of the internet clothing nerds have is frankly too much. As for the content pipeline – I have a bit of personal experience there

Fun fact, the blog has grown so much this year, I would boldly say in this very niche category it has the most traffic right now.

About the Channel, watch the Vincero Review if you want some anger and spiciness. There’s also an Easter Egg in the Saint Crispin’s Video, see if you can find it.

Unfortunately, YouTube picks up bad words and will demonetize the videos (so I will lose at least 1$ USD since that’s how much it pays lol) and show lower on the rankings.

Thanks again!

[…] over at Misiu Academy has written a scathing post on the reality of many men’s style blogs and YouTube channels.  He points out (accurately) they […]

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