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Norman Vilalta Showcase: Exclusive Boots & Shoes Collection By The Noble Shoe

Norman Vilalta Shoes ShowcaseThey Are Finally Here!

Welcome to a quick Showcase of the upcoming Norman Vilalta Collection for The Noble Shoe.

A curated, exclusive collection of shoes and boots developed in collaboration with the legendary Norman Vilalta.

In this article I will quickly showcase and go through the models that are already available for purchase!

Let’s go!


If you remember, last year I discussed with Norman Vilalta to bring some stock into The Noble Shoe.

Norman Vilalta is a pioneer in unique shoe design and built his reputation as an artist and Bespoke Shoemaker.

My first experience with his shoes was the Calder Derby and it convinced me to pursue this collaboration.

Together, we created a total of 5 unique models for my shop.

All of them have a trademark Norman Vilalta style fused with the creativity and vision of The Noble Shoe.

Of course I planned their conception during the beginning of 2022 so they would arrive in the appropriate time for Autumn.

Norman Vilalta x The Noble Shoe Collection

Let’s begin by listing the models that are or will be available:

All models and prices INCLUDE Shoe Trees & Free Shipping.

I am very excited about all these and will try to cover them one by one.

The Gaspar U-Tip Derby

I start with this one to get it out of the way since I already dedicated an entire article to it (Read Here).

The Gaspar is a concept, identity, idea that Norman fleshed out.

It looks like a typical split-toe derby but it’s features make it extremely unique.

The aggressive commando sole is a trademark Vilalta style and so easy to get wrong by others.

As for the Espresso bi-color patina it blends so well with the rich pebble grain by Weinheimer.

Despite the Commando Sole and Storm Welt, it’s surprisingly neat and elegant.

Easy to wear, easy to style and definitely one that will up your shoe game.

Norman Vilalta Gaspar ($1150)

Robert Chukka Boots

Chukka boots are (and should be) staples in a man’s wardrobe.

Simple, comfortable, classy and easy to wear with most clothes and colors.

The Robert is a special make up of the already existing Norman Vilalta Chukka Boots.

Norman Vilalta Robert Chukka Boots
Norman Vilalta Showcase: The Robert Chukka Boots

It has a slender profile with a soft square last and of course a rubber Vibram Sole.

The color is a Dark Caramel Brown Patina on the same Scotchgrain Leather by Weinheimer.

If you want stylish, high end chukka boots for your everyday wear that will last you a lifetime then these are for you.

Norman Vilalta Robert ($1200)

Haring Moc-Toe Boots

This one is probably my favorite from the entire collection.

It’s hard for me to be enamored with a boot and it’s looks but this is the one.

A truly magnificent Boot with a moc-toe U design and grain patina.

Norman Vilalta Haring Showcase
Norman Vilalta Showcase: The Haring Boot

The color is Dark Brown and accentuated by the Weinheimer Pebble Grain.

You see me calling the grain rich, but that’s because it is such a good job and reminds me of the Crockett & Jones pebble grain.

With their Coniston grain being so legendary, you can see that this is high praise.

The Haring is such a well proportioned boot with a storm welt and commando sole on a rounder toe.

It’s just great for all terrains, weathers and the color ensures you can wear it with pretty much everything.

Norman Vilalta Haring ($1250)

Tete Moc-Toe Derby

For those of you that frequent the blog, you know I have high praise for Yeossal.

My Yeossal Split-Toe Derbies in Dark Brown Suede are amazing and I wear them in every opportunity.

These were the inspiration behind making the Norman Vilalta Tete in this color.

Norman Vilalta Tete
Norman Vilalta Showcase: The Tete Derby

Dark Brown Suede shoes are casual, stylish and show that you care about your image.

This one has a leather handpainted sole and the soft square last.

The suede is Ante Repello with a very nice nap and even has hints of suede patina.

A great model that those looking to expand beyond the basics.

Norman Vilalta Tete ($1150)

Adelaide Oxford In Mid-Brown Patina

This one is still in the works.

Unfortunately the sample was delayed due to the summer holidays but is expected in the next few weeks.

Norman is developing an exclusive mid-brown patina from the ground up for The Noble Shoe.

Norman Vilalta Adelaide
Norman Vilalta Showcase: The Adelaide Oxford

You can see the model in their shop to get inspiration of the final product.

Essentially it will be the same but with a different color.

Expect pricing to be around $1150 and of course includes shoe trees.

BonuS: Group Made To Orders

Me and Norman continuously work to produce more models that are unique and affordable to the public.

We do this through our famous Group Made To Orders.

By reaching a certain Pre-Order amount (usually 4-6 pairs) the cost of a model can go down by 50%!

It allows you to experience the full Norman Vilalta Experience at a fraction of the cost and for us to not over stock and produce special shoes.

Here you can see an example of the latest one we did.

The Eduardo in patina suede was an overwhelming success at just $700 with over 13 entries.

It is not available anymore but hopefully it serves as inspiration and incentive for you to pay attention at our GMTO Page!

Hopefully we can organize such GMTO Events 2-4 times per year.

Norman Vilalta x The Noble Shoe

Final Words

My Showcase of the Exclusive Norman Vilalta x The Noble Shoe Collection was quick and sweet.

There are 5 exciting dress shoe models and boots for all tastes, ages and styles.

I hope you will join me in bringing back classic menswear and wear them in pride!

Let’s see with what kind of content we can come up with next week.

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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