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septieme largeur shoes - mathieu preiss interview

Follow Up On Septieme Largeur

In this week's article I am interviewing Mathieu Preiss, the Co-Founder of Septieme Largeur. You could say that this is a follow up to last week's Review which I enjoyed very much! Mathieu was kind enough to find time and reply to my questions for you all. It's a genuinely good company with great shoes so I was excited to learn more about them. Shall we?

Septieme Largeur Ernest Jodhpur Review

French Romance

I can finally welcome you to my Septieme Largeur Review! Septieme Largeur is a brand that I admired for a long time with a great reputation for their Patina work. But do they really deserve their place in this competitive industry? This is exactly what I will try to find out with today's in-depth Review of the Septieme Largeur Ernest Jodhpurs Boots in Green Patina. We will be discussing important topics such as quality, finishing and fit among others. But most importantly I hope you will see if it is worth spending your money from an enthusiast's point of view. Let me get some hot tea, it's full winter mode in Stockholm!

Gobi Cashmere Turtleneck Review

How Good Is Mongolian Cashmere?

Let's find out in this Review of a Turtleneck by Gobi Cashmere Mongolia! Over the last two years I replaced all my knitwear and outerwear with Cashmere. Luckily, that means I have multiple brands to compare Gobi Cashmere to. In this article I will give you an in-depth look at the brand as well as the quality and value of their garments based on my experience. This is the first article of 2021 so grab some hot coffee and let's begin!
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