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Black Friday 2023 Dress Shoe Deals Roundup

Black Friday Sales 2020Black Friday, Week, Month

It’s that time of the year everyone, Black Friday 2023 is upon us.

Of course, that means discounts on any possible thing out there.

This year things are a bit slower but you can still get good deals.

Let’s check out some of them.

1. The Noble Shoe | Up To 25%

The Noble Shoe Black Friday 2023 Deals
The Noble Shoe Black Friday 2023 Deals

We are going to start this with my own store (of course!) The Noble Shoe.

While we don’t offer individual discounts, we do offer a bundle deal for great savings as well as some discontinued items.

This year on Black Friday 2023 you can get:

  • 20% Off 2 Pairs of Shoes
  • 25% Off 3 Pairs of Shoes

The discounts are automatically applied in your cart so all you have to do is put them there and checkout!

There are some rules of course:

  • Not valid on Crockett & Jones
  • Not valid on accessories (Belts & Shoe Trees)
  • Cannot be combined with other discounts

Don’t forget to also check our Clearance Section as well where there’s some sizes left for 30-40$ Discount.

Order Now!

2. Ichigoichie Shoemaker | 20% Off RTW

ichigoichie shoemaker Black Friday 2023Ichigoichie is a really good shoemaker that I covered in the blog before.

Very well-made shoes, genuinely handmade and now just for Black Friday 20% cheaper.

It only applies on their RTW Line and you have to use the code ICHIGOBF20.

He doesn’t really advertise this outside of Instagram, so check it out.

3. Septieme Largeur | 70 Euros Off Patina Shoes

I always spoke with very good words about Septieme Largeur.

They are offering a 70 Euro discount (about $80-85 USD) on their patina shoes for Black Friday 2023.

Good construction, nice patinas and overall great shoes for this price category.

4. Cobbler Union | Up To 50%

Cobbler Union

There’s always some kind of deal going on with Cobbler Union.

For Black Friday there’s a plethora of shoes often in the 40-50% Discount Category.

In that price range they are worth considering.

5. Myrqvist | Up To 50%

A very surprising fact for me was that Swedish brand Myrqvist actually had sales.

Granted, the “up to 50%” can mean a lot but there are a few shoes with that discount in there.

Made in Portugal, they are pretty ok at least if you are in Europe.

6. Allen EDMonds | Permanently Discounted

Allen EdmondsSingles day, Veterans day, Liberation day, Cat day, Black Friday, any day is a sale for Allen Edmonds.

Thank the lord because at full MSRP you should rather burn or donate your money.

Despite the criticism, for those of you in the USA they are very accessible, decent entry level shoes (for the discounted price) with a plethora of styles and tons of widths.

You can get good starting shoes for just $199 which is not bad at all.

Keep An Eye On

Some brands might release deals on actual Black Friday so be aware.

Worth looking at:

  • Sons of Henrey
  • J.Fitzpatrick
  • Carmina
  • TLB Mallorca/Skolyx
  • Velasca

Bonus Trolling: Morjas The Disruptor

Going against the flow, Morjas raised prices and in fact released their Alpine Boot for a massive 400ish Euros.

Their base shoes have gone up recently in pricing up to 20% (a result of their overaggressive marketing for sure).

I would rather go for a prostate exam than buy or recommend Morjas.

If you want some extra saucy hilarious drama, I also recommend reading the Archibald London thread on Styleforum.

Christmas Around THe COrner

That’s it for Black Friday 2023.

I wouldn’t expect massive changes for Christmas, but there could be more as companies want to move stock and discontinued items.

If you are on the fence about new shoes, it’s worth investing now as stock still lasts.

See you all soon and happy shopping!

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy



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