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Lifestyle Photography: Two Italian Gentlemen For The Noble Shoe

Breaking New Boundaries

In this article I wanted to show you the latest Lifestyle Photography we did for The Noble Shoe.

A completely new territory for us that aims to propel the brand in new heights and style.

With two famous and omnipresent Italian gentlemen from Pitti Uomo, the results speak for themselves.

Small Break, Many Technical Issues

To begin with, sorry for the extended break but last month I contracted Covid again.

It left me with a recurring cough but worst of all, there were some technical bugs and issues with the blog.

I will not bore you with the details, but I could not provide and show new content.

Why Lifestyle Photography?

In the past year you might have noticed big changes with both the blog and The Noble Shoe.

The blog is more like a hobby but also a great support to the actual store.

My store is my most important priority and I strive daily to improve the quality, offerings and elevate it to new heights.

Last year we began taking professional product photos and then moved to static stunning imagery.

Our goal this year was to further improve on that by including lifestyle photography with inspirational people.

Since I live in Florence (Italy), there is no shortage of dapper gentlemen around especially in the city of Pitti Uomo.

We managed to collaborate with two famous and omnipresent figures, Mr. Iuri Marini and Niccolo Cesari.

Both well dressed, professional and with a good sense of style, which made them prime candidates to showcase our exclusive shoes.

Lifestyle photography also has an inspirational value because you can not only see how the shoes look like, but also how to pair them.

You might not wear double breasted suits like these guys, but you could if you wanted.

Alternatively, you could get an idea of the color palettes that match them.

Let’s try and walk through some of the images with some minimal commentary since I feel they speak for themselves.

Iuri Marini

Iuri Marini for The Noble Shoe
Iuri Marini for The Noble Shoe | Lifestyle Photography

Mr. Marini is a well-known figure in Pitti Uomo.

Frankly, it’s hard to not know who he is there due to his unique and immaculate beard.

Carlos Santos Shoes
Here showcasing our Carlos Santos 7902 Chelsea Boots in Guimaraes

We like that he is on the older side of things, but shows that our shoes are not just for modern young men.

By the way, this is a nice way to showcase that while black shoes are perfect for any grey outfit, dark brown also works with light grey.

On the first image though, the clear winner is black.

Iuri Marini in a Green Suit and our 9393 Austerity Brogue
Iuri Marini in a Green Suit and our 9393 Austerity Brogue

Iuri is also not afraid to wear dark green, one of the most underrated suit colors in my opinion.

We share the same passion for it, since I have 3 suits myself.

He is wearing our Carlos Santos 9393 Handgrade Austerity Brogues in Guimaraes Dark Brown Patina.

An Austerity Brogue is an excellent, versatile type of oxford for all occasions.

Carlos Santos 9393 Austerity Brogue by The Noble Shoe
Carlos Santos 9393 Austerity Brogue by The Noble Shoe

I must admit our photographer should have noticed that the laces should have been done better in the coffee shop image.

I consider Iuri a good mix of mature and youthful, without looking too try-hard.

He enjoys wearing these clothes and looks comfortable in them.

Niccolo Cesari

Niccolo in a blue windowpane suitNiccolo on the other hand is younger and a bit more relaxed in his outfits.

He likes interesting colors, bolder shoes and incorporates a bit of sprezzatura in his outfits.

One of my favorite image compositions from this photoshoot

Niccolo chose one of our most adventurous (now discontinued) double monks with a medallion toe.

Carlos Santos 6925 Double Monks
Carlos Santos 6925 Double Monks in Guimaraes

He is a clear fan of monk straps and showed great taste by also going for our CS132 Handgrade Single Monks in Bordo.

Carlos Santos CS132 Bordo Shadow Monks
Carlos Santos CS132 Bordo Shadow Monks

One of our best selling models and striking looking for that price point in my opinion.

I liked how Niccolo could add or remove a tie and instantly change the outfit to a more relaxed or serious look.

You don’t have to unbutton so low obviously, but we are in Italy and this is normal here!

The point is that simply removing the tie can transform the entire outfit and so does changing jackets.

Casual Day In Florence

FlorenceBy casual, I mean not in terms of dressing but rather how the life flows!

It is not uncommon to see well-dressed people simply sitting and enjoying a spritz or aperitivo or just reading the newspaper.

Florence is the perfect set up for such photography due to the beauty and sheer history in every corner.

Enjoying a spritz
Enjoying a spritz is a popular activity in Italy

Neither is enjoying a quick 5 minute espresso break before, during or after work.

This city taught me to take things slower and enjoy the little moments in life.

Espresso in FlorenceI might as well look good while doing it no?

In all these images you can see a small selection of the huge variety we offer at The Noble Shoe.

From daring split-toe derbies, to high end handmade shoes, monk straps, classic oxfords and boots.

There is something for you all out there, so stay tuned for some big announcements in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, don’t forget to check out The Noble Shoe and order your pair today!

Browse The Noble Shoe

What’s Next?

As mentioned above stay tuned for some great announcement very soon.

More great news will arrive in December and I literally cannot wait to show you what we are working on for Spring 2024.

In the meantime, thank you for checking out our latest adventure with Iuri and Niccolo and let me know if you would like to see more.

I cannot wait to find some time to write some new reviews and guides as well.

Until next time, stay dapper!

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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