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Summer Sales 2021 Guide: Best Welted Dress Shoes Deals & Discounts

Mr. Porter Sale

Summer Sales Are Here!

We are almost at the middle of Summer 2021 and that means sales!

Many companies are clearing old stock from previous seasons, which makes it a win-win situation for everyone.

So hang on to your wallet as we explore the best discount shoe sales for Summer 2021!

Mmmm, I got my ice latte and am ready! Let’s go!

Don’t Just Buy On Sales

Before we begin, here is a quick and important disclaimer.

It is always good to save a dollar, especially if we are on a budget! But at the same time, remember that you should not just support your favorite shoemakers during sales.

In this struggling industry, you are more often than not supporting a family business which is already working with lower margins.

Certain companies especially during the pandemic struggle a bit more, yet choose not to lay off employees such as Vass.

Honest brands such as these deserve your respect and support even outside of the sales period.

Tip: Read more about this in this excellent article by Shoegazing.

1. The Noble Shoe

To get it out of the way quickly, I will talk about my own shop first.

At The Noble Shoe, I rarely do sales as my prices are very competitive already, especially when it comes to Carlos Santos and Crockett & Jones.

Summer Sales 2021 | The Noble Shoe Discontinued Sales
Summer Sales 2021 | The Noble Shoe Discontinued Sales

However, it is worth checking out the Discontinued Items for some great deals on loafers, boots and other items!

2. Crockett & Jones (25% Off)

In early 2021, Crockett & Jones finally launched their online platform which replaced their archaic mail order system.

After a bit of tinkering to comply with the Brexit idiocy, it also became accessible in Europe.

In a rare move, they announced a 25% Summer Sale on multiple models which is a good deal.

Crockett & Jones Lowndes
Summer Sales 2021 | Crockett & Jones Lowndes

Some really nice models in there such as the Lowndes suede monk straps.

3. Vass Budapest (25% Off)

If you read my latest Shoe Review, you would know I have a lot of respect for Vass Budapest.

Fully Handmade shoes for radical prices from Hungary and with a good attitude during the pandemic.

Vass decided to clear excess stock and do frequent sales in order to keep the employees and cash flow during the pandemic.

Quite commendable and they are truly remarkable shoes.

Apart from their Unique Sample Sales, they recently announced a 25% Discount Backorder System for those that are willing to wait 3-5 weeks.

Vass Budapest Backorder Sale
Summer Sales 2021 | 25% Vass Shoes via Backorder

I really recommend picking one up, especially on the U or K Last. Oh, and that’s my feet on the right of the promo picture!

4. Tricker’s (40% Off)

Tricker’s is an interesting company for me.

They make mostly chunkier country shoes and boots, which is not my style.

However they have great reputation and they are extremely polite and helpful whenever I speak to them.

Their Summer Sale 2021 includes deals for 40% Discount and that is a great price if you like those types of shoes.

Tricker's Sale 2021
Examples from the Tricker’s Sale 2021

Let me know if you get one!

5. Barker (Up To 50% Off)

Barker is a British Brand I don’t have much experience with.

However, they have a good reputation for solid welted footwear on a budget.

This time around Barker has a sale with up to 50% Off on selected models.

Barker Sale 2021
Barker Summer Sale 2021

They are a bit too classic and contemporary British for me, but it’s certainly a good discount for those that start their wardrobes!

6. A Fine Pair Of Shoes (20% Off)

A Fine Pair Of Shoes (commonly referred to as AFPOS) is a respected British Shoe Store.

Their summer sale is short and coincides with Father’s Day but is still a 20% off on certain ranges.

A Fine Pair Of Shoes Sales Summer 2021
A Fine Pair Of Shoes Sales Summer 2021

Just remember it needs a discount code and doesn’t work with all brands! Sale ends June 24th!

7. Caulaincourt (Up To 50% Off)

I have a lot of respect for Caulaincourt and its founder, Alexis Lafont.

In fact I really recommend to read my Interview with Alexis. It will give you a better perspective about Blake Shoes which is the core of Caulaincourt.

Right now they have a summer outlet sale with multiple models ranging from 25-50%.

The Gaspard Chukka Boots by Caulaincourt
The Gaspard Chukka Boots by Caulaincourt (36% Off)

Some are Goodyear Welted while others are Blake Stitched.

Well-made shoes with French flair and handpainted colors.

8. J.FitzPatrick Footwear (50% Off)

My friend and inspiration Justin FitzPatrick is having a Pre-Sample Sale (weird name to call it right?).

His styles are usually flamboyant and different with bright colors and unique designs.

Sammamish Blue Monks
The Sammamish Blue Monks for just $150

Some models will cost you only $150 if you can find your size.

If you are on the market for quilted suede shoes, button boots or a few classics, get some now!

9. Mr. Porter

Generally I am not a huge fan of Mr. Porter even though I am an affiliate.

However, for the more fashion forward they do have the occasional good sale.

This time their summer sale is up to 50% and the more interesting shoe brands include Edward Green, George Cleverly and Grenson.

Edward Green Shearling Lined Galway 30% Off
Edward Green Shearling Lined Galway 30% Off

There are also some Church’s on sale but I would rather lick a gangrenous wound than support those snakes.

10. CNES Shoemaker (50% Off)

Since my Review of CNES Shoemaker, I branded them as a good alternative to Meermin on the entry level.

The pair they sent me felt subpar, flat and with average leather. For the discounted price of $190 it was superb.

However, after publishing my Review they never spoke to me ever again. Oh well.

Regardless, they have more sales at the moment for 50% Off multiple models.

Summer Sales 2021
Summer Sales 2021 | CNES up to 50% Off

Quite a good price for those of you on a budget!


Since writing this article, a few more companies joined the fray:

  • Gaziano & Girling: 20% Off with the code PROMO21
  • Septieme Largeur: 30% Off Selected Models
  • Cheaney: Up to 50% Sale

Summer Sales 2021: A Lot Of Value!

There you have it my friends. A short, quick and concise article straight to the point.

Something for all budgets and most styles that will help you fill gaps in your wardrobe or begin rebuilding it!

I would like to hear which are your favorite deals, or if you found something worth adding to the list let me know in the comments!

Be sure to also write what you picked up! I will see you next week with something spectacular.

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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Comments (4)

Dwight Daunheimer

Hello Kostas,
I live in Canada. Do you have any suggestions on buying from any of these or other sources and having the product shipped to Canada? Any recommended Canadian or American based shoe retailers/online stores, etc? I am looking at budget to moderately priced dress shoes and boots. Thank you, Dwight D

Kostas Mandilaris

Hello Dwight, thank you for reading.

All of these companies should ship to Canada. The problem with Canada is that sometimes you get processing import taxes outside of North America. I can recommend some things on sale from the Noble shoe, cnes shoemaker for a budget or if you want American made, allen Edmonds are a good deal for their usual 50% off around the 200$ mark. You could also try Meermin which is around that price range.

Hello Kostas.. I’m from Kuala Lumpur .. Malaysia..have been following you and your many videos on shoes unboxing…I share the same size with you and love all your shoes presentation and better your choice of shoes… Bravo and keep it up.

Kostas Mandilaris

Hello! Thanks for the kind words and the support! I truly appreciate it!

There’s an amazing review coming up in a few days and next week!

My love to Malaysia!

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