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Stefano Bemer Shoes: Visiting the Stefano Bemer Store In Florence

Stefano Bemer Shoes

Pictures Speak 1000 Words

Ah, we can finally speak about my visit to the Stefano Bemer Shoes Store in Florence!

Welcome to what is essentially Part 2 of my visual Florence tour series, which started last week with Scuola del Cuoio!

This is an even more picture heavy short article, as I have more to show you rather than tell you.

But you know, sometimes pictures a thousand words and maybe you will feel how it was to be there.

Let’s roll!

Stefano Bemer Shoes

For those that are passionate about high end shoes, the name Stefano Bemer will surely be familiar.

Stefano was one of the best and kindest Bespoke Shoemakers of his generation, taken away from us due to illness 8 years ago.

The legacy still lives in many forms and so do the shoes, shapes and meticulous construction.

Stefano Bemer T6456
My Shoe Collection 2021 | Stefano Bemer T6456 Wingtip Oxford

A very Florentine, chiseled, aggressive and beautiful approach in shoemaking, they can do everything you ask for.

I included Stefano Bemer Shoes in my Best Shoemakers Lists for a reason but you can also Read my Review here!

Where Is The Stefano Bemer Store?

The only stores Stefano Bemer has (not counting retailers) are in New York and Florence.

Today I will focus on the latter, which you can find in Via San Niccolò 2.

Very easy to find and only about 15 minutes walk from the central Santa Croce square at the southern point of the river Arno.

Tucked in a nice cozy street next to a tower, it’s hard to miss the banner and the workshop inside.

Stefano Bemer Shoes Store
Stefano Bemer Store Entrance in Florence

Before you even get in, you get a nice taste of what’s to come. From shoes, jackets and shoe trees to the big logo at the back.

Tip: You can find all Stefano Bemer stores and retail partners here!

Inside The Main Floor

The Stefano Bemer Shoes store has 3 main sections.

Beginning with the main floor, which is pretty much where the shoe magic happens.

On the left, there’s a massive wall of shoe trees.

Shoe Trees
Wall of Shoe Trees

As you move in, there are two workbenches, where people work in real time.

shoe workshop

I don’t need to tell you all their names, but the staff is really friendly and helpful and went out of their way to show me around.

stefano bemer shoes workshop
A real shoemaker’s workshop

The young lad was also the one taking care of those amazing product photos you see on their Instagram.

Fun fact, the gentleman on the left came in with some casual elephant boots, totally beaten up.

On the right of the shop, you will find personal lasts with names as well as a bunch of unique samples.

bespoke lasts and clothing
Bespoke Lasts and Clothing

There’s even a piece of Bespoke trial jacket, hinting at what else you can commission in the shop.

Before I show you a gallery of the shoes, there’s another shelf just behind the counter.

Stefano Bemer Shoes Collection
Stefano Bemer Shoes Collection behind the counter

Any leather, including Elephant, Alligator or the original Russian Reindeer leather is available.

At the very end of the store, there’s another area which is not accessible to public, or at least I could not photograph.

Shoes and jackets

But just before we go to the upper floor, there’s a nice homage to Hugo & Sonya. Which I totally forgot and wrote Handmade Shoes by Vass…

Handmade Shoes Book
The book!

Let’s move on!

The Upper Floor

So here’s where things take a strange, yet interesting turn!

What could possibly be up in the second floor? More shoes?

How about tailored jackets, suits, scarves and trousers?!

Vestrucci Jackets
Vestrucci Jackets

Probably from awe and silliness, I forgot to ensure I remembered the tailor.

If memory serves me right, the name is Vestrucci. What I do remember however is the staff telling me that he was a retired tailor that they brought out of retirement and work with right now.

jackets and denim

You can even buy jeans here and the jacket gives a good taste of the style you can find.

Want high quality flat caps? Well here you go!

flat caps

And before we wrap things up, here’s one more!

cloth and wool

A picture that wasn’t worth showing, was the bench and photo equipment for the product photography.

But let me tell you, it’s professional!

A Great Experience For A Shoelover

If you find yourselves in Italy and love shoes, you should definitely visit Florence and Naples.

Florence is a treasure trove of leather goods and Stefano Bemer is surely one of the best.

With professionalism, Italian elegance and a hint of sprezzatura, you should at least walk by their store.

In a few months, they will teach me how to make these wonderful shoes by myself.

And while we are at the topic of Italy, make sure to tune in next week for my Lanieri Suit Review!

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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Hey Kostas,
If you have time, could you check out Fausto Ripani shoe shop?

Hi Jan,

I had briefly spoken to him on Instagram. When I move there next month I will check all of those shops!

That’s great to hear.
Looking forward to it, don’t forget to visit vintage stores if you have enough time.

For sure!! So much to explore and hopefully many more articles!

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