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The Best Black Friday Shoe Deals 2020 | Dress Shoes, Boots & Suit Sales

Black Friday Sales 2020

Best Deals Of The Year

It’s that time of the year my fellow shoe enthusiasts. I gathered information all week about the Best Black Friday Shoe Deals of 2020 in this article to make your life easier.

While I am not the biggest fan of this consumer craze there are some great deals for everyone. Companies are clearing old stock or preparing for new seasons so it’s a win-win for all parties.

This Guide is an easy article for all of you that want a round up of the Best Shoe Deals of Black Friday 2020 for all budgets. I even included a small section dedicated to Suits & Tailoring! Simply browse around with the Table of Contents.

Prepare your wallets!

Black Friday Or Black Month?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not new concepts. However this year due to the pandemic we noticed an increasing demand for online shopping. Over the past few years there has been a trend to extend these two days and create a so called “Black Week”.

In fact, while walking to my dentist appointment today there was a lingerie shop here in Stockholm advertising a “Black Month”.

Is it a necessity for businesses or just a buzzword to drive sales?

Probably a bit of both. I am not here to argue though so let’s begin with the goodies!

Make sure to read the Best Dress Shoes Guide of 2020!

1. The Noble Shoe | 20% Off

This blog might be my hobby but I sustain myself through my small online business. The Noble Shoe is a labor of love and passion for shoes but wouldn’t be possible without you all.

For this season there are 13 different models that I will discontinue which means fantastic deals for all of you. The discount is 20% across the board without any need for a code. Additionally, there are shoes from Carlos Santos, Crockett & Jones and even Paolo Scafora that cover every budget.

Browse the Best Black Friday Shoe 2020 Deals at The Noble Shoe!

Updated: Link Now redirects to the main collection!

Let’s take a look:

1.1 Carlos Santos

Fan favorite Portuguese shoemaker Carlos Santos has the perfect value/quality ratio even at full price. The models you will find on the Black Friday 2020 Sale are 3 types of Loafers, 2 styles of Boots and Sneakers.

1.2 Crockett & Jones

British Classics for unprecedented prices. You can shop from 3 Handgrade Models for just $490 which is unreal considering they cost new 850$ in New York. And Shell Cordovan Loafers for less than $600?

Seriously there are only a few sizes left so if you are lucky pick up the deal of a lifetime now!

1.3 Paolo Scafora

Hands down one of the best shoemakers in the world for handmade shoes. Incredible works of art for a pretty good price since I have some excess stock of this banging gorgeous Double Monks with a 270 Norwegian Welt in Furore Patina.

Almost a 300$ Discount on such a shoe is incredible and in the $1050 price tag you also get Free Shipping and Lasted Shoe Trees. This is the time to try them so act fast!

Paolo Scafora 650 Double Monks in Furore for The Noble Shoe
Paolo Scafora 650 Double Monks in Furore for The Noble Shoe

Thank you for supporting The Noble Shoe and Misiu Academy.

2. Gaziano & Girling | 20% Off

Gaziano & Girling rarely do sales and if they do it usually is a private small scale liquidation in a physical store.

However one cannot deny that this year is really taxing for many businesses and Gaziano & Girling seem to be no different. This is not a Black Friday Deal per se since it’s active since April 2020 (!) but certainly worthy of a mention.

Superb shoes and one of the few High-End English Brands I would buy.

Welted Shoe News April 2020 - Gaziano & Girling Spring Sale

Best Black Friday Shoe Deals 2020 | Get 20% Off Gaziano & Girling Shoes with the Code SPRING20

3. Cobbler Union | Up to 50% Off

I would really like to try Cobbler Union since they have a good reputation, nice looking shoes and pretty good prices. However the unprofessional way the treated me after discussing a review pair and total ghosting on Instagram left a sour taste in my mouth.

Nonetheless their shoes seem excellent and they have some great discounts. Most of the shoes have 20-30% discounts while others go up to 50%. These are usually the more unique, experimental and slow selling pairs.

Cobbler Union Louis Boots

Personally I like their Chukkas and the Louis Boots (pictured above).

Shop Cobbler Union Here (No Code Required!)

Tip: You can even get 20% Off their Regular Items with the Code CYBER2020.

4. J.Fitzpatrick | 20% Off

Justin already has an article on his blog about his sale so I will keep it brief. To avoid confusion though I will talk about some details.

First there is the main collection “J.Fitzpatrick” that usually has colorful bold models including button boots. Those are 20% off and land around the $300-400 mark.

He also recently released a more conservative entry line of shoes called “JF Line“. Those have already a decent price around the $250 range and instead of a discount come with free lightweight shoe trees. The shoe trees are actually pretty nice and would cost you $60 to buy new.

Lastly, I should also mention that some models are on clearance and subsequently discounted deeper up to 40%.

I must admit that most of Justin’s latest shoes are not my cup of tea. There is a strong focus on contrasting colors and I could never understand the Victorian button boots. The quilted oxfords are unique but also not something that I feel I would wear right now. On the other hand, the Pullman Austerity Brogues, the Butterfly Loafers and the Sunnyside are some excellent options.

Support Justin since he is a good guy and a true enthusiast and I find it interesting and brave that he goes against the tide.

Shop J.Fitzpatrick Footwear Here (No Code Required!)

5. Loake | 30% Off

Do you know that the Loake 1880 Aldwych & Chatsworth were my first ever Goodyear Welted Shoes? While I consider them average now and bland looking I must admit that they were a great way to enter the Goodyear Welted world of shoes.

Not only that, but they kept 1/3 of their value as I sold them for $100 each last month after 2.5 years or so! Goes on to show you how valuable good shoes are. Anyways onto the topic.

Loake confused me immensely this season. Through the Newsletter Update it says 30% Off but when I head to the website I cannot choose size or add to cart. I mailed them for advice so I will update this section if they reply.

Loake 1880 Oxford Dark Aldwych Brown Review
My First Goodyear Welted Shoe – The Loake 1880 Oxford Dress Shoes

Nonetheless for 30% Off they are a decent deal for those that look for a classic business or country shoe. I would personally recommend buying only the 1880 and 1880 Export Grade shoes.

Shop Loake’s Black Friday Shoe Deals 2020 Here

6. Velasca | 20% Off

Now here’s an Italian brand I never really talked about before. Partly because I don’t look at the entry level too much and also due to the fact that they are Blake Stitched. I really enjoy the feel and robustness of welted shoes.

However, Velasca has a good reputation among its peers, fair prices and pretty good photos. I should also say that the customer service was excellent and very helpful.

Best Black Friday Shoe Deals 2020 - Velasca Milano
Best Black Friday Shoe Deals 2020 – Velasca Milano

They have a really nice website by the way and their urban photography action shots are superb. For those of you that like Blake Stitched shoes or have a lower budget this is worth a look.

20% Off Velasca Shoes with the Code BF20 (Valid until 30/11)

7. Allen Edmonds | $199.00

I wondered if I should even bother with this since Allen Edmonds is almost always on discount. Regardless they have a current promotion called “Cyber Week” and all shoes have a fixed price of $199.

Even considering that Allen Edmonds’ quality tanked during the last 10 years and there are far superior shoes for the money, $199 is pretty darn good value. Very accessible brand that you can find from local Nordstrom to Saks Fifth. It has an extra appeal for those of you that want American Made Shoes. However when considering quality/value I would spend my money elsewhere this season. Plus, they are always on sale!

Best Men's Dress Shoes 2019 - Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Oxford - 395$
Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Oxford

Whatever you do, please don’t buy those horrific dress shoe sneaker hybrids…

Shop the Allen Edmonds Cyber Week Sale Here (No Code Required!)

8. TLB Mallorca | Free Belt

Very short section here as it is quite simple. TLB Mallorca does not do or allow sales. However just like last year they will throw a free belt with every purchase as Toni admitted.

It’s a very good brand with excellent construction and definitely worth a look. I will update this section if something else comes up. In the meantime make sure you read my Review on the TLB Artista.

TLB Mallorca Artista Review 107 Picasso - Overview with shoe trees
TLB Mallorca Artista | 107 Picasso Adelaide in Vegano Burgundy

Shop TLB Mallorca Here

PS. The Free Belt Offer is NOT Live yet.

9. Herring Shoes | 35% Off

British Shoe Store Herring released some early Black Friday deals but they are quite underwhelming at the moment. It is mostly oxfords from their in-house models with a couple of boots and loafers.

In total there are currently only 11 styles (One though seems like a duplicate) but for around the $120-150 range are pretty good value. If you need some basics for your wardrobe take a look at these.

Herring Barcelona II tasselled loafers
Herring Barcelona II Tassel Loafers

Of course if they update the sales in the following days I will also add it here.

Shop Herring Shoes Black Friday Deals 2020 (No Code Required!)

10. Tricker’s Outlet | 20% Off

If you are fan of chunkier country shoes and boots you would probably be familiar with Tricker’s. I haven’t seen a specific sale for their shoes on the main website, however there’s always the Outlet!

There are limited Sizes and Styles of course but if you are lucky you get a 20% Discount on top of the Outlet price. It would cost you anywhere between $200 and $300 I would say.

Tricker's Jodhpur
Example of the Tricker’s Outlet Sample Sale

I do wonder if any of you crave purple velvet slippers…

Shop Tricker’s Outlet Black Friday Deals (20% Pre-applied)

11. Rancourt | 20% Off

Another rare US Brand is Rancourt who admittedly I know very little about. They seem very casual but have a good reputation on Reddit about their boat shoes and moccasins.

Rancourt Boots
Rancourt Handsewn Boots

Regardless you can get a nice 20% Off the full price which already quite high ($200 up to $400). I’ll let you be the judge!

Rancourt offers 20% Off with the Code HOLIDAY20

12. Corthay | 20% Off Paris Store

This is more of a secret and not applicable online it seems but too rare to ignore. Pierre Corthay makes some very special shoes in France with a distinct style and mind-boggling prices.

When you consider that a Corthay Shoe costs around the $2000 mark then a 20% Discount is pretty significant. The only caveat is that it seems you have to go to the Paris store or at least that’s what their email implies.

Corthay Black Friday Offer

If you live in Paris and enjoy the high end this is the time to pounce.

Offer is valid until 30/11 in the Paris Shop

13. Cavour | 30% Off

A Norwegian Retailer with great reputation among the tailoring enthusiasts, Cavour also sells shoes.

During Black Friday 2020 you not only get 30% on their in-house brand but also on Bontoni and Saint Crispin’s. It really is a steep discount for that level of shoemaking.

Cavour | Bontoni Carvera Norwegian Suede Derby
Cavour | Bontoni Carvera Norwegian Suede Derby

Bontoni in particular is pretty hard to find and highly appreciated by Hugo Jacomet. I should also mention that the sale includes some other items such as accessories, polishes and clothes.

Shop Cavour’s Black Friday Deals 2020 Here (No Code Required!)

14. Myrqvist | Free Shoe Trees 20% Off

Myrqvist’s shoes are as minimalist, simple and Scandinavian as their overall strategy. Their shoes are ok, made in Portugal and they have a new flagship store in Stockholm. One friend of mine is the store manager.

However it seemed to be very difficult to reach out to them and ask questions whereas I heard a few complains about the quality. My loafers were fine (though too small) but other clients shared their frustration with me about small defects, long replacement periods and the fact that they cannot recraft your sole.

the Gothem by Myrqvist
Gothem in Brown Suede | Picture from Myrqvist

Oh wait I went off-topic again. No there is no Black Friday Shoe Deals at Myrqvist in 2020 however you do get a complimentary set of shoe trees with every shoe purchase. Not the deal of the century but it is what it is.

Update: Thanks to the very kind contribution of Joe, you can now get 20% off using a code!

20% Off Myrqvist with Code BLACKWEEK20

15. Grant Stone | 30% Off Over $400

I don’t understand the craze about Grant Stone on Reddit. But then again the US audience adores their service boots. Same goes for their casual aesthetics and chunkier welts with the occasional more refined shoe.

Nonetheless Grant Stone seems to have a good reputation and if you go through their story they have some really likeable characters. Grant Stone makes their shoes in China and they retail around the $300 – $350 mark.

Grant Stone Shoes
Grant Stone Shoes | Picture from their Website

During Black Friday 2020 you can use a code and receive a 30% Discount if your order is over $400. A great deal if you like the look of their shoes and want more than one pair. You could even team up with a friend and buy two and get the discount. The code does NOT work on Shell Cordovan shoes.

I would be very interested in trying/reviewing their shoes. Is this a slight self-pitching attempt?!

Get 30% Off Grant Stone Shoes when you buy Over $400 with the Code BLACKFRIDAY2020

16. Vass Budapest | Up To 50% Off

I have a love and hate relationship with Vass Shoes. First of all they are really excellent and amazing value for the money you pay especially considering the fact that they are handwelted.

Unfortunately their customer service is extremely slow and unresponsive more often than not. Throughout 2020 however they liquidate a lot of old stock and while this is not Black Friday exclusive, it’s too good to not share. You can get up to 50% Off models on their website which means around $300 without VAT.

Vass Shoes Discount
Vass Shoes Budapest Sample Sale

That’s a crazy price! This is your chance to try some high quality shoes for half the price. What are you waiting for?

Buy Vass Budapest Shoes with up to 50% Discount (No Code Required!)

17. Mario Bemer | Up To 50% Off

I first talked about the Bemer family in the Best Shoes Article in 2019. Superb, unique high end shoes from a man that is passionate and genuinely friendly.

There is a sample sale of some unique pairs on his website from the RTW Collection that is 30% Off and up to 50% for some styles. Very limited sizing but if you are eyeing this brand or want a taste of the high end it’s a good opportunity.

Mario Bemer Chukkas
Mario Bemer Chukkas from their Special Sale

I really like these tasty looking Navy Blue Chukkas for example.

30-50% Discount on Mario Bemer Sample Sale (No Code Required!)

18. Stefano Bemer | 35% Off

Stefano Bemer is now a brand under the ownership of Scola del Cuoio in Florence since the late Stefano passed in 2012. Often accused for steering away from the shoemaker’s original vision but the fact is they produce very solid shoes.

Not for the faint of heart with prices of $1300 – $2000 but if you are looking at these money is probably not an issue. However you can now get significant discounts with their Black Friday 2020 promotion.

Stefano Bemer Bison Chukkas
Stefano Bemer Bison Norwegian Chukkas

Truly high end shoes for a massive discount huh? If only I had the budget currently!

Buy Stefano Bemer for 35% Off RTW with the Code BLACKFRIDAY35

19. Mr. Porter | 30% Off

Mr. Porter is a controversial website in the sense that it focuses almost exclusively on luxury designer brands. Most of the items on the platform are clothes but there is a lot of footwear too.

Going through their filters there is not a massive selection of welted footwear but there are a few good options for Cheaney, Tricker’s and Common Projects to name a few.

Common Projects White Sneakers
Common Projects White Sneakers

I would certainly check out some suits or designer clothes (if you like these) as well as outerwear and knitwear.

Mr. Porter 30% Off (Applied Automatically During Checkout!)

20. Joseph Cheaney | Up To 50%

I think Cheaney shoes are pretty good for the price. They retain the conservative styling of classic British Shoemaking but with a more fair price than say Crockett & Jones. I actually have a pair of Cheaney Shell Cordovan Boots (Read the Review Here) and they are pretty good.

This year they are launching a campaign with up to 50% Discounts on quite a few models. There is an Early Access VIP Sale which will then be public on Friday. It includes models for both Women and Men and is a good opportunity for some nice welted business shoes!

Joseph Cheaney Black Friday Sales 2020
Joseph Cheaney Black Friday Sales 2020

These deals will be available until the 30th of Monday 2020!

Up to 50% Discounts on Cheaney (No Code Required!)

21. Carmina | Extra 20% On Outlet

Carmina’s offer this year for Black Friday 2020 is similar to the one Tricker’s has.

Their Outlet selection is rather limited and includes some very interesting discounts for Women’s Shoes however it’s extremely buggy. Many sizes are sold out completely and most of the styles on display are average.

Carmina Outlet
Carmina Shoemaker Outlet

I wouldn’t personally bother unless you want a deal for your lady friend. The extra 20% is pretty good value if you find your size.

Extra 20% Discount on Outlet Carmina Shoes (Applied Automatically During Checkout!)

22. Sons Of Henrey | 20% Off

My good friend Tom at Sons of Henrey has a small Black Friday Sale on various models. A really great guy with some superb shoes for the money.

Sons of Henrey Black Friday
Sons of Henrey Black Friday Sale 2020

While you cannot get a discount on more premium items like Utah Calf, getting a good shoe for $350 is a no brainer.

Sons of Henrey 20% Off Selected Shoes (No Code Required!)

23. Pediwear/AFPOS/Skolyx | Updated!

Two of the classic British Shops announced that they are doing Black Friday Deals. However we don’t know yet more details and news will come through the Newsletter.

A Fine Pair of Shoes in particular will do that tomorrow while Pediwear should do that in the next 1-2 days. I will update accordingly.

As for Swedish Retailer Skolyx I don’t expect much. Maybe an odd stock clearance and the free belt offer for TLB Mallorca.

Update #1: AFPOS has a 30% Sale (No Code Required!)

Update #2: Pediwear has a Sale starting on the 26th of November (Up to 40%!)

Bonus Round | Clothes!

What is a nice pair of shoes without the appropriate outfit right? In this section I will briefly share some of the nicest deals I found in the tailoring department.

First of all I really recommend you to check out the Suitsupply Outlet. It has some super deals but could disappear at any moment now. So apologies if you read this and it’s closed. Also be aware that it is available only in certain regions.

Enter the Suitsupply Outlet (Use Code 2020) in Europe or the USA.

Suitsupply La Spalla

A great alternative to Suitsupply is Canadian Spier & Mackay. Excellent value especially if you are in North America. I recommend looking at their shirts, sport coats and suits.

Spier & Mackay Banner

Get 20% Off Your First Purchase at Spier & Mackay by Signing Up and using my Referral Code 369W7R.

Continuing the Suit deals I also heard some nice things about Online MTM Oliver Wicks who offer up to $200 Off with the Code BLACK.

For all your shirt needs I highly recommend Apposta. Really they are that good if you nail the fit. And they also have a 20% Discount until November 30th 2020!

Apposta Box and Shirt

Use the Code NOV20 for 20% Off your Apposta orders!

Lastly a brand I look forward to trying in a few days is Gobi Cashmere with up to 70% off sweaters and accessories. Another alternative in the knitwear department is Soft Goat although you need to sign up for their Newsletter.

Reviews & Guides of most of the Brands quoted above:

What are you getting this year?

Video Version

For those of you that prefer Video Format I got you covered! Don’t forget to share and subscribe!

Best Black Friday Shoe Deals 2020 Summary

It might be quite generic to do an article where you round up all the Black Friday Sales. It is partly true however many people are not as adept at googling or have a harder time finding specific information about dress shoes. It’s all about the sneakers and fast fashion these days right?

One more reason for me to fight hard and simultaneously educate you or bring you valuable information! I hope you thoroughly enjoyed this Black Friday Shoe Deals for 2020 and I welcome you to contribute with your own. Sharing is caring isn’t it?

In the meantime, spend reasonably, stay healthy and good shopping! And don’t forget to Subscribe to the blog. It puts a smile on my face when you do.

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy


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Comments (4)

Myrquist has 20% off. Blackweek20

Hi Joe, unless I am blind I only see 30% off some accessories and a free shoe tree. Did you get this code through newsletter?

Edit: I tried the code and you are totally right! I will edit it soon! Thank you for sharing. Three more brands I will be sharing are Vass, Stefano and Mario Bemer.

A lot of this are just “lame” sales. One brand had even lower prices earlier this year
. And their Black Friday sales are even higher. Other than Meermin or Suitsupply all sales are just wishful thinking, where these brands think the customer is not aware of pre existing prices. Brooks Brothers does this a lot where they inflate their prices before their “80% off CLOSEOUT SALE”
I think you will be duped by buying anything in this sale. As a blogger you should point this out. Customers do their research now and start to distrust brands with superficial sales. Which is almost all of the brands that you mentioned on the list.

As an example Meermin and Suitsupply actually had big sales. Meermin,s 4 day sale ran out in 4 hours. I bought more that I ever needed. It was to clear inventory. It was priced to clear inventory. As it is priced, these brands are so in love with their inventory, that their prices are too high. And customers realize that.

You are very welcome to share your opinion, but let’s agree to disagree. If you consider Meermin to make quality shoes and go buy them just because they were on sale, then by all means do them. I run a shoe business and I know the true costs of the prices of many brands. I also worked at Suitsupply so I know what happened there and what are the real costs.

However, I do need to agree with you that in most cases “Black Friday” is a buzzword and quite often there are better sales during the year. For example, a certain shoe shop had black friday sales, which was exactly like their odd stock before and after that just with a different name.

Let’s agree to disagree and do our own things! Have a good weekend!

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