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Lazyman Oxford: A Flexible Modern Alternative Dress Shoe


My Shoe Collection 2021 | Carlos Santos 9281 Lazyman Oxfords

Lazy Or Convenient?

Today we will discuss the lazyman oxford.

A type of Dress Shoe that I appreciate more as I age and the world changes.

A slip-on hybrid of an oxford and loafer that can be convenient to use while also looking very smart.

Let’s find out why and how.

brief History (?)

It is very rare that I do some research on the history of a style of shoe and find nothing.

We do not know much about the lazyman oxford and its exact origins (or I couldn’t find any).

There are some rumors that make sense though, which might or might not be true.

Stefano Bemer for example quotes that it originated from Japanese culture as a formal type of dress shoe that is easy to remove and put on.

It does feel like a more modern shoe however rather than a 200 year old design.

What Is A Lazyman Oxford?

In my “Ultimate Types of Dress Shoes Guide” I spoke about the Lazyman Oxford.

It is a shoe that resembles an oxford brogue but has no functional shoe laces.

Acme Shoemaker Lazyman Oxford
A typical Lazyman Oxford by Acme Shoemaker

They are decorative since they have a side elastic gusset similar to Chelsea boots.

This allows the foot to slip in and out very easily and quickly just like a loafer.

Which is why I like to call them a hybrid between oxfords and loafers.

I should also mention that most of the time they will have the wingtip brogue design.

Of course, custom options and higher end shoes will allow flexibility.

Options For All Budgets

Being a more niche type of shoe, the lazyman oxford is usually a rarer find in entry level brands.

However there is a rise in popularity in the last few years.

My first encounter started with Carlos Santos (what a surprise!) 3-4 years ago.

Lazyman Oxford
Types of Dress Shoes | Carlos Santos Lazyman Oxford in Algarve

For a price of $350 it looked and felt good, no less thanks to the patina and sharp last.

Yearn Shoemaker also offers one at a price of around $500 which is not bad at all.

Edward Green Lazyman Oxford
The Edward Green Dosan Lazyman Oxford | Picture by Gentlemen’s Footwear


On the higher end, you have brands such as Edward Green, Gaziano & Girling from the UK offering lazyman oxfords.

Going even further, you can delve into Paolo Scafora, Stefano Bemer and Antonio Meccariello.

Stefano Bemer Lazyman Oxford
A different approach by Stefano Bemer

Acme Shoemaker is yet another Chinese company that offers it and so does Yeossal.

Most of the time such shoes are highly customizable MTOs which is what you would expect.

How Formal Is A Lazyman Oxford?

Formality of certain shoes depends on where you are from and the current status of things.

In a world where wearing chinos can be too formal for some, there is certainly a lot of flexibility.

Paolo Scafora Lazyman OxfordBased on the pure aesthetics and design of things, you can treat a lazyman oxford as a wingtip brogue.

A full brogue is not as formal as a simple cap-toe oxford, but will work fine in any workplace that is not very strict and formal.

A lazyman oxford can also be quite discreet with the side gussets and unless you have someone at foot level inspecting them nobody will really notice.

In my opinion it is far more important to keep your shoes tidy, clean and shined.

How To Wear A Lazyman Oxford?

Once again, there is no definitive guide for everyone.

But once more, you should think about it as a wingtip oxford.

Oxfords in general should not be worn with anything less than chinos with a proper top.

For some, this might even go to suits or separates.

Oxford shoes
One of the few worn shots I could find on the internet on Reddit

After all, this is supposed to be a substitute for full brogue oxfords just easier to put on and off.

Jeans are a controversial topic for many and I am mostly against it.

However, it is a more casual style and I could see it happening with some nice dark jeans.

Good fit and an eye for colors and pairings will also make or break your selection.

The bottom line is that you will decide but always draw a line at jeans.



The reason I thought about writing about the lazyman oxford today was a recent email I received at The Noble Shoe.

Someone asked me if I could suggest a style for their disabled brother, who could look smart but could not do their own laces.

The options were clear with monk straps, loafers and of course the lazyman oxford.

Functionality, convenience, good looks (when done tastefully) and ease of use.

I personally think more people are “afraid” of broguing rather than the side gusset but nobody knows.

Nonetheless, I do think this is a style that is worthy of your consideration.

Thank you for reading,

Kostas Mandilaris,
Misiu Academy

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According to accounts, the lazyman was designed by G.J. Cleverley at the request of Winston Churchill so the portly Churchill could avoid bending over and lacing up.

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